Weight loss after pregnancy is a great challenge for every woman in that stage. Post pregnancy tummy fat is one of the most common complaints of new mothers. The abdomen and overall hips get enlarged due to pregnancy and coming back to shape takes some time. Remember it took nine months to gain this weight and cannot be toned in a few days. It is very important to remember not to diet or start an exercise plan immediately after giving birth – allow your body to recover first and then struggle to shed those extra pounds.

A restrictive diet or an overly strenuous workout can have a negative impact on both you and your baby. Keep in mind that in most cases, post pregnancy belly fat is only a temporary problem and breastfeeding mothers tend to regain their figure in a matter of weeks or months. A nutritious diet combined with light stretch exercises will help a person reduce weight in a couple of months. Herbal and homemade remedies are a more natural alternative to conventional medications and are highly effective in the recovery process; it helps you get rid of your mummy tummy, too.


1. Cinnamon, Clove Water

  • Boil 3 inches long 1 stick of Cinnamon and 2-3 Cloves in 2 liters / 8 glasses of water for 5-10 minutes daily. 
  • Drink this water lukewarm in winter and cold in summer instead of plain water for first 40 days after delivery. 
  • You can add Honey to enhance the taste. 
The effects of Cinnamon have been found to work better on abdominal fat than anywhere else in the body and it will tone up your tummy naturally within 2-3 weeks.

2. Barley, Carom seeds Water

  • Boil 1tsp Barley and 1tsp Carom seeds in 2 liters / 8 glasses of water for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Drink this water lukewarm in winter and cold in summer instead of plain water for first 40 days after delivery. 
  • You can add Honey to enhance the taste. 
  • It is most effective natural remedy to reduce your tummy size.

3. Fenugreek seeds water

  • Soak overnight 1 tablespoon Fenugreek seeds in 2 liters / 8 glasses of water and boil for 5-10 minutes in the morning. 
  • Drink this water lukewarm in winter and cold in summer instead of plain water for first 40 days after delivery. You can add Honey to enhance the taste. 
This not only flushes out toxins from the body but, will also help you losing weight.
The bitter tasting fenugreek seeds are perfect fat burners.
The seeds of fenugreek are used as a method of treatment for women with reproductive disorders.
Fenugreek will balance female hormone and your stomach is become flat.

4. Nuts, Turmeric, Milk

  • Ground coarsely 250 gm Almond kernels, 250 gm dried Coconut, 250 gm Pistachios, 250 gm Dried Dates, Raisins, 250 gm Pumpkin, Water Melon, Gourd, Melon, seeds kernels and save in a vassal.
  • Melt 1-2 tbs Clarified unsalted Butter (Ghee) in a pan fry 2 tbs Turmeric powder for 1-2 minutes 
  • Now add 2-3 tbs of dry fruit mixture and fry again for 1-2 minutes in low flame. 
  • Put 1 an ½ glass of milk and bring to 4-5 boils and take it lukewarm (preferably as breakfast) daily for first 20 days after normal delivery. 
All types of Nuts, Seeds and Dry fruits are very effective for uterus health. Fibers in nuts give strength to the uterus walls and trim down your belly.
Turmeric powder should be given to a woman during her post-natal (after delivery) period everyday for about a period of 6weeks, either with milk or with food.
This purifies the breast-milk, reduces the bodily bioelements in the breast-milk making it palatable and easily digestible by the baby. Turmeric helps heal internal wounds.
It relieves the mother from the pain and stress which she had during her delivery, it reduces the chances of infections in the body and strengthens and repairs the reproductive organs of the mother.
The combination of milk and turmeric is also good for new mothers soon after delivery.

5. Almonds, Currants

  • Grind in a mortar and make a paste of 10 Almond kernels and 10 deseeded Currants consume along with a cup of hot milk for first 10 days of after normal delivery.
Almonds and Currants are packed with belly busting power and very helpful to form your belly shape.
Especially Almond is an ideal food after baby delivery. It has so many benefits for your health and beauty too.
Almonds are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B12 and E and contain minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium and zinc. You can consume almonds in any form like raw, roasted, shakes, halwa etc.

