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Any type of mental illness is known as Insanity, craziness, lunacy or madness. The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results or relatively permanent disorder of the mind. The important factors of insanity are fast industrialization, excessive crowding, the day by day increasing competition, unnecessary hurry and worry. 
The main causes of any mental disorders are abnormal temperament, heredity, alcoholism, improper blood circulation, sudden shock, senile degeneration, disease of the nervous system. There are two kinds of mental disorders: NEUROSES – it is a mild form of mental disorder. In this the patient has a general emotional feeling of anxiety. SYCHOSES – manic depressive psychosis, mania, melancholia, paranoia and certain states of confusion fall in this category. The natural tips given below are very helpful for the treatment of insanity of any type.


1-Water Melon, Cow’s milk, Sugar candy

Mix well 250 gm / 9 oz extracted juice of Water Melon (Tarbuz), 250 gm / 9 oz Cow’s milk and 30 gms Sugar candy(Misri), fill it in a transparent glass bottle and hang it on a peg in the open in the moonlight overnight. The next morning give it to the patient to drink on an empty stomach. Give it to him for 21 days. It will provide relief from whimsical or apprehensive behavior. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for Insanity.

2-Water Melon kernels, Green Cardamoms, Sugar candy

Soak 12 gm Water Melon seeds kernels (Tarbuz Maghaz) next morning after rubbing add 24 gm Sugar candy(Misri) powder, 36 gm Cow’s milk Butter and 4 Green Cardamoms(Sabz ilaich) now make a paste. Give it to the patient to eat for 21 days. It will provide relief from excess of whirruicall1liotions or apprehensive. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatise to cure Insanity.

3-Mango pulp, Honey, Rose Water

Blend well 200 gm fresh Mango (Aam) pulp, 50 gm Pure Honey and 20 gm pure Rose Water (Araq-e-Gulab). Give it to the patient to drink on an empty stomach and before sleep. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of Insanity.

4-Australian Fever tree / Eucalyptol leaves

Boil 30 leaves of Australian Fever tree / Eucalyptol (Safeda)in 8 glasses of water until reduced by 3 glasses let it cool and after filtering it save in glass bottle. Make lukewarm ½ glass of this decoction and give it to the patient to drink 4-5 times a day. It is a natural & magical tip to cure Insanity completely.

5-Black pepper, Brahmi leaves, Honey

Rub 12 corns of Black pepper 3 gm Brahmi leaves and Honey to taste, mix well with half a glass of water, strain it and drink it twice daily. This is a 99% trial treatment of insanity.

6-Pomegranate leaves, Rose, Sugar Candy

Boil 15 gm fresh green Pomegranate leaves and 15 gm of fresh Roses in 2 litre of water. When it is reduced to one fourth, strain it and mix 20 gm of Cow‘s clarified unsalted butter (Desi Ghee) Sugar Candy powder to taste and give it to the patient to drink every day. It helps in relieving bouts of insanity.

7-Black Cumin, Raisins, Almonds, Green Cardamom

Rub ½ tsp of Black Cumin / Caraway seeds (Shahi Zeera / Seyha Zeera) 4 ground large deseeds Raisins (Munaqa) 5 blanched Almonds kernels and 5 Green Cardamoms(Sabz ilaich) dissolved in half cup of Rose water taken twice a day for a considerable period cures insanity.

8-Gram, Loaf sugar

Soak 60 gm of Gram (Kala Chana) in water overnight. Next morning grind it well with Loaf sugar (Kuza Misri) and mix in a glass of water and give to the patient to drink. OR Soak Gram lentils (Chana daal) in a glass of water overnight next morning after straining mix Loaf sugar (Kuza Misri / Qand) powder to taste. Drinking this water can also prevent insanity due to pitta. 

9-Guavas, Lemon juice, Black pepper, Black Cumin, Salt

Cut in slices 250 gm Sweet Guavas (Amrood) and sprinkle to the Guavas Lemon juice, Black pepper powder, Black Cumin powder and Salt to taste. Give to the patient to eat twice daily in the morning and after lunch at 5.00 p.m. in the afternoon for 6 weeks. It will provide energy to muscles, remove heat from the body and cure insanity. Eating guava relieves tension and worries.

10-Gourd / Pointed gourd kernels oil, Staff tree oil

Gourd / Pointed gourd (Ghiya Kaddu) seeds kernels oil or Staff tree / Black-Oil tree (Roghan Mal kangni) oil is useful as an external application in insanity. Pure oil of this vegetable seeds kernel should be applied over the head of the patient in the treatment of this disease. Gourd oil (Kaddu Roghan) has a reputation for being extremely soothing and cooling, as and is therefore used as an external application in the treatment of Insanity. Regular application of oil will help in soothing and keeping the person calm.

