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 Do you want to lose weight without going to the gym? No matter the excuse if you really want to lose or maintain weight there are several healthy ways you can accomplish this at home without going to the gym. Your weight loss program and weight loss diet can go hand in hand without the excess cost of a gym membership. The following are some of the best ways in which you can do so, simply follow these tips at home, while traveling, in a restaurant you'll see results in no time!


1-Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

One study found that breakfast-skippers were 4.5 times more likely to be overweight. When you skip breakfast you are slowing your metabolism. You are telling your body to slow down and not use energy. It thinks it is going to need energy later in the day so it doesn't start working. Even skipping one day of breakfast can slow your metabolism. When you miss breakfast, you don't just set yourself up to overeat at lunch. Eating a healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolic rate and starts your body's furnace for the day. You will be much more alert and ready to take on the day!

2-Every morning make out some light exercises

Every morning do some light workouts in your house. These can be leg lifts, stretching, skipping, sit-ups, crunches, running up, dancing and down the stairs. Anybody can do that if they really wanted to. If you are an early riser withdulge in a 20 minute morning jog this will not only aid in weight loss, but also assist with flexibility of joints and overall wellness.

3-Try keeping yourself engaged by doing some housework

One of the best aerobic workouts is from cleaning house.  Cleaning the house helps lose weight and your household will also look brighter, healthy and feel a great deal easier. Done vigorously enough, cleaning house can cause sweat and gives the core muscles a workout. This tin be performed once or twice per week for forty-five minute periods.

4-Get the most of your TV time

Exercise while watching television to burn calories at home. Jog in place or do situps or pushups while viewing your favorite show. You can even buy a mini set of dumbbells and lift weights while watching TV. Just bouncing up and down in front of the TV set will help burn calories! There are dozens of ways to exercise without having to set apart hours of your precious time.
During a commercial break walk around your house, if you have stairs in your home, Climb up your stairs and walk back down. Jog up your stairs, and jog back down. Now, run up your stairs, and run back down. You should be breaking a sweat. (When sweat starts forming, you have already burned approximately 100 calories.)

5-Take your workout outside

Take regular, brisk walks or jog at least five times a week. Walking and jogging are easy, moderate exercises that burn calories and contribute to weight loss. Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood or in a local park instead of using a treadmill. Visit your local high school, college or sports arenas, which frequently have tracks and allow people to run or walk on them when not in use. Or go swimming at a local pool. Check with your local community colleges, city, or town too: They often offer open swimming times or use of basketball or tennis courts. Visit a mall or shopping center in bad weather for your walks. Ask a friend or relative to join you if you prefer not to walk or run alone.

6-Get up and walk around your office or home

During working hours, take short breaks and walk close to the office. This should happen at least every two hours for 5 minutes. This lively five- min walk every two hours will yield you an extra 20-minute walk from the end of the day without drawing any extra attempts. This will exercise your joints and also fight boredom at work that results in unhealthy binges.

7-Try to occupy yourself so that you don't get bored

When we are bored, we tend to think we are actually hungry. Go out shopping or with friends to the movie theater, bowling, ice-skating, park or anything that is fun that will capture your mind off food.

8-Keep weighing or measuring

The first step is to set how much weight you want to lose in total and divide that total into months and then in weeks, so it could be easier to make changes and to meet your goals. Keep weighing or measuring yourself at the end of each week or month to check for weight loss and see your improvements. Once you see the changes you will be motivated to continue this weight loss programme more regularly. When you show dedication for the first 2 weeks then it becomes a part of your routine.

9-Go to bed at a set time

Don't go to bed too late in the night, but go when you feel it is appropriate. Stop eating at least 2 & ½ hrs before going to bed; you'll see a difference in a week. Instead of eating, during that time, drink water. Water is good for the body and assists in weight loss. The reason is, your body stores fat, and when you're sleeping, your body uses that fat as energy but if you eat before you go to sleep, it uses that food for energy instead of the stored fat. You’ll see a difference in a week. In one week I go from 140lbs to 132lbs.

10-Walk to places instead of always driving or taking the bus!

If you are far away from where you desire to live, then driving/ taking the passenger vehicle is essential. But if you are only going 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes down the road, then just take the air. You might feel lazy to start with, but push yourself.
Instead of ordering groceries over the phone; visit the shops and pick them up yourself. Also, if have to advert to a chore outside your home, ditch the automobile or bike and walk to your finish. This will not merely come to a physical exercise but will help you burn calories as well.
If you live in an area with accessible public transportation, you may be able to utilize it to also remain less sedentary.  Although many stops are very convenient, you will most likely have to walk a bit to your nearest stop and stand to wait, which is more physical activity than driving. Even just a simple ½ mile walk to the bus stop would help you burn an extra 80 calories per day! And get you out of the rush hour traffic...

11-Indulge in one heavy duty cleaning activity every week

Indulge in one heavy duty cleaning activity every week. Wash something thoroughly once a week. Be it the floor, a couple of windows, the shower stall, bathroom tiles or your car... anything that names you don your cleaning gloves and exercise some pressure on your hands and elbows burns nearly four calories for every minute spent on cleanup. This works as a full body workout. A washing session of 30 minutes and you've worked off nearly 120 calories. This will assist you lose weight and sustain a fresh and healthy home too.

12-Dancing is a really fun way to lose weight

Dancing and other types of dance can be good exercises for weight loss. Most people don't need a gym to lose weight. They can dance the weight away. Dancing is a really fun way to lose weight – plus, many gym, recreational centers and studios offer dance classes. Today classes such as Zumba and pole dancing lessons are offered to women to help tone their bodies and burn fat, but the best quality of dancing is that it can be done in the privacy of your own home! When you are alone in the house, put on a good CD, turn it up and get dancing. It's keen that we don't entirely experience to be professional dancers for us to love dancing! Dance like you've never danced before. If done frequently enough a dance session can aid you to lose calories equal to that of a morning jog. Another bonus is that you can listen to your favorite music and move your body to the beats.

13-Start treating yourself today

While restricting yourself is the right room, only one day in a week is good to indulge yourself indelicacies which are otherwise banned. You can throw your favorite food sometimes; you have to permit yourself a few handles in order to avoid mental and psychological pressure of holding fast to a stringent routine forever. You can treat yourself, but the question is "How often?" Don't consume too much junk food on an everyday base. (Think of junk food as treats) You simply consume it when you want to repay yourself for something good. E.g: All week you have exercised hard and finally can put your feet up, Studied for that long exam and finally can now hold a break. Birthday's, Dinner Party, Family meal, etc... You take it today??

14-Shop till you drop at these local favorites

As silly as it may sound, a study has shown that an average woman burns 48,000 calories in a year by just shopping! So what are you waiting for? Go grab your shopping bags now.

15-Do not bother setting aside too much time for practice

Are you one of those who prefer watching your favourite sitcoms while having your meal? Or are you one of those who steal time to watch funny videos, missed sitcom episodes during lunch time. Stop that! Well, this bad habit of having your lunch at your desk has actually resulted in weight gain. According to a study, people who dine in a flashy and noisy setting are less likely to actually savor what they're consuming. Another study shows that people who eat in front of the computer are 'distracted eaters’ and find it difficult to remember what they consume. Thus, they tend to overeat mindlessly. One time you keep out the idiot box you will actually pay attention to what you are consuming and how much you are eating and feel satiated after 1-2 helpings than indulging in mindless eating. And also start up from That Chair if you wish to lose weight, head to the canteen and then indulge in a humble walkway with your fellow workers.

16-Don’t make you a mindless Binger

Don’t try out when eating out. If you are planning a meal with your acquaintances, go through the menu online and see the ingredients in the dish well in advance to avoid unhealthy surprises. Or shopping on your mind? More frequently than not, we tend to save all your energies to pick the correct shirt or the best shade of lipstick, and by the end of the tour you are craving for intellectual sustenance. Hence a good batch that you binge on unhealthy junk food when your mission’s accomplished. The healthy way would be to nibble on a snack or a fruit just before you start shopping. Stick to the plan of healthy eating, and nothing can make you a mindless binger.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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