Head lice are tiny insects that feed off your blood and live on your scalp, leading to itching and irritation. Nits are the tiny eggs laid by head lice. While killing the adult bugs is necessary for complete lice treatment, getting rid of all nits (or eggs) is also necessary. Lice are itchy and annoying and they won't go away on their own. Children are the most infected with lice than adults.
And your child can spread them to others – even to you – through close, usually head-to-head contact.  That's why parents often find themselves scratching too. The infestation of lice is a big headache for parents as well because of the difficulty of eliminating the lice completely. Try some of these home based treatments to cure lice problem. These home remedies for head lice help you find effective ways to get rid of those pests without exposing your child to harsh medications.

How To Get Rid Of Lice And Nits Naturally?

1.Organic Tobacco, Coconut oil

Mix thoroughly 4 gm very fine and smooth powder of dried organic Tobacco and 10 gm Coconut oil. Apply and leave it overnight next morning brush out your hair using nit/flea/lice comb. Then wash your hair as usual with your shampoo and conditioner.

2.Jamba Oil, Coconut oil

Mix well pure Bitter Mustard /Jamba Oil (Tara Mira) with any one of these oils Coconut oil, Mustard oil or Olive oil in same quantity. Coat all of your child's hair with oil, and let it stay on15 minutes. You can cover the hair with a shower cap or plastic bag to avoid the messy residue oil tends to leave. Use a fine tooth comb to remove all the nits and lice. Wash the hair, and rinse it with shampoo. But this remedy must be avoided by those who have sensitive skin as it may cause a burning sensation.

3.Distilled essence of Camphor, Mustard oil

Mix 5 drops of distilled essence of Camphor (Arq Kafoor) in a cup of Coconut or Mustard oil. Apply and leave it overnight next morning brush out your hair using nit/flea/lice comb. Then wash your hair as usual with your shampoo and conditioner.

4.Raw Papaya, Aloe Vera pulp, Neem leaves

Take Aloe Vera pulp, Neem leaves and raw Papaya in same quantity and make a paste now strain through a muslin piece. Apply extracted juice wear a shower cap and sit for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with normal shampoo.

5.Emblica gooseberry, Cobnut, Olive oil

Mix thoroughly 2 gm very fine and smooth powder of dried Emblica gooseberry (Amla) and 2 gm Cobnut (Raitha) powder in 10 Olive oil. Apply and leave it overnight next morning brush out your hair using nit/flea/lice comb. Then wash your hair as usual with your shampoo and conditioner.

6.Tea Oil Camellia, Sulphate powder

Mix 2 gm very fine and smooth powder of Sulphate (Gandahk) powder in 5 gm Tea seed oil (also known as Tea Oil Camellia or oil-seed Camellia) is an edible, pale amber-green fixed oil with a sweet, herbal aroma. It is cold-pressed mainly from the seeds of Camellia sinensis. Apply to scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair to remove the oil as usual with your shampoo and conditioner.

7.Tea tree oil, Olive oil

Mix 2-3 tbsp of tea tree oil in a cup of olive oil. Rub into scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. After shampooing, rinse the hair and scalp with vinegar. This loosens the glue that holds the nits onto the hair shafts. Rinse with hot water - but not so hot it that burns the child. Wait for 10 mins and rinse with hot water. Repeat vinegar rinse twice. Comb your hair using lice or flea comb to remove any remaining nits. You can also use a mixture of Olive Oil a touch of vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil.

8.Olive oil, White vinegar

Apply olive oil on the scalp and wear a shower cap with clip leaving it overnight. Brush out your hair using nit/flea/lice comb. Then wash your hair as usual with your shampoo and conditioner. Next take plain white vinegar and slightly heat the vinegar and apply it all over your hair and wear a shower cap for thirty minutes. Use warm water to remove vinegar. This dissolves the eggs. Repeat the vinegar rinse till needed.

9.Olive oil

Saturate your hair with olive oil and let it stay for about two hours before washing the hair.  Make sure it is fully saturated then put a shower cap on for an hour. Comb through with a nit comb. Rinse and wash as usual. Repeat in one week.

10.Tea tree oil, Shampoo, Conditioner

Mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with your daily shampoo or conditioner and use as usual. Or Use tea tree shampoo and/or conditioner for washing your children’s hair. Rinse and wash as usual. Work through your hair with fine tooth comb to remove eggs and lice. Repeat in one week.

11.Warm Cooking Oil

Warm up cooking oil and apply it to the kids hair let it set for a few minutes. Take lice combs and comb them out. Lice and nits will suffocate and slide off easily. Do this at least once a week.

