Cholera is a highly visceral contagious intestinal disease which caused by bacterium Vibrio cholerae that affects the digestive and intestinal system through food and water which in turn leads to diarrhea. A plenty of fluid through violent vomiting or through stools from the body is wasted as a result of cholera within hours. 
Home remedies for cholera provide a typical relief from the symptoms, but remember that these might be considered as first aid only, not as the replacement of medical attention or treatment.  Here are some natural tips that can do wonders.


1-Lime juice, Onion juice

This juice should be given to the patient daily. The limejuice will keep the body well hydrated and also kill the cholera bacilli, which is the root cause of cholera. Onion juice is also beneficial in curing cholera. Mix 25 ml Onion juice and 10 gram Lime juice and after consuming it you will get relief from cholera quickly.

2-Mint juice, Onion juice, Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very popular in reducing the levels of cholera bacilli in the intestines and digestive system. Drinking mint juice on a daily basis will provide relief from the symptoms of cholera, like vomiting and nausea. Onion helps to quench thirst and prevents restlessness. Hence, the patient may feel better.
Mix lemon juice (1tbsp) with half amount of onion juice (1 tsp) and Mint/Peppermint juice (1 tsp) and take every 10-15 minutes.

3-Camphor, Onion juice, Pepper Mint

Mix and stir properly in an air tight bottle pure, fine and natural Camphor 16 grain, Onion juice 100 gram, Peppermint/Menthol 5 gram. It can be given to the patient 5 gram along with some sugar candy when needed the patient will recover in only one day. It is a natural & magical tip to cure cholera completely.

4-Nutmeg, Jaggery, Sugar candy, Honey, Rock salt

Take about 1 liter of boiled water add 4 tsp of sugar candy or honey and ½ tsp of rock salt. Consuming this solution several times a day helps in the replacement of body fluid. After that prepare the powder of Nutmeg and mix with Jaggery to make small pills of 2-3mg. Use these pills one by one after every 30 minutes. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of cholera.

5-Aqueous distillate of Camphor

Mix 5 drops of distilled essence of Camphor (Arq Kafoor) in a cup of boiled and cool water and consumes it twice a day. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of cholera.

6-Lemon juice, Onion juice, Camphor

Mix 10 gram Lemon juice, 10 gram Onion juice and 2 grain Camphor it is a complete dose and 3 doses are given to the patient in one day. It is also very helpful in treatment of cholera fast.

7-Pomegranate, Lemon, Grapes juices

Pomegranate, Grapes juices and Lemon are a must for patients of cholera. They not only treat the bacterial infection in the intestines but also help in quick recovery from diarrhea. Mix extract juices of Pomegranate 20 gram, Lemon 20 gram and Grapes 20 gram and take it twice a day. This is the best natural remedy for cholera.

8-Coconut water, Cucumber juice

Cholera patients always feel thirsty and for this reason it is best to give them coconut water whenever they want water. Mix 1 cup coconut water and 1 cup cucumber juice to relieve excessive thirst and prevent dehydration.

9-Clove water

The best way to deal with cholera naturally would be to have lots of water. It is very important to keep the body hydrated, so make sure that the intake of water is high. However, make sure to sterilize it before consumption. Take three liters water and Add 4 gm of cloves to it. Boil this mixture until only half of it is left. Cool it down and consume it every few hours. Always drink this boiled water and follow this remedy during the rainy season every year.

10-Nutmeg, Coconut water

Steep half a nutmeg in half a liter of hot boiling water and make an infusion. Let it cool; add to this infusion half a liter of coconut water. Administer this 15ml at a time to lessen cholera symptoms. It will be quite beneficial to stop cholera.

11-Lemon juice, Orange juice

Lemon juice and orange juice also act favorably in treating cholera. Drinking this mixture of juices is also effective way to treating the cholera. Consume at least one glass of fresh juice on a daily basis.

12-Black tea

Consuming a cup of Black tea without milk and sugar many times a day is also very beneficial in cholera treatment and it provides immediate relief.

13-Aqueous distillate of Fennel and Mint, Sugar candy

Mix same amount of Aqueous distillate  of Fennel (Arq Saunf) and Mint/Peppermint (Arq Pudina), Sugar candy to taste and drink.  After consuming it you will get relief from cholera quickly.

14-Green Cardamoms, Mint leaves

Boil 5 gram Green Cardamoms and 5 gram Mint leaves in a glass of water and after taking it the cholera will go rapidly.

15-Red Chilies, Honey

Remove seeds from dried Red Chilies and make fine & smooth powder and sieve through the muslin piece then add some honey and make pills in gram size and make dry under shade. Swallow 1 pill thrice a day without water. This is a fastest natural remedy for serious /second stage cholera patient.

16-Opium, Red Chilies, Asafoetida

Opium ½  grain ,seeds of Red Chilies 1 grain, Asafoetida (Heeng) and Gum Acacia (Goon keekar) .Make pills of these ingredients in gram size and make dry under shade and The patient should be given 2 pills at suitable intervals and patient is to be given only these pills for whole day. This is a successful natural treatment for on the point of death patient.

