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Someone who increases the amount of their activity levels, but maintains the same diet and calorie intake, will almost certainly lose weight. Increasing your physical activity level will help you boost your calorie burn and lose weight. Every single time you exercise more than usual, you burn calories and fat. There are lots of ways to increase the amount of activity you do. You might choose something a little less adventurous, but finding a hobby that keeps you moving has the benefit of burning extra calories as well as keeping your mind occupied.
Hobbies involving movement that gets your heart beating faster and raises your breathing rate qualify as moderate-intensity activity. Most hobbies not only burn calories, but also help you avoid boredom, one of the most frequent triggers for overeating. If you have a hobby that keeps your hands and mind offs the cookie jar, your waist will likely benefit as well. Losing weight takes a lot of effort to be processed, it would require you to hit the gym almost daily, but if you are not comfortable with the environment and noise a gym has you can try one of these activities that you can turn into a hobby and you will surely enjoy every minute of your work out as you effectively lose weight.



Playing tennis can get you in shape and help you meet weight-loss goals. Tennis also improves flexibility and burns fat. The more you can replace fat with lean muscle, the more efficiently you'll burn calories and lose weight. Because weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit -- eating fewer calories than you burn day in and day out -- tennis can be an effective way to lose weight. Playing singles especially is a high calorie-burning activity, although a good, competitive match of doubles will also help keep you trim. Accompany all that tennis with healthy eating habits for measurable improvements in weight loss. Complement your tennis workouts with well-balanced meals that are low in saturated fats to accelerate weight loss. This is a vigorous sport include as a hobby because it involves a partner, requires practice and regular participation to excel (Play tennis with someone who also wants to lose weight – they will also be focused on playing in a way that helps weight loss), and is more fun and social than just exercising alone.


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or simply clear your head and get out into nature, hiking delivers almost immediate rewards. Hiking is one of those activities that absolutely cannot be overestimated when it comes to weight loss. There are few forms of exercise that will help you lose weight as easily as hiking, and you'll find that it will be one of the best ways for you to get in shape the fun, natural, and easy way! Burning calories isn’t the most important thing when it comes to exercise, but it can still make a significant contribution to a weight loss or maintenance program. Hiking is going to burn a lot more calories per hour than walking does. Judging by the increase in your heart and breathing rates, the uphill portion of hiking is similar, from a calorie-expenditure perspective, to that of a moderately-paced run.


Golfers who play two to three times a week can experience significant weight loss when they combine the game with a healthy diet and other forms of regular exercise. Golf certainly isn't as active as basketball or football, but playing the game, along with a proper diet and nutrