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Natural Home Remedies for Sinus Infection and Pain


Sinusitis refers to the swelling or inflammation of the sinus lining. Sinus passages are present around: forehead, cheeks, eyes and nasal bones. These passages produce mucus which prevents infections. Affecting different parts of the face, the sinus can be classified as frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus.
The function of sinus is to remove dirt particles, pollen, smoke, and other suspended particles. A person started feeling pain when these sinuses are infected leading to swelling and congestion within the spaces. In some cases, this infection spreads to the ears, throat and lungs.


The symptoms may include excessive sneezing, nasal discharge, congestion, low-grade fever, runny nose, headache, pain, pressure around head, eyes and face, bad breath, fatigue, discomfort and lack of appetite.


Sinus infection can have a wide variety of causes including indoor and outdoor airborne allergens, as well as dietary irritants like dairy, gluten, and artificial additives. Sinusitis is often caused due to a common cold, but it could also be due to a bacterial infection, allergies or fungal infection. Generally, when the sinus is blocked by the fluid, it is infected by microbes. Cold, nasal polyps, allergies, deviated septum, etc can cause sinusitis. The condition can be acute, chronic, recurrent and sub acute. It can also occur because of changes in temperature, air pressure and irritants in the air. A cold can put you at risk of sinusitis. Overuse of decongestant nasal sprays, smoking, and swimming and diving may also increase your risk.
Allopathic medicine treats sinus infections with antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory medication, and in some cases, surgery.  Most of these methods have high potential to be more harmful than not.  Here are some natural home remedies, to cure a sinus infection naturally.

25 Home Remedies To Relieve Sinus Pain And Pressure

1-Nigella seeds oil, Raw Honey

Nigella seeds oil has powerful antioxidant, analgesic, antibacterial, antimycotic, anti-fungal, anticonvulsant, angiogenesis antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-tumor, expectorative, hemolytic and immune stimulating properties. You can use the black cumin seeds or its oil for getting relief in case of sinusitis.
Mix one teaspoon Nigella seeds (Kalonji) oil and one teaspoon raw honey. Take this mixture daily in the morning and evening. Before going to bed, put one drop of Nigella seeds oil into each nostril you will get relief from sinus. Avoid cold stuff items.

2-Nigella seeds/Black cumin seeds

Dry roast for 2-3 minutes and tie 1 tablespoon of Nigella seeds/Black cumin seeds (Kalonji) in a thin and clean cotton cloth then place near the nose and inhale the fragrance to get relief. You can also use black cumin seeds oil, mix ½ teaspoon oil in hot water and inhale the steam. This is another instant and effective natural remedy to get rid of Sinus infection.

3-Basil, Ginger, Pepper corns, Sugar candy

Make a concoction with 10 basil (tulsi) leaves, 10 pepper corns, 2 inch peeled ginger piece (all crushed) and 2 cups of water. Boil all the ingredients till it is reduced to one cup. Strain adds 1 tbsp sugar candy powder and drinks it hot twice a day but make it fresh each time. Avoid taking bath or taking food till one hour. Continue these activities for five days and you should get imminent relief. Sinus problem will be eliminated.

4-Sesame oil, Rose petals

Simmer on low flame 100 gm pure Sesame oil then add 100 gm fresh Rose petals in Sesame oil and boil till the petals blacken. Filter the oil and store. Add 3-4 drops in each nostril during the morning and evening till the problem subsides. It is the most effective and natural way to cure Sinus infection without any side effects.

5-Long pepper, Raw Honey

Dry roast a handful of long pepper for 5 minutes let the long pepper cools; grind them to fine powder and store in an airtight jar. Take ¼ teaspoon of the powder and mix with an equal quantity of honey. Eat this mixture three times daily. The powerful healing properties of the long pepper will cure your sinus problem within no time.

6-Ginger powder, Jaggery

A good remedy is to have Ginger and Jaggery pills. All you need to do is mix ginger powder with jaggery and make pills in chickpea size weighing 5 grams (approx.). Have these pills twice a day. It will be quite beneficial for treating sinus infection.

7-Turmeric, Diluted milk, Sugar candy

Turmeric with diluted milk removes the sickness swiftly. Mix sugar candy powder to taste, ½ tsp pure turmeric powder with diluted milk and drink after dinner at bed time. If consumed regularly for 10-15 days sinus infection will cease.

8-Butter milk, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Onion juice

Take a glass of butter milk after adding ½ tsp turmeric, ½ tsp fenugreek powder and 1 tbsp onion juice. It will very beneficial in Sinusitis treatment and it provides immediate relief.

9-Clove oil, Mint leaves, Eucalyptus oil

Boil 1-2 liters of water add a few drops of clove oil or 1 tablespoonful of cloves 10-12 crushed mint leaves, and a few drops of eucalyptus oil or 1/3 cup of eucalyptus leaves. Inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. Continue this twice a day until congestion clears and then once a week to clear the phlegm that gets deposited in the sinuses to reduce the swelling of the sinuses.

10-Neem oil

Drip and inhale strongly 2 drops of Neem oil in both nostrils before dinner. Phlegm will come out from sinus region. An oily snuff should never be swallowed. An oily snuff should be taken so as to flow along the girths of the nostrils and immediately spit out, without retaining it in the mouth for moment as it may aggravate the local kapha.

11-Long pepper, Black pepper, Ginger powder, Raw Honey

Long pepper, black pepper and dry ginger with honey are highly effective for chronic sinusitis. Take each of ¼ teaspoon Ginger, Long Pepper and black pepper powders and mix with 1 teaspoon raw honey.

