Home gyms are on the rise. Exercise machines and equipment can assist in a weight loss program, but the key to success is to actually use them. If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to burn more calories than you consume, and the best way to burn calories is through an aerobic workout that increases your heart rate. The U.S. National Institutes of Health recommend a 30-minute period of moderate physical activity at least five times per week to maintain weight.
Running and walking are among the best cardio exercises that can be performed without any equipment. However, if you want to work out indoors, then there are many equipment options available to you. Weight loss requires longer exercise time using equipment to burn calories. The amount of time varies with the individual weight loss goals and the health of the exerciser. A professional medical assessment should be done prior to using exercise equipment.
According to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, 15 percent of Americans planned to spend money on home gym equipment in 2012, which is up from eight percent in 2011. If you’re looking to invest in home exercise equipment specifically for weight loss, it’s important to know which machines will give you the most bang for your buck.
The best gym equipment for weight loss even comes with a calorie counter as well which gives instant information regarding the calories you have burnt during a workout sessions. The reality is, you can spend a lot less time and burn a lot more calories if you're smart about which piece of equipment you use for your cardio training.
The best exercise machine for losing weight or getting fit is the one that you are most likely to want to use. If weight loss is one of your workout goals, try these ten cardio machines, which are designed to help you maximize your time exercising and result in safe weight loss.


1. Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. A treadmill offers you the chance to simulate the running or walking exercise at home. Treadmills allow you to take a walk or go for a jog without ever leaving your home. You don’t have to worry about the weather or safety on the streets.
If weight loss is on your list, treadmill offers a well-rounded means of workout that involves your whole body. It is probably responsible for burning more calories than any other machine in the gym making the treadmill an obvious choice for helping you lose weight.
A study out of the Journal of American Medical Association compared several indoor exercise machines, (Airdyne, cross-country-skiing simulator, cycle ergometer, rowing ergometer, stair stepper, and treadmill), and found that walking or running on the treadmill had the highest rates of energy expenditure and aerobic demands compared to all other machines.
It can help you burning a great amount of calories as it offer you multiple speed levels to contend with and even provides you the calorie zapping incline as well. Running is a full body workout that burns 600-1200 calories per hour. As a matter of fact, running up an incline on the treadmill is the best way to boost your metabolism for hours after you’ve finished that workout.
Walking on the treadmill burns far less calories--about 300-400 per hour. If you choose to walk rather than run on the treadmill, the key is to set the treadmill at a significant incline. Working against gravity will increase difficulty and caloric expenditure.
If you want to boosts your ability to burn calories for weight loss on a treadmill you have to bear the load of your bodyweight. That means no holding onto the treadmill’s side handles as you walk or run. 
Treadmills usually have safety features such as an auto stop switch and side handles to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. It is important to note that the handrails are to be used only if you want to stabilize yourself while changing a setting or if you suffer from balance issues.
Another feature of the best treadmills is a remote heart rate monitor. It is not convenient to put your hands on the hand heart rate monitors when you running if you are serious about your exercise intensity.
Using an incline and jogging are among the best methods of using a treadmill. However, avoid the common mistake of choosing a ridiculously high incline, then holding on to the handrails to keep up. If you grab the handles, it completely defeats the purpose of the incline.
The “calories burned” meter on the machine will also be inaccurate. If you feel like you need to hold on for dear life, you should slow down the machine. Before buying a treadmill, give it a thorough try at the store or use a similar model at a gym. Make sure it offers all the gadgets you want and has a sturdy feel.

2. Rowing Machine

The Indo-Row Rowing Machine is the best exercise machine to lose weight. A rowing machine is one of the most effective ways to do cardio. It's a full-body, big range-of-motion movement that can be hard as hell. Just 10 minutes of intervals on this bad boy will torch some major calories. If you think rowing only works the arms and back, think again.
Rowing machines offer, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, "an efficient and effective low-impact exercise" that uses the back, legs, abdomen and arms for a "total-body workout."
The Indo-Row machine utilizes more than 80 percent of your muscle mass, taking the body through a dynamic range of motion. Rowing machines help you lose weight by working large muscle groups in the upper and lower body at the same time. 
The Rowing machine is great for burning calories because it offers a great upper and lower body cardiovascular workout and can thus help you in burning excess of 1000 calories per hour. It  get the heart pumping while working arms, chest, shoulders, legs and core muscles, which can be too much too soon.
The biggest drawback to this machine is that poor technique can limit its effectiveness. Pulling that handle way above your head serves no other purpose than amusing onlookers.
But this machine has several red flags for a beginning or unfits exerciser. It is thought by most unfit people to be fairly uncomfortable. Extra weight often comes with back pain, and this is not a machine you want to use if you have back issues.
You can easily hurt your lower back in case you are new to this gadget. Therefore, it is important to have a look at the diagram present on the instruction panel that is fitted in the machine. The diagram depicts how the exercise should be carried out via a stick figure that draws with his whole body, including the legs and his upper back. You need to do the same.

