Jaundice is a common liver disorder. When the liver functions inefficiently and too much bile is allowed into the system, jaundice may occur. It occurs due to an increased level of the yellowish bile pigments, known as bilirubin, in the blood. Bilirubin is a byproduct of the body’s natural process of collapsing down and getting rid of old and damaged red blood cells. The yellow color of skin and the whites of eyes is caused when the levels of bilirubin in the blood increases. It is normally flushed out of the body by the liver, just like many other naturally occurring waste products. When the liver cannot do so for some reason the level of bilirubin in the blood goes up and causes jaundice.


The symptoms of jaundice are extreme weakness, headache, fever, skin itching, nausea, pain around the liver, loss of appetite, severe constipation, yellow discoloration of the tongue, eyes, and urine and the colour of the stool becomes whitish.


The jaundice may be caused by the obstruction of the bile ducts which normally discharges bile salts and pigment into the intestine. Other causes are certain disease affecting the liver as typhoid, malaria, yellow fever and tuberculosis.
Jaundice can be of different types and can be caused by infections, use of certain drugs, or other underlying conditions such as blood disorders, gallstones, hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, pancreatic cancer, etc. The condition is often a sign of a problem with the liver, pancreas, or gallbladder.


There are several home remedies that can help treat jaundice by stimulating liver functioning and increasing the flow of bile in the bile duct. Here we discuss a few natural home remedies to cure jaundice. The goal of these home remedies is to expel toxins from the body and to strengthen the liver so it can function properly. This natural home based treatment gives beneficial result.

1-Pomegranate juice, Sugar candy

Pour pure and fresh ½ liter Pomegranate juice in an iron pot let it stands overnight next morning add Sugar candy powder to taste and drinks it daily for some days. It is highly beneficial in dealing with Jaundice.

2-Gourd, Sugar candy

Bake and soft in heat or oven Gourd now squeeze one glass juice and mix Sugar candy powder to taste and drinks it daily until you recover. It will be quite beneficial for curing Jaundice.

3-Radish leaves juice, Chicory leaves juice

Mix 50 gm fresh and green Radish leaves juice and 50 gm fresh Chicory leaves juice. Bring to a boil let it cool and after filtering drinks on an empty stomach. This is one dose do it for 10 days continually. It is the most effective and natural way to treat Jaundice -without any side effects.

4-Nigella seeds, Chicory seeds

Make a fine powder of Nigella seeds and Chicory seeds (Kasni) in same quantity. Take 3 gm along with a cup of hot milk once a day. This natural remedy is highly effective for treating Jaundice.

5-Babool flowers, Cumin seeds

Soak 6 gm Babool flower, 6 gm Cumin seeds in 250 ml water next morning strain and drink on empty stomach. It will be most beneficial in Jaundice treatment and it provides immediate relief.

6-Sacred fig leaves, Gum berry leaves

Rub 5 Sacred fig (Pipal) leaves and 5 Gum berry / Common Sebestens (Lasura) leaves 2 glasses of water. Add a pinch of rock salt and drinks daily for 15 days.  This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise for Jaundice.

7-Water Lily, Dried Prune, Coriander seeds, Tamarind

Soak each of 50 gm Dried Prune, Coriander seeds, Water Lily flowers and Tamarind pulp in 4 litre water in a clay pot overnight next morning squeeze and filter it and mix Sugar Candy (Mishri) to taste drink 1-2 glasses on an empty stomach and rest of water in whole day at suitable intervals. It is a most effective & magical remedy to cure Jaundice completely.

8-Tamarind, Dried Plum/Prune

Soak 12 gram Tamarind pulp and 5 dried Plums or Prunes in 250 ml water overnight or1 hour. Next morning strain seeds of tamarind and plum or prune and add 2-3 tablespoons sugar and 1pinch salt in it and blend it finely. Make cool it with ice cubes and drink on an empty stomach for 1 week. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatment Jaundice quickly.

9-Nigella seeds oil, Milk

Take one cup of hot milk, add ½ tea spoon of Nigella seeds (kalonji) oil and use this mixture twice a day (one in the morning and once after the dinner). Treatment may continue for a week. Avoid fatty and sour eatable items. This is a 99% trial and natural treatment of Jaundice.

10-Carrot juice, Sugar candy

Mix Sugar candy powder to taste in ½ glass of Carrot juice and drinks it daily for one week.
Aluminum chloride, Roasted Borax, Alum, Crystallized salt petre
Make a fine powder of roasted Borax, Alum (Phitkari), Crystallized salt petre (Kalmi Shora, Aluminum chloride (Noshdar) in same quantity. Take 1 gm along with water twice daily. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for Jaundice.

11-Henna leaves, Nigella seeds oil, Honey

Crush and boil 12 gm Henna leaves in 180 ml. of water for 5-10 minutes and let it cool strain. Drink in the morning.  Alternatively, soak 24 gm Henna leaves (Mehandi) in 360 ml water overnight. In the morning after filtering add 14 Nigella seeds, one teaspoon of honey and1tsp of Nigella seeds (kalonji) oil. Use this mixture once in a day.