6. Nuts Pudding for Breakfast

  • Ground coarsely 250 gm Almond kernels, 250 gm dried Coconut, 250 gm Pistachios, 250 gm Dried Dates, Raisins, 250 gm Pumpkin, Water Melon, Gourd, Melon, seeds kernels and save in a vassal.
  • Melt 1-2 tbs Clarified unsalted Butter (Ghee) in a pan fry 1 tbs Semolina for 5 minutes 
  • Add 2 tbs of dry fruit mixture and fry again for 1-2 minutes on a low flame.
  • Now add 2 beaten organic Eggs and 2 tbsp of Sugar or to taste and mix well.
  • Eat this pudding (Halwa) lukewarm daily for first 20 days after normal delivery. 
All types of Nuts Seeds and Dry fruits are a super belly fat fighter and work like magic on belly fat.

7. Nutritious Smoothie for Breakfast

  • Take 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 cup milk, I tsp Orange juice, ½ tsp Tamarind pulp, 1 tsp Amla powder, 1 Palm Date, 1 Fig,  ¼ tsp Nutmeg and Mace powder.
  • Put in a blender until smooth. Drink this nutritious smoothie in breakfast daily.

Start These Home Remedies After 2 Months of Pregnancy

1. Golden Shower fruit pulp, Fennel. Aqueous distillate

  • Soak one teaspoon pulp of Golden Shower tree (Amaltas phali) fruit in a cup of Aqueous distillate of Fennel (Arq e Sounf) and take it on an empty stomach for 21 days. 
  • This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription to reduce your belly size after delivery.

2. Caraway seeds, Nigella seeds, Gandhak Danda

  • Make a fine powder of 50 gm Nigella seeds, 50 gm Caraway seeds and 50 gm Gandhak Danda (Name of Herb) and save in a vassal. 
  • Take 2 gm along with lukewarm water twice a day. 
  • This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise to reduce your tummy size after delivery.

3. Golden Shower Tree Fruit Pulp Tea

  • Boil one teaspoon Golden Shower tree fruit pulp in 1 ½ cup of water for 5-10 minutes put the lid on the pot allowing the herb to infuse into the water. 
  • Pour your delicious herbal tea into a clean cup, through a tea strainer stir in honey maple syrup, or stevia to taste until dissolved and drink hot daily. 
  • Golden Shower tree fruit pulp is a very safe laxative. 
  • Fruits are sweet in taste and can be used as a tasty flat stomach drunk in tea form.

4. Nigella seeds, Common rue, Triphala

  • Make a fine powder each of 50 gm Nigella seeds, Common rue/Garden rue, Emblica goose berry, Chebulic Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan and save in a container. 
  • Take 1 tsp after breakfast and 1 tsp after dinner for 2 months daily. 
  • This natural remedy is highly effective to lose stubborn belly fat after pregnancy.

5. Fenugreek Seeds, Carom Seeds, Nigella seeds

  • Take 100 gm Fenugreek Seeds,40 gm Carom Seeds and 20 gm Nigella seeds /Black Cumin Seeds. 
  • Each ingredient has to be dry roasted on very low heat separately. 
  • Put aside them to cool down at room temperature. Then put them in a grinder. 
  • Powder them and keep this powder in a in an air-tight jar. 
  • You have to intake 1 tsp daily, before going to bed, with lukewarm water. 
  • After 3 months you will find removal of excessive fat from your body. 
  • This natural remedy is guaranteed to work for women.
Traditionally believed that ajwain or carom seeds are a good source of thymol, not only soothes pain from gas and indigestion, but also cleanses the uterus. It can also give you relief from post pregnancy period pain.
Fenugreek seeds are a great source of iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals. They are commonly considered to help prevent back and joint pains and can beneficial to get relief from pain post pregnancy.
Nigella seeds (Kalonji) are warming in nature, and are used medicinally for loss of weight. Moreover the weight loss will be completely healthy and natural, and will not have any side-effects at all. Nigella seeds should be included in your daily diet as it boosts the immune system, increases the metabolic rate of the body, burns fats faster and helps detoxify the body.

6. Nutmeg, Milk

  • Mix ¼ tsp Nutmeg  powder in a cup of hot Milk 1 hour before going to sleep. 
  • This effective natural remedy will improve digestion and boost metabolism to cut down the flabby belly of post pregnancy.

7. Olive oil, Lemon Juice

  • Mix 2 drops of Lemon Juice in 2 teaspoons of Olive oil and consume daily.
Lemon is a well-known detoxifier; it’s a great natural weapon against water retention and could help you achieve a flatter stomach.
Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat (MUFA), which may help reduce abdominal fat and promotes heart health by decreasing "bad" LDL cholesterol without reducing the "good" HDL cholesterol. In addition, olive oil loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals called polyphenols that help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, brain deterioration and reduce inflammation in the body.