12-Turmeric, Roasted Rice

Mix ½ tsp turmeric to one fist full hot dry roasted rice and place it in a cloth. Foment the bundled cloth on the sides of nose. You can also be kept on nose and lie down for some time. Problems of blocked nose due to non-entry of air will be eliminated within 5-10 minutes. This natural remedy is highly effective for treating sinus infection.

13-Sesame oil

Wrap red coloured cellophen paper round a transparent glass bottle containing sesame oil and place it on a wooden stool for 15 days. Massage with sesame oil on both sides of nose. Also apply the oil to the chest and back, gently. This oil melts the thickened phlegm in the throat and sinus portions. The oil can be stored and used when needed. Power of this oil does not decrease even if stored for longer periods. This natural remedy is guaranteed to work.

14-Basil, Neem, Stone apple and Leucas leaves

Take each of 12 gm basil leaves, neem leaves, Stone apple/Wood apple (bael)  leaves and Leucas leaves dry the leaves in the shade ,grind into powders ,mix ,filter through a cotton cloth  and store. Take ½ tsp mixture along with 1 tsp honey, 1 hour before meal twice a day. It is highly beneficial in dealing with sinusitis infection.

15-Fenugreek seeds Decoction

Fenugreek (methi) leaves are considered valuable in curing sinusitis. Fenugreek herb, due to its anti-inflammatory properties can give you relief from sinusitis discomforts.  In 4 cups ml of water, boil 1 tablespoonful of Fenugreek seeds and reduce it to half. Strain the liquid and drink 4 cups of this liquid daily. This will help you to perspire, dispel toxicity and reduce the fever period.

16-Cumin seeds, Raw Honey

Dry roast and make a fine powder of 12 gm Cumin seeds then mix 20 gm raw honey and store. Take 1 tsp daily. Cumin seeds as cold in action and light, dry and slightly hot in nature. They can subdue mucus in your body. They not only reduce mucus formation but also cure swelling and thus are a good remedy for sinusitis.

17-Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural prescription for all kinds of ailments. Like garlic, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also has antimicrobial properties that kill to get you rid of sinus infection.  It also helps decrease mucus production in your body to give you relief from chronic sinusitis. The rich potassium content of ACV also helps you get rid of runny nose.
Mix in a cup of warm water 2 tsp. of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of raw honey or stevia to sweeten and drink this concoction three times a day for 5 days. Or add 2-3 teaspoons of ACV to a bowl of hot water. Now inhale the steam.

18-Garlic buds

Crush 4-5 peeled fresh garlic buds and inhale the fragrance. This will reduce sinus infection. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic! When you take antibiotics for your sinus infection, these antibiotics kill the bad bacteria but they also kill the good bacteria in your body. You can protect these good bacteria while still killing the bad ones with raw garlic. If you truly want your garlic cloves to work as antibiotics, you have to have them raw and crushed. When you crush a raw garlic clove, you activate its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal component allicin.

19-Fenugreek seeds, Cumin seeds

Fenugreek and Cumin seed tea water is considered effective in dealing with sinusitis 100 ml of water + 5 gm of Fenugreek seeds and Cumin seed boiled for 5 minutes and taken as tea twice or thrice daily protects from cold, cough and immunes the body from sinusitis.

20-Long pepper, Basil, Ginger, Black pepper

For sinusitis, decoction of flowers of basil, ginger, black pepper and long pepper should be taken 3-4 times a day along with honey. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for sinus infection.

21-Ginger powder, Long pepper, old Jaggery, Rock Salt

Make a fine powder each of 50 gm ginger powder, long pepper, rock salt and 150 gm old jaggery. Mix all the above powders and store. Take ½ tsp powder along with lukewarm water two times a day. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise for sinus infection.

22-Coriander, Mint, Turmeric

Steam inhalation is one of the most effective ways to get rid and prevent sinusitis. Take Steam with boiled water in which fresh coriander, mint and turmeric are mixed. Phlegm gets eliminated.

23-Marshmallow root Basil, Ginger, Mint

Boil 8 cups of water, pour the water into a thermos, and add two leaves of basil, two thin slices of ginger, four leaves of mint, two pieces of clove, and ¼  teaspoon of marshmallow root. Keep drinking this water throughout the day, but make it fresh each morning. It purifies the sinuses of toxins and to allow the toxic waste that has built up to flow out.

24-Long pepper, old Jaggery, Rock Salt

Dry roast 50 gm long pepper for 5 minutes let the long pepper cools; grind it into fine powder now add 50 gm rock salt and 150 gm Old jaggery powders and store. Take ½ tsp powder along with lukewarm water two times a day. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of sinus infection.

25-Lemon, Ginger, Black pepper, Honey

Dry throat and lung irritation from mouth breathing can be alleviated using lemon, ginger, black pepper, honey & salty tea. Sour, salty, and sweet tastes are secretagogues, encouraging fluid secretions. Fluid secretion in the sinuses thins mucus for easy removal and also coats dry membranes.

26-Basil Powder, Basil juice, Raw Honey

Take powder of dried basil and inhale through each nostril. All head problems, cold, sinus etc are removed. Powder can be added as spice to any food item also. Steam inhalation taken five to six times a day with holy basil can be very effective in curing sinusitis. In case of acute sinus pain, steam may be required for seven to ten days and in chronic sinusitis pain it may continue for two years. Similarly Basil juice 5 ml and Honey 2 ml taken regularly removes the sinusitis and improves the immunity.

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