3. Step Mill /Stair Mill

The StepMill is one of the best gym equipment for weight loss. This is one of the hardest pieces of cardio equipment. It’s like a treadmill with stairs.
It is like a fast moving escalator that challenges you to climb steps while they are moving. This machine asks the body to work against gravity and thus has a great potential of burning a great amount of calories within a short span of time.
Stair machines, climbers or steppers help to duplicate the workout you get climbing stairs at your home or office. Combine calorie reduction and exercise to lose weight and improve health. Exercise steppers, or mini steppers, provide aerobic activity and, when used as part of a daily exercise program, assist in burning calories for weight loss.
Unlike other gym equipment, the Step Mill requires you to take your foot off the machine and then replant it. This extra motion demands effort and burns even more calories.
You will have to use your butt and backside a little bit and some part of your calf muscles when using this machine. It will offer you the chance to burn around 400-500 calories per hour.
These may not be the best choice of equipment for people with foot or knee problems because of the pressure exerted in the climbing movement. In addition, anybody who has low back pain will almost surely find it aggravated during the straight up and down motion of the StepMil.
If you do decide on a stair stepper stability is the key factor in choosing a piece of equipment. You need to feel secure during the workout, and steppers with a wider, heavier base will give you the most support. Of course, these models also tend to be heavier and take up more floor space.

4. Elliptical Machines

Both treadmills and elliptical machines can come up with a good aerobic workout, however ellipticals offer some advantages. It notes that working out on an elliptical machine is less stressful on knees, hips and backs than running on a treadmill. Most ellipticals will even assist you to pedal in reverse to work different muscles. Some elliptical machines help you get an upper body workout, too. These machines come equipped with poles, similar to ski poles, to give your arms a workout while you exercise your legs.
Latest research studies have observed that elliptical machines offer similar advantages to treadmills. A 2010 study conducted at the University of Wisconsin concluded that “there are not any differences in strength expenditure between treadmills and ellipticals” at the same rate of perceived exertion. If you are seeking to burn even more calories on the elliptical try going backwards.
Another study conducted at the University of Wisconsin and published in the journal "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" in 2008 determined that shifting your legs in a backwards movement at the elliptical burns more calories than shifting your legs forward.
These machines pack a little less punch on the joints, and either can be a good alternative to the treadmill, says Vukovich.  Because you use them in a standing position, you're using lots of muscle mass, so the calorie burn rate is still pretty high. Elliptical machines with arm components can further increase the numbers of calories you burn, says Stamford. But if you're a beginner, he doesn’t recommend using your arms at first.

5. Jacobs Ladder

Climbing a ladder isn't so bad. But what if that ladder kept going up and up and up? Suddenly, that ascent turns into a big workout. The idea behind this never-ending ladder is that a self-paced machine that requires you to climb endlessly upward. The most difficult part of getting a good workout on a Jacob's ladder is feeling awkward on the machine. Once you get the pattern down, though, you can have yourself a fun, full-body workout.
In contrast to the StairMaster, Jacobs Ladder puts you on a 40-degree angle, which engages your core muscles and takes pressure off your lower back. "It is fun, as it's totally one of a kind than some other workout you may do at the “says De Wispelaere. "The climbing action hits big muscles like your quads, glutes, shoulders, and lats, revving your metabolism and burning a ton of calories in the process."

6. SkiErg

The SkiErg – made by Concept2, the company responsible for creating the market-leading indoor rower – is one of the best weapons you can have in your fat loss arsenal. The SkiErg looks like a standing rowing machine, delivers one grueling upper-body workout. Professional cross-country skiers use this machine to hone the skill of exploding down onto their poles for more power. While you might not be hitting the slopes any time soon, you can use the Concept2 SkiErg for a grueling cardio and upper-body workout.
‘When using the SkiErg you mimic the movements made during cross-country skiing, which triggers the specific strength and metabolic effects of the sport,’ says Kowalenko. ‘This means there’s plenty of bang for your buck when it comes to improving your fitness and shedding body fat.’
And that claim is backed up by data – according to a 2014 study by the Centre for Health and Sciences, a 92kg man can burn up to 1,303 calories an hour through cross-country skiing, so mimicking it in the gym offers you an excellent means of getting lean fast.
To get more of your lower body involved, try standing in a partial-squat position. If you can find a SkiErg, you can do some effective workouts that will get your heart rate up in no time. "In order to drive the handles down toward your body, you have to use your abs, arms, shoulder, and hips," says Sean De Wispelaere, expert coach for Men's Health Thrive in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. "The power, speed, and strength needed for each rep will jack up your heart rate and make you sweat."
To make it even more difficult, change up the position of your legs, says De Wispelaere. Holding a deep lunge or inline lunge not only blasts your lower body, but it narrows your base of support, he says. This forces your core to work harder to stay braced and upright as your arms move up and down.