12.Vinegar, Warm water

Mix 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 warm water in a spray bottle. Wrap the hair in glad wrap for half an hour watch out for the eyes as this can sting. Into the shower, rinse their hair. Add few drops of Tea tree oil in conditioner, comb through the hair with a good quality metal comb before you wash the conditioner out. Blast with a hairdryer to any remaining one should be killed off by the heat. Repeat every couple of days.

13.Tea tree oil, Rosemary, Shampoo

Add the following ingredients to a normal shampoo bottle: 1 tsp of tea tree oil and 1 tsp of rosemary or eucalyptus oil. Please use eucalyptus oil with extra care, making sure your children don’t get it in their mouth or eyes.

14.Olive oil, Neem seed oil

Saturate hair and scalp completely with a mixture of equal parts Olive oil and Neem seed oil. Leave at least an hour, but preferably overnight. Then comb through and wash with shampoo. Wash hair at least every other day with your normal shampoo mixed with a few drops of Neem oil in the palm of your hand.

15.Lemon juice, Baking soda

Mix lemon juice and baking soda. The mixture foams up, but keep stirring and apply to hair. Leave on for a few hours and wash hair. Removal of nits is as important as removing the lice as these nits develop into a number of lice.Nits are extremely easy to remove with this remedy.


Listerine can be helpful in preventing lice infestations. Completely saturate the hair with mouthwash Listerine. Wrap hair in plastic wrap or use shower cap. Leave in hair for at least one hour. Wash hair. Mouthwash kills lice and nits. This is the best remedy for nit’s removal. The nits fall apart when you touch them and are easily combed out with a lice comb.

17.Vinegar with Shampoo

Mix vinegar with shampoo and let them sit for an hour. Comb through a nit comb and find all the lice easily coming off your hair. Now wash your hair with a good head lice conditioner.

18.Dawn dish soap, Olive oil, Conditioner

Mix ½ cup of dawn and ½ cup of olive oil. Lather hair and let it sit for about an hour. Afterwards rinse out the hair and use conditioner just to smooth out hair. The lice will start falling out then use a blow dryer to blow them out of kid’s hair.

19.Alcohol, Bleach, Vinegar

Mix 4 tbs of bleach with 4 tbs of vinegar and 4 tbs of alcohol with water and shake well and spray. This will suffocate and kill all head lice and easy to comb out the nits as well. After combing leave in overnight then wash throughout the scalp next morning.

20.Vinegar, rubbing Alcohol, Baby oil

Mix all together vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and baby oil in same quantity. Put it in kid’s hair. Tie it up and wrap the hair tightly in a shower cap. Let it sit for an hour. Then brush it outside in the sun. All the lice will dead as they come out. This worked very well but u has to repeat it over and over for 2 weeks.

21.Dish liquid, Water

mix about 1/3 cup of dish liquid into about a cup or 2 cup of water (depending on length of  your child’s hair) apply to dry hair lather up really good, let it set for about 30 min rinse and condition it works wonders!

22.Alcohol, Conditioner

Mix 1 part Alcohol to 2 parts Conditioner of your choice. Leave it in for 30 minutes then just wash and rinse. Make sure you wash all hair brushes.

23.Mayo, rubbing Alcohol, Peroxide, Listerine

Take 4 tbs each of mayo, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and Listerine mouthwash. Mix all ingredients well coat hair quickly and cover hair with shower cap. Leave on hair for a couple hours and comb out with nit comb. This work the very first time every bug combs out is DEAD!!

24.Conditioner, Vinegar, Water

Add to spray bottle 1 ounce vinegar 2 cups water and a big squirt of conditioner, spray on dry hair leave in 20 minutes then comb out using a blue long toothed flea comb. Comb in 4 directions; front to back, back to front then right to left and left to right.

25.Mayo, White distilled vinegar, Tea tree oil, Neem oil

Take Mayo, splash of white distilled vinegar, tree tea oil 10 drops, neem oil 10 drops. Mix and apply to hair. Wrap with clear wrap to suffocate the lice. Let it sit for 2 hours. Shampoo out and watch the critters die. Comb thoroughly to get rid of the eggs in small sections at a time. Hair is still greasy so the eggs remove easier. Repeat if necessary. It works!

26.Salt water

For the eggs use salt water and brush it out. Then put kid‘s in the tub and put a lot of conditioner and brush again. Then blow dried hair to burn the eggs.

27.Head lice Shampoo

There are also many chemical head lice treatment products available in the market that can help treat the head lice infection and also in head lice prevention. Use a proper head lice shampoo which can wash off all the lice from the hair. But be sure that the shampoo is not too strong. Else your hair will start losing your hair.

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