12-Heart Leaved Moon Seed, Honey

Crush the 35 gm fresh Heart Leaved Moon Seed, (Gilo/Guluncha/Gurach) and boil in 120 ml of water and reduce it to half strain and add12 gm honey when cool. Take twice daily. This is another instant and effective natural remedy to get rid of Jaundice.

13-Radish juice, Aluminum chloride

Radishes are very good for the liver and hence a good remedy for jaundice. They also act as a powerful detoxifier to purify the blood and help eliminate harmful toxins and waste, including bilirubin, from the body. Both radishes and radish leaves can be used in the treatment of jaundice. Mix 250 mg Aluminum chloride (Noshdar) in 25 ml fresh radish juice. Drink twice a day for about 10 days to ensure a faster recovery. This is a fastest natural remedy to cure Jaundice.

14-Chicory seeds Tea

To prevent a sluggish liver, drink chicory tea throughout the day. Alternatively soak 12 gm Chicory seeds (Kasni) in 120 ml. of water overnight, strain in the morning and take as such in the morning.

15-Puncture pine, Cumin seeds, Plums

Make a fine powder of Cumin seeds and Puncture pine (Gokhru) in same quantity then mix well deseed pulp of Plums and take 2 gm thrice a day daily. Plums detoxify, strengthen, and improve the function of liver. It also purifies the blood, improves appetite, and aids in proper functioning of digestive system. Consume plums everyday or drink the juice.

16-Babool and Water lily flowers,  Rhubarb, Rheum

Boil 6 gm Babool flower, 6 gm Water lily flower and 4 gm Rhubarb, Rheum (Revand Chini) in 250 ml of water for 5-10 minutes and strain. Take twice daily. This works very quickly in the treatment of Jaundice.

17-Chicory seeds, Licorice, Black salt

Make a fine powder Chicory seeds (Kasni) Licorice (Mulethi) and Black salt (Namak siyah) in equal quantity. Take 3 gm along with water twice daily. This effective natural remedy will offer a relief from Jaundice quickly.

18-Babool gum, Cumin seeds

Soak 6 gm Babool gum and 6 gm Cumin seeds (Zeera sufaid) in 120 ml of water over night and strain in the morning. Take as such. This is a successful natural treatment for Jaundice.

19-Worm Wood/Southern Wood, Aluminum chloride

Grind 6 gm Worm Wood/Southern Wood (Afsantin) and 500 mg Aluminum chloride (Noshdar) with 120 ml. of water and keep on fire. When the water gets separated, remove it from fire and strain. Take as such in the morning. This remedy will offer a relief from the disease soon.

20-Fresh Black night shade, Chicory leaves

Extract each of 60 ml juice of Fresh Black night shade (Mako) and Chicory (Kasni) leaves, keep it on fire, when the water gets separated, remove it, strain and take in the morning. It is also very useful in treatment of Jaundice.


Soak 6 g Prickly Chaff-flower (Chirchita) in 120 ml. of water over night next morning strain and take as such in the morning. This treatment will provide relief from Jaundice completely.

22-Carom seeds, Nigella seeds oil

Put one 12 gm of Carom seeds (Ajwan) in water and keep in shade at day time and in the dew drops at night time. Next day filter and mix well 1 tsp of Nigella seeds (kalonji) oil. Take once a day. It is a magical and trial treatment to cure Jaundice completely.

23-Radish Leaves & Stems Juice, Sugar candy

The juice of the fresh leaves and stems of radish is also valuable in curing the disease. You can extract 100 gm/5 oz the juice from fresh green radish leaves and stems and mix 20 gm Sugar candy and drink daily. It helps to regulate abdominal discomfort and also improves appetite. This treatment may be continued for 8 to 10 days.

24-Tomato Juice, Black pepper, Black salt

Tomato is a blood purifier, increases appetite, and cures the yellowing of skin and eyes. Lycopene from tomatoes can help to reduce damage to the liver and even facilitate recovery. Blend fresh and ripe 4-5 medium Tomatoes in blender by adding 500 ml water after filtering add each of one pinches Black pepper and Black salt to taste and drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach. Freshly made tomato juice is preferable over canned, but if you do not have a juice machine, choose low sodium canned tomato juice.

25-Radish Juice, Basil Leaves, Sugar candy

Drinking fresh radish juice everyday in the morning is beneficial for the patient. Radish juice purifies the blood, ensures normal function of stomach and liver, and it also acts as a detoxifier. It also keeps the levels of bilirubin in check. Add 1 teaspoon Basil leaves paste and Sugar candy to a cup of radish juice. Drink this juice twice a day for 15-20 days.

