Absence of menstrual bleeding is known as amenorrhea. Amenorrhea can be divided into two types:
  • Primary amenorrhea 
  • Secondary amenorrhea
Secondary amenorrhea refers to a woman who has started menstruating normally but later stops for more than 3 months consecutively. Pregnancy, lactation, oral contraceptive pills, or menopause do not cause this absence of menstrual bleeding. You must need to consult your doctor or a gynecologist.
Secondary amenorrhea is more common than primary amenorrhea. The term 'scanty menstrual periods' has been used to describe both periods with the amount of blood flow less than 80ml, as well as periods with duration of less than two days. The following are several natural remedies for amenorrhea that may help to bring back the menstrual cycle such as: 


1. Carrot seeds, Jaggery

  • Make a fine powder of Carrot (Gagar) seeds as required and take 1 teaspoon along with lukewarm water or milk on an empty stomach.
  • OR Boil 10 gm Carrot seeds and 5gm Jaggery (Gurr) in ½ litre water for 5-10 minutes take it at suitable intervals. 
  • Do it regularly for 2 weeks or until required results. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatise to cure scanty periods.

2. Dried Coconut, Jaggery

  • Grind well in a mortar same quantity of dried Coconut (Nariel) and Jaggery (Gurr) now makes pill in Jujube size and take 2 pills twice a day, two days prior to the expected periods. 
  • You can add Sesame seeds and Dried ginger powder but optional .This is a fastest natural and trial remedy to increase menstruation flow.

3. Grapes Honey, Dried Dates

  • Mix 2-3 tbls Grapes (Angoor) fresh juice, 1 tbls Honey and 2 grounds dried Dates (Chhohara) and have it. 
  • Take this one dose regularly for 2 weeks or until required results. This is another instant and natural tip to treat scanty menstruation.

4. Sesame seeds, Jaggery

  • A Sweet ball (laddoo) can be prepared with (Till) and Sesame seeds Jaggery (Gurr) and taken every day along with a glass of lukewarm milk on an empty stomach acts excellently in reducing spasmodic pain during menstruation in young, unmarried anemic girls. 
  • Its regular use, two days prior to the expected periods, cures scanty menstruation. 
  • OR just 1 teaspoon powder of Sesame seeds, taken with hot water twice daily, is also valuable in menstrual problems.

5. Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera Syrup, Honey

  • Mix 15 ml extracted Aloe Vera juice in ½ glass water and Honey to taste consumes on an empty stomach and takes 2nd dose 30 min before dinner daily 
  • OR blend ½ kg Aloe Vera pulp and ½ kg sugar in a blender and boil until become dense add some Rose water drops let it cool. 
  • Takes 1-2 tablespoon this syrup on an empty stomach daily until required results. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of amenorrhea.

6. Nigella seeds, Honey

  • Eat 3 gm Nigella seeds (Kalonji) powder by adding Honey to taste along with lukewarm water. It is a natural & magical tip to cure amenorrhea completely. 

7. Dried Ginger, Cinnamon, Jaggery

  • Make a fine powder of 10 gm Dried Ginger 5 gm Cinnamon (Dar chini) and 5gm Jaggery or to taste. 
  • Take it daily ½ teaspoon with lukewarm water or milk on an empty stomach and ½ teaspoon at bedtime. This is a 99% trial treatment of scanty periods.

8. Radish seeds, Celery seeds

  • Take 5 gm Radish (Muli) seeds or Radish seeds powder along with lukewarm water.
  • OR take 5 gm Celery seeds (Ajmuda) along with lukewarm water. 
  • There is a substance known as butylidene-phthalide found in Celery and Radish seeds that help to stimulate menstrual bleeding.

9. Garlic Infusion

  • The use of Garlic (Lehsan) is another effective natural remedy for menstrual disorders, especially in cases of painful menstruation and stoppage of menstrual flow 2-3 cloves of fresh Garlic should be pounded and boiled in a cup of water for a few minutes. 
  • The infusion, sweetened with sugar or honey should be used thrice daily after meals as a medicine for treating scanty periods.

10. Common Madder / Indian Madder root

  • A decoction prepared by soaking 20 gm Rubia cordifolia / Common Madder / Indian Madder root (Majaith) in 300 ml of water is most effective very beneficial for an entire menstrual cycle.

11. Papaya, Melon

  • Consuming ½ bowl of unripe Papaya (Papeeta) or ripe Melon (Kharbuza) with Honey to taste helps the contractions of the muscle fibers’ of the uterus and is thus beneficial in securing a proper menstrual flow. 
  • Papaya and Melon are especially helpful when menstruation ceases due to stress or fright in young unmarried girls.

12. Fenugreek seeds

  • Boil 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) or fresh leaves in a cup of water for 5 minutes; then drink by adding Honey to taste (eat the seeds powder by adding honey as well). 
  • Do this every morning on an empty stomach. This will give strength to the uterus. Fenugreek seeds are very effective for scanty periods.