11-Red Chilli Tincture

Mix Red Chilli (Lal Mirch)powder without seeds 12 gram and 360 milliliter Rectified Spirit in an air tight glass bottle let it stand for 15 days and stir it daily after 15 days strain and preserve in another air tight dropper bottle. Dripping 1-2 drops into the patient’s nostrils during the bout of insanity can bring the patient back to consciousness. A few drops of this tincture can also be given to the patient.

12-Human hairs, Roghan Gul

Make ashes of Human hairs and mix well in Roghan Gul and drip 1-2 drops into the patient’s nostrils during the bout of insanity can bring the patient back to consciousness. Mix Roghan Gul 10-20 ml with Rose Water and Vinegar, soaked with cotton should be applied on the head repeatedly.

13-Cow’s milk, Hemp, Aloe weed, Indian Snake Root

Make a fine paste of English Speed wheel /Aloe weed (Sankhaholi) and Rauwolfia / Indian Snake Root (Choti Chandan / Asraul) root applies on the fore head of the patient and a fine paste of Cow’s milk and Hemp (Bhaang /Hasheesh) leaves should be rubbed on the palms and the soles of the feet of the patient during day and at night. 

14-Indian Rose chestnut, Sugar candy

Make a fine powder of 50 gm of pure Indian Rose chestnut / Cobra's saffron (Nagkesar / Narmishka) and 50 gm of Sugar candy (Misri). Giving 5 to 6 gm of this powder to patient everyday for one month cures all mental problems. Indian Rose chestnut is most effective in cardiac and brain disorders like melancholia and insanity.

15-English Speed wheel

English Speed wheel /Aloe weed (Sankhaholi) herb is one of the best brain tonic which helps in strengthening and brightening the brain and memory. It is used in the treatment of loss of memory, insanity and epilepsy. Shankhpushpi comes in various forms and is an ingredient in many products. For best results, read and follow product label directions.

16-Staff tree / Black-Oil tree

Staff tree (Malkangni) Improves grasping power and concentration of brain and stimulates nervous system. It is a very powerful nerve and brain tonic which helps in stimulating the intellect and sharpens the memory. Seeds powder 0.5 to 1 gm or oil 5 - 15 drops is used along with milk to improve memory and intelligence.

17-Indian Pennywort / Gotu Kola

Indian Pennywort / Gotu Kola (Brahmi) is a rejuvenative nervine recommended for nervous disorders, including epilepsy, senility, insanity and premature aging. As a brain tonic, it is said to aid intelligence and memory. It strengthens the adrenal glands while cleansing the blood to treat skin impurities. It is said to combat stress and depression, energize flagging mental powers, increase libido, ward off a nervous breakdown and improve reflexes. It energizes the central nervous system and rebuilds energy reserves. Tincture – 30 to 60 drops, three times a day, Powered herb – 1,000 to 4,000 milligrams three times a day, Standard extract – 50 to 250 milligrams, three times a day. This herb is also used in cases of mental retardation, insanity and epilepsy.

18-Rauwolfia / Indian Snake Root

Rauwolfia / Indian Snake Root (Choti Chandan / Asraul) root has anaesthetic, nervine and sedative properties. It has been employed for the relief of various central nervous system disorders, both psychic and motor, including anxiety states, insomnia, excitement, sexual aggression, maniacal behavior associated with psychosis, hypochondriasis, melancholia, schizophrenia, insanity, insomnia and epilepsy. Mix well ½ tsp of Rauwolfia / Indian Snake Root and ½ tsp White Sandalwood in a glass of hot milk. Intake this milk twice every day morning and evening. Drink this combination until completely cured.


Skullcap is a nervine with sedative qualities and is helpful in the treatment of many nervous conditions such as epilepsy, hysteria, anxiety, insanity and delirium tremens. It is available in powder or liquid extract form and as a dried herb. It is commonly sold in capsule form as well. The recommended dosage for adults is 1 to 2 grams of the dried herb, 2 to 3 cups of tea, 2 to 4 ml of the liquid extract three times daily, or 2 to 5 ml of the tincture three times daily. Overdose symptoms include giddiness, stupor, confusion, irregular heartbeat and twitching. Pregnant women shouldn’t use this herb since it may cause a miscarriage.

20-Dodder seeds

Dodder (Aftimoon) Protect brain tissues and prescribed in epilepsy, melancholia and insanity. It has anti tumor, anti-viral, anti- inflammatory, anti-infertility, diarrhea, and inhibition of the central nervous system effect. Dodder as a supplement is normally taken in the form of a tea brewed with the seeds of the plant. Supplements can also be made from the plant's extract and are sometimes mixed with other herbs to increase the health benefits of dodder seed. Dodder seed supplements can be bought on specialist websites or in most health food shops. Dosage of Dodder seed Extract supplement is about 1grams a day. A decoction is typically made with 10-15 g of Dodder seed with three to four cups of boiling water until the volume is reduced by half.1 A decoction is usually taken orally and split into two doses but this dose may taken all at once or escalated depending on the person's condition. You should consult a doctor to discuss dosage levels before starting to take dodder seeds. When used as directed, there are no known side effects have been identified.

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