26-Snake Gourd Leaves, Coriander seeds

Steep 15 gram dry leaves of Snake gourd (Chachenda) to 250 ml boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Then boil 1 table spoon Coriander seeds in 500 ml water until it reduces to one third the amount. Combine both decoctions and drink thrice every day.

27-Pigeon Pea Leaves

The juice obtained from pigeon pea leaves (Arhar ke Patte) are known to be helpful in treating jaundice. Extract the juice and drink in 60 ml doses daily. Almonds, Dates, Cardamoms
Soak 7 to 8 almond kernels, 2 dried dates and 3 small cardamoms in water and keep overnight. Peel the almonds and grind all ingredients into a fine paste now add 50 gram sugar candy and 50 gram butter. Mix well and consume once every day.

28-Sugarcane Juice, Lemon Juice

Sugarcane juice helps in normal function of liver, bile secretion, and maintains the required levels of bilirubin in blood. Squeeze half a ½ lemon juice to a glass of sugarcane juice and mix it well. Consume it twice a day so that urine can pass adequately and patient gets nourishment. Or drink a cup of sugarcane juice with ½ teaspoon of basil leaves paste twice a day.
This is a popular remedy for jaundice which is known to quicken recovery. Make sure that the juice is not contaminated in any way. It is better to prepare the juice at home after cleaning the sugarcane thoroughly.

29-Lemon leaves Decoction, Lemon Juice

Lemon juice or a decoction of its leaves helps prevent any liver condition and repairs the damaged cells of it, thereby curing jaundice. Dilute 20 ml lemon juice with 8 ounces of water and drink frequently during the day. This will help in protecting the liver cells. Or boil handful of lemon leaves (around 10) in a cup of water for five minutes. Consume this prepared jaundice remedy for 3-5 days.

30-Lemon Juice, Beet juice

Lemons can help treat jaundice due to their liver-healing properties. Being diuretic in nature, lemons encourage urine production so that harmful waste products, including bilirubin, get eliminated from the body. Plus, they stimulate the liver’s bile production and boost mineral absorption.
Combine 4 oz of lemon juice with an equal amount of beet juice. Drink for several days. The beets alone would have been enough to call this a detox drink. The liver is the crux to your detoxing program, and your liver will definitely be thanking you when it starts filtering out this smoothie.

31-Barley Water, Roasted Barley Powder

Another hugely popular natural jaundice cure is barley water. Barley water is easy to digest, and will provide with necessary nutrition in the condition. It also removes toxins from the liver and blood and purifies them. It aids in proper liver and digestive function.
Make a decoction by boiling a cup of barley in 3 liters of water for three hours, strain and allow it to cool. Drink 4-5 glasses of barley water daily until the symptoms go away. Alternatively, Mix 1 teaspoon roasted barley powder to 1 cup of purified water. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and drink this twice a day until the jaundice subsides.

32-Jaundice berry

This herb is also known as jaundice berry (ambar paras) and is often recommended to those suffering from jaundice. Jaundice berry is a bitter tonic to cure the liver dysfunction. Bark powder of this herb is very useful in the situation take ¼ tea spoon frequently during the day for relief from jaundice. Alternatively, 2-4 ml/1 teaspoon the juice or extract of the herb may be consumed three or four times daily.


Turmeric is high in a compound known as curcumin that helps in the liver detoxification process. Curcumin prevents alcohol and other harmful toxins from damaging the liver. Plus, its medicinal and healing properties ensure faster recovery. In 8 ounces glass of hot water mix ¼ teaspoon of high quality turmeric powder and drink it thrice a day.

34-Papaya Leaves, Honey

Papaya is a good and effective treatment against liver problems, and cancer which can result in jaundice. Papaya leaves, seeds, and bark along with the fruit can be used. Grind some tender papaya leaves into a paste. Combine the paste with ½ tsp of honey and consume.

35-Ginger, Lemon, Mint Juices

Ginger is a natural detoxifier and also protects the liver from different problems and ensures normal and smooth functioning. Make a cocktail of a teaspoon each of lemon and mint juice. To it add half a teaspoon of ginger juice. Add one tablespoon of honey. Consume this mixture three or four times daily for two weeks.

36-Oregano Tea

Add one teaspoon of Oregano to a cup of water and bring to a boil. Simmer for about ten minutes and then strain. Consume this regularly for relieving jaundice symptoms.

37-Neem leaves, Sugar candy

Take some fresh editable Neem leaves. Crush to extract juice. Mix ½ tbs of the juice with 2 tbs of sugar candy powder in a glass of purified water. This liquid taken early in the morning is very helpful.

38-Coriander seeds Tea

Make a tea of coriander seeds. Put 1 teaspoon whole coriander seeds into 2 cups of distilled water and simmer gently in glass or stainless steel pan until reduced by 1/3.  Let it cool and refrigerate. Consume 2 tablespoons at a time three times a day; dilute in fresh hot water for tea or fresh cold water for iced tea.

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