13. Onion juice, Honey

  • Boil 1 small Onion (Piyaz) in a cup of water for 5 minutes OR make lukewarm 3tbls / ½ cup extract juice of Onion and add Honey to taste and have it. 
  • This works very quickly in the treatment of amenorrhea.

14. Hermal (Peganum Harmala)

  • The Herb Hermal (Peganum Harmala) also known as `Wild rue` or `Syrian or Africa rue is useful in regulating the menstrual periods. It is especially beneficial in painful and problematic menstruation. 
  • Boil 2 tablespoon Hermal seeds in ½ litre of water; till it is reduced by 1/3 this decoction should be given in 15 to 30 ml doses.

15. Cumin seeds, Aluminum chloride, Salt

  • Sprinkle powder of Salt (Namak), Cumin seeds (Zeera) and Aluminum chloride (Noshdar) to taste on slices of 2 Cucumbers and eat it daily. 
  • This is a successful treatment for period’s disorders.

16. Hemp (Bhaang /Hasheesh) seeds

  • Boil 5-6 tbls shelled Hemp (Bhaang /Hasheesh) seeds in half liter of water till the water is reduced to half. 
  • Strain and drink just before going to bed. Continue for two to three days. 
  • Hemp can be successfully used when menses do not start at the scheduled time.

17. Aspirins, Sugar Candy, Honey

  • Dissolve 2 Aspirins, ½ tsp of Sugar Candy (Misri) and ½ tsp of Honey into ½ cup of water. Drink this solution if you are missing periods. 
  • This is very effective natural remedy for menstruation and will lead to regular menstrual cycle.

18. Tomato juice, Honey

  • Consuming 1- 2 glasses of Tomato juice by adding Honey to taste every day is said to treat amenorrhea. 
  • It will give significant improvement in your menstruation flow and fewer cramps in your next period.

19. Saffron, Honey

  • Boil 1 teaspoon Saffron and in ½ cup of water till the water reduces down to a concentrated 1 tablespoon and add Honey to taste. 
  • Divide this concentrate into three parts and have it over the course of the day. 
  • Saffron is a powerful antioxidant that can treat chronic inflammatory conditions as well as reduce stress that may be causing amenorrhea.

20. Marigold / Virgin Mary flower

  • The herb Marigold / Virgin Mary (Gainda) flowers is useful in allaying any pain during menstruation and facilitating menstrual flow. 
  • An infusion prepared by soaking 20 grams of Marigold flowers in 300 ml of water should be given in doses of one tablespoon twice daily for the treatment of these disorders.

21. Beetroot, Parsley juices

  • Mix well raw Beetroot (Chuqandar) or fresh Beetroot and Parsley75 ml of each of the both juices is considered an effective treatment for amenorrhea and menstrual irregularities. 
  • are relieved and frequently corrected entirely by the regular use of parsley juice, particularly in conjunction with Beet root juice.

22. Mango tree flowers

  • Make dry under shade Mango tree flowers as required and make a fine powder. 
  • Mix 2 tsp powder in ¼ teas Sugar Candy powder and have it along with hot water for 2 weeks. 
  • This remedy will offer a relief from the scanty periods soon.

23. Peach leaves and flowers, Pineapple leaves, Banana leaves

  • Make a fine powder of dried Peach (Aroo) tree leaves and flowers take 2 tsp along with hot water daily. Very effective in absence of menstruation 
  • OR rub fresh Pineapple (Ananas) tree leaves in a little water and have it for in season stoppage of menstrual flow 
  • OR Make ashes of dried Banana (Kaela) tree leaves and take 6 grain along with lukewarm water. Very effective for scanty periods.

24. Decoctions To Increase Menstruation Flow

  • These decoctions are relaxant and an antispasmodic that can be had as a supplement or drunk as a tea the infusions can be sweetened with sugar or honey and should be used as a medicine for treating this condition. 
  • Mint leaves decoction (Podina), Fennel seeds (Sounf) decoction, Aerial Banyan tree root decoction along with ½ glass milk before sleep , Bitter gourd (Karela) decoction makes the periods to commence, Fig (Anjeer)tree roots decoction for few weeks normalize menstrual cycle, Neem bark hot infusion 1 cup thrice a day. 
  • These infusions increase menstruation and assists in the regularization of the monthly periods.

25. Spices and Nuts

  • The spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, clove, celery seeds black cardamom, star anise, nutmeg, mace, allspice, bay leaf and soya improving the digestive system and restoring balance in the body and also cure irregularities in the reproductive system. 
  • Similarly all types of Nuts and Dry fruits are also very effective in menstrual disorders specially absence of menstruation / amenorrhea. Fibers in nuts give strength to the uterus walls and improve blood level.

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