7. Group Cycling Bike


Bicycling is a great calorie burning workout because the powerful and massive muscle tissues of the legs are used at some stage in the pedaling motion. Depending on your intensity, bicycling can burn 500-1000 calories per hour, which ranks it among the highest calorie burners, as long as you operate it correctly.
They come in two basic varieties: upright and recumbent.
  1. An upright exercise bike is more like a traditional road bike.
  2. A recumbent bike lets the rider sit back against a backrest with his legs out in front.
Whichever type you choose, you need to search for certain standard features. Look for a bike that offers various levels of resistance and a monitor that displays the resistance level, distance, speed, time and calories burned. It notes that a heart rate monitor is an exceptional choice, too. You could also do not forget perks like a book rest and bottle holder to make the workout more pleasant.  
Many people don’t pick out a resistance that is high enough to relatively stimulate those calorie burning leg muscles, and rather allow the natural movement of a bicycle’s pedals do the work for them. 
To restrict this challenge and get maximum benefit from a bike, pick out a resistance that makes you breathe difficult in order to achieve 90 RPM, or revolutions per minute; most indoor stationary bicycles show this number on the computer display.

8. Kettlebells

If you want to buy one of the best gym equipment for weight loss, but don't want to break the budget, kettlebells may be the smart choice for you. Not only are they affordable, you can use them anywhere in the house. kettlebell exercises combine cardio and strength training for a time-saving calorie burn.
A 2010 study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that one can burn up to 20.2 calories per minute by exercising with the kettlebell. This calorie burn rate is equal to that of running at a speed of 6 mph.
“The Swing” is among the first workout routines that you may need to master when trying to lose weight utilizing the Kettlebells. This workout let you in hastily losing fat and developing powerful hips, quads, hamstrings and glutes. More research has found that regularly exercising with kettlebells significantly reduces back, neck, and shoulder pain by strengthening core and upper body muscles.

9. Cybex Arc Trainer

Obesity is directly linked to severe health issues like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Cardiovascular fitness equipment such as Cybex Arc Trainers can be effective at assisting you shed pounds.
The most effective way to shed pounds is by way of using greater calories in keeping with day than you devour. One study performed at the University of Wisconsin concluded that the Cybex Arc Trainer is the preferable choice for calorie loss when compared to other low impact exercise machines such as the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer and EFX 546i elliptical trainer.
After analyzing 16 healthy men and women on each machine, the researchers observed that the Cybex Arc Trainer burned 10.8 calories per minute, which the study determined to be significant when compared to 9.9 calories per minute on the Adaptive Motion Trainer and 9.3 per minute on the elliptical. 
If your cardio routine is all elliptical, all the time, throw your body a curveball with the Cybex Arc Trainer. “Moving your legs in a crescent-shaped pattern puts less pressure on your knees and works your hamstrings and glutes harder than an oval motion does,” says Angela Corcoran, director of education at the Cybex Research Institute. “That extra challenge increases your oxygen consumption and calorie burn.”
One problem that is common with cardiovascular workout is that it is easy on the way to lose interest with repetitive exercising routines.
The Cybex Arc Trainer avoids this problem by allowing you to move the foot pedals in any direction you pick out. This allows you to train with an elliptical trainer motion one week and a stair stepping motion the next week. Including variety to your program will maintain your motivation level high and your fat melting away.

10. Versa Climber

The best cardio machine such as Versa climber is not easy to cheat on. Even at a very basic level, this is still challenging and can help you raise your heart rate. Combining these factors makes the Versa climber the best cardio machines for fat burning.
The Versa climber is such a good cardio machine because you are climbing vertically, directly against gravity. You also use your upper and lower body equally, which increases heart rate quickly.
Rather than simulating an activity going forward and backward or side to side, the Versa Climber simulates climbing straight up. This vertical exercise puts high demand on almost every muscle in the body.
The versa climber is a fantastic cardio machine to use for interval training. At a decent intensity level, the Versa Climber can be tough even for just 5 minutes.
Rather than spending countless hours on an elliptical, try increasing the intensity with intervals on the versa-climber. Try climbing 100 feet as fast as you can, then resting for a minute. You will burn more calories while performing this true total body workout.
“The Versa Climber burns more calories than anything else out there,” says Jason Walsh, C.S.C.S., a trainer who teaches cardio classes exclusively with the Versa Climber, dubbed Rise Nation, in L.A. “I’d estimate 600–800 for a 30-minute session.”
The body position, at a 75-degree tilt in place of seated on a rower or exercise bike is uncommon among cardio machines; the vertical climber also gives no impact, which relieves the joints. As a result, “it lets in more variety of motion, utilizing push-and-pull movements that work the shoulders, torso, hips, and legs,” says Walsh. 
And therein lies the true magic of the vertical climber: not just its ability to burn calories, however its capability to keep you interested in burning them— accurately —workout after workout, until you spot outcomes.
Performing ‘cardio’ on the Versa Climber also means you are working your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and forearms as well.
To increase the difficulty of the versa climber, you can add more resistance. When you add more resistance, you can push and pull which will not only work your muscles, but will give you a tremendous cardio workout.

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