17-Camphor,Opium, Asafoetida, Black Pepper, Calotropis flowers

Make powder of 20 gram Black Peppers, 10 gram Asafoetida, 10 gram Camphor 10 gram Opium (Afeem). Grind on a mortar 150 gram fresh flowers of Calotropis (Aak) and powder of above ingredients then make pills of this mixture in gram size and take 10 to 20 gram along with distilled essence of Mint (Arq Pudina). It is the most effective natural remedy for cholera.

18-Black Cardamom, Mint leaves, Poppy seeds, Nutmeg, Cloves

Grind Black Cardamoms 50 gram, dried Mint leaves 50 gram, Poppy seeds 50 gram, Nutmeg 50 gram, Cloves 50 gram and boil these in 3 litre water until reduced by half then filter it and keep in a new clay pot when it become cool it is given to the patient for many times a day. It will very beneficial in cholera treatment and it provides immediate relief.

19-Black Peppers, Opium, Asafoetida

Make 8 pills of 24 grain Asafoetida 8 grain Black Peppers, 8 grain Opium powder the patient should be given 1 pill after every 1 hour it will cure cholera very rapidly. These pills should be distributed free during cholera outbreak.

20-Garlic, Cumin, Black Pepper, Asafoetida, Ginger, Long peper

Grind each of 20 gm Garlic, Cumin,Rock Salt, pure Sulphur (Gandhak) Black Peppers, dried Ginger, 10 gm Long pepper and 10 gm roasted Asafoetida and soak these in Lemon extract juice for 7 days then make pills in gram size. Doses; for severe patient 3 pills after 15 minutes, for mild patient 3 pills after 1 hour, for minor and young patient 5 pills for a day and for child patient 3 pills for a day. It will cure cholera very rapidly.

21-Asafoetida, Camphor, Catechu powder, Neem shoots, Basil extract

Take 5 gm Asafoetida, 10 gm Camphor, 10 gram Catechu powder and 10 Neem shoots and grind all these in Basil extract to prepare small pills. Cholera patient use these pills one by one in 3-4 times a day in Cholera treatment. This will help to stop diarrhea and cure cholera.

22-Black herbal tea

Black herbal tea is also advantageous to treat cholera. Prepare a black herbal tea by boiling black pepper, mint leaves, basil (tulsi) and ginger, and consume it at least once in a day. It is considered to be one of the good therapies to recover from cholera and diarrhoea.

23-Guava leaves, Basil leaves

Taking decoctions of Guava leaves and Basil leaves are also very useful in treatment of cholera. Boil 10-15 tender Guava leaves or Basil leaves in a glass of water. Strain the decoction, cool it down and drink twice daily to reduce cholera symptoms such as nausea and vomiting

24-Black peppers corns, Onion juice

Onions and fresh black pepper ground together is another easy home remedy for cholera to treat restlessness and thirst. Rub 8 Black pepper corns in 30 gram Onion juice to make a fine paste.  Give two to three doses of this mixture to the patient. It will be quite beneficial to cure cholera.

25-Coriander leaves, Carom seeds, Rock Salt

Rub fresh Coriander leaves 10 gram, Carom seeds 5 gram and Rock Salt 7 gram in a glass of water and have it. This is the most effective natural remedy for cholera.

26-Lemon juice, Ginger, Black Peppers, Mint, Rock salt

Make paste of dried Ginger, Black Peppers, dried Mint leaves, Rock salt, and Black salt each of these10 grams then make pills by adding some Lemon juice in gram size and take 2-3 pills thrice a day. This works very quickly in the treatment of cholera.

27-Rectified Spirit, Red Chills

Mix Red Chills powder without seeds 10 gram and 300 milliliter Rectified Spirit in an air tight glass bottle let it stand for 15 days and stir it daily after 15 days strain and preserve in another air tight dropper bottle. Best natural remedy is ready mix 10 drops in 1 table spoon water; it is to be given after every ½ hour until patient recover. This is a 99% trial treatment of cholera.

28-Mango shoots powder

Boil 25 gm of Mango shoots powder in one glass of water. Boil till the half solution remains behind and filter it. Drink twice a day this warm solution to cure Cholera.

29-Asafoetida, Peppercorns, Camphor

Make a fine powder of 5 gm Asafoetida, 5 gm Peppercorns and 10 gm Camphor. Prepare small pills in gram size and take 3 pills two times daily would help treat cholera.

30-Bitter gourd juice, Onion juice, Lemon juice, Black salt

Add half glass of onion juice to half glass of bitter gourd juice and squeeze one lemon juice and add Black salt to taste and drinks. The taste may not be very favourable, but it may prove to be highly effective for curing cholera.

31-Garlic, Asafoetida, Camphor

Prepare the of 5 gm Garlic powder, 5 gm Asafoetida and 10 gm Camphor and mix with enough amount of lemon extract to make a paste. Use this mixture to cure cholera.

32-Unslaked lime, Aqueous distillate of Mint

Keep some unslaked lime in a bottle of water, allowing it to bubble and then stand for a bit, until the lime gradually fell down the bottom and then decant the WATER and store it in another bottle by adding 50 gram Red chilies (removed seeds) powder .After 24 hours filter it into a muslin piece and preserve it in another bottle. Mix 1 teaspoon Aqueous distillate  of Mint (Arq Pudina) and 1 teaspoon this solution patient should be given this dose after every half an hour. This is a successful treatment for cholera.

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