8. Cumin seeds, Lemon juice

  • Add 5 gm Cumin seeds in 2 glass of water. 
  • Boil for 10-15 minutes strain and mix ½ lemon juices 
  • Drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening.
Cumin is fat busting by nature and burns fats from the abdominal area at a rapid rate. In fact, Cumin can improve your body’s fat burning ability by 25 percent.
It also improves the digestive process which results in better assimilation and absorption of nutrients by the body.
This prevents the storage of fat by the body and results in weight loss. Cumin seeds are also helpful to produce more breast milk.

9. Horse gram, Cumin seeds

  • Boil 1 tablespoon of Horse gram powder and 1 tablespoon of Cumin seeds in 4 glasses of water till water reduces to 1 glass. 
  • Strain and drink the water alone once or twice a day. For best results- a glass of this water is recommended during morning on an empty stomach and evening. 
It is strongly advised that nursing and breast feeding mothers should consult their physicians before having this weight loss remedy.
Horse gram is a big cure for weight loss and slimming. It has excellent fat burning properties and helps to shed your pounds rapidly.
Traditionally it is recommended that an obese lady would be horse gram in any form.
It is also very good in controlling and reducing cholesterol, like the popular flax seed.

10. Red Lentil Soup

  • Boil 1tbls Red lentil (Masoor daal) in 4 glass water until reduced by one glass. 
  • Then add each of 1 tsp chopped onion, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Have this soup daily. 
Legumes, such as lentils, are full of fiber, low in fat and provide a minimal amount of calories per serving.
Lentils are a beneficial part of a weight-loss diet, since the high fiber content of lentils can improve satiety and help keep you feeling full for hours.

11. Cabbage, Cumin seeds

  • Take 10 Cabbage leaves and 1 tablespoon Cumin seeds now add in 5 liters water. 
  • Boil until reduced by 3 liters. 
  • Strain and drink for 21 days.
Cabbage is a great veggie if you should have a pot belly or a middle age spread.
The diuretic cabbage will help to break up the fat in this area.
Cabbage, like broccoli, is an I3C powerhouse. As a result, it too is extremely efficient when it comes to helping your body burn stomach fat.
Cabbage even has an added benefit that broccoli does not: because it is one of the more gaseous of veggies, cabbage can play a major role in cleaning out your colon - which also helps to remove many of the toxins that can further encourage the storage of stubborn belly fat.
This cleanses your body of waste matter because it contains sulphur and iodine, which helps to cleanse the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

12. Bottle gourd, Apple gourd Broth

  • Make a healthy broth, take one Apple gourd and Bottle gourd same in same quantity, and taste a slice of Bottle gourd to ensure it is not bitter. 
  • Wash both vegetables and chop into small pieces with peel and put them into the 5 cups of water and simmer until reduced by one cup. Drink on an empty stomach.  
The broth will hold more nutrients and is very beneficial to reduce flabby belly and the extra flab of your entire body.

4 Topical Remedies To Reduce Tummy After Pregnancy

There are plenty of creams and lotions available in the market which contain collagen as well as Vitamin E, C, A and K. Apply such lotions on your loose skin as it will aid in skin tightening after pregnancy. You can massage with the lotion to improve the blood flow. Do this at least twice a day for good results. Try these homemade Mummy Tummy Reducing Creams and Lotions.

Natural Remedy 1


  • 250 ml --- Grape juice (freshly extracted)
  • 750 ml --- extra virgin Olive oil


  • Blend in blender fresh grapes and sieve through a muslin piece. 
  • Fill fresh grape juice and extra virgin olive oil in an airtight and transparent glass bottle. Mix thoroughly let it stand in sunlight for one week. 
  • Meanwhile shake well the bottle twice a day during that sunbath week. 
This will remove all the excess fat in the abdomen area due to pregnancy and gives you a flat tummy.

Natural Remedy 2


  • 2 tsp --- Borax cream
  • 1/3 cup --- Sunflower oil
  • 1 tsp --- Glycerin
  • 1 tsp --- Black clay
  • 1 tsp --- Milk of Magnesia
  • Sufficient amount --- Lecithin powder


  • Mix thoroughly all ingredients and keep in a container. 
  • Massage on your stomach every night with this belly busting cream then wrap a Batiste (Malmal) piece of cloth for overnight.  
Soy lecithin helps to stimulate the appearance of collagen in the skin so that the skin looks more rejuvenated and bright.
This homemade mummy tummy cream can help in burning the postpartum excess belly fat.

