Eating like a king in the morning, if you want a slim and sexy lean figure. Muesli snack crunch is one of the best breakfasts for you with excellent health benefits.

Benefits of Muesli Snack Crunch

  • Muesli can aid in weight loss
  • Break down fat in the body and speed metabolism
  • Makes you feel fuller
  • Natural source of Protein, calcium and fibre
  • Helps to reduce risks of cancer
  • Prevent from age related disease
  • Helps to curb high cholesterol
  • Prevent digestive problems
  • Healthy package for the patients in hospital

Muesli Snack Crunch Recipe 


  • 125 gm ----  Dairy free Margarine or Goats’ Butter
  • 125 gm ---- Honey
  • 25 gm ---- Papaya chopped or crystallized Ginger
  • 25 gm ---- Cornflakes or rolled Oats' crushed
  • 175 gm ---- Millet Flakes
  • 150 gm ---- Raisins or chopped Dated


Step 1
Combine the margarine or butter and honey in a large saucepan and cook over a low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture is well blended and smooth.
Step 2
Bake in a preheated oven, 160 C, Gas mark 3, or 35-40 minutes or until golden, stir occasionally.
Step 3
Remove from the oven, add the raisins or dated and mix well. Transfer to a cold ungreased baking sheet to cool. Store it in an airtight container until required.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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