Natural Remedy 3


  • 100 gm --- Unscented Soap
  • 1 tsp --- Lemon juice
  • 1 --- Egg
  • 2 tbsp --- Fuller’s earth


  • Mix well all ingredients and scrub once a week your mummy tummy at night. 
  • It is highly effective in reducing post pregnancy flabby belly.

Natural Remedy 4


  • 25 gm --- Hirudoid cream
  • 25 gm --- Vaseline
  • Sufficient Quantity --- Sunflower oil


  • Mix thoroughly and massage the cream on belly from left-to-right and right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top on post pregnancy belly before going to bed then wrap a Batiste (Malmal) piece of cloth for overnight. 
This cream helps tighten abdominal muscles and play a vital role in flattening your flabby stomach.

Do's and Don'ts to Get rid of Mummy Tummy

1. DietDiet

  • Well balanced and healthy diet plays very important role in reducing your tummy size. Proper diet helps you to get all the vitamins and minerals that are needed by you to feel energized all through the day. 
  • Replace all the junk food in your house with nutrient-packed foods. 
  • Stock up on fruits, vegetables, lean beef, poultry, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans and low-fat dairy products. 
  • Also, limit your sodium intake as it leads to bloating and swelling of the stomach.

2. Broth-based Soup

  • Increase intake of Broth-based soups especially have Cruciferous vegetables soups like Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collard greens and Brussels sprouts. 
  • This group of plant foods contains particular phytonutrients - substances that work to promote belly fat loss.

3. Cruciferous vegetables and fruits

  • Cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collard greens, Brussels sprouts) and fruits (Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Mangoes, and Papayas) are a unique group of plant foods that contain particular phytonutrients - substances that work to promote belly fat loss. 
  • Cruciferous vegetables and fruits are one of the best types of food you can eat when you are trying to lose abdominal fat for long-term success.

4. Avoid Skipping Meal

  • A variety of hormonal changes occur after delivery. 
  • New mothers need more energy in the first 6 months after giving birth as they have to breastfeed the baby more often. 
  • Lactating mothers needs extra calories for milk production so don’t reduce calorie intakes drastically. 
  • Never skip meals or starve yourself in order to get flatten tummy. 
  • The metabolism process of the body will slow down by skipping meals. 
  • Instead of having 2 heavy meals, have 3-4 smaller meals at regular intervals of time, the body's metabolic furnace is always running hot. 
  • This results in more fat and calories being burned throughout the day.

5. Breastfeed Your Baby

  • Breastfeeding is one of the best natural ways that you can do to reduce tummy size after delivery. 
  • Breastfeeding is great for providing your baby with essential antibodies and also helps you to shed your pregnancy weight and builds a strong physical and emotional bond between mother & baby. 
  • It helps you to burn up to 500 calories in a day as well as stimulates contractions of the uterus which results in shrinking of the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size.

6. Post-Pregnancy Belly Wrapping

  • Abdominal wrapping technique has long been used post-pregnancy to help reduce swelling and encourage muscles and tissues to bounce back to their former glory. 
  • The old-fashioned way of getting a belly back to pre-pregnancy shape, binding, gets a stylish makeover with Belly Bandit. 
  • You can start with a simple homemade belly band just wrap a soft cotton piece around your waist for 1 week continually after delivery it will flatten your tummy and support your back.

7. Avoid Strenuous Workout

  • For mothers who are breastfeeding and want to slim down, it is recommended that they wait until the baby is at least two months old. 
  • Breastfeeding also helps to use up extra calories and lose the excess weight. 
  • If your weight is bothering you, make sure that you do not lose too much too quickly and shed the weight the healthy way. 
  • Crash diets or strenuous exercises are not advisable at this stage. 
  • Exercising too early or too vigorously could also have an adverse effect on the mother's body. 
  • Start with some simple and light physical activities like cycling, walking, jogging, running or swimming. Then, increase the intensity of your workout.

8. Endurance / Aerobic Exercises

  • Most people mistakenly recommend stomach toning exercises immediately after pregnancy. This will not provide the sort of exercise that the woman needs. 
  • It has been proven time and again that endurance based exercises are the only exercises that are truly effective at burning fat. These exercises include walking, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. 
  • Once the woman has performed these endurance exercises for a few weeks, her body fat content will be less than it used to be. 
  • The woman can then focus directly on the problem area –which would be her post pregnancy tummy, by doing some post pregnancy stomach exercises. 
  • Post pregnancy stomach exercises include stomach crunches and sit-ups. 
  • When a woman combines these exercises with endurance exercises to reduce fat, she will be successful at returning to her original body condition before she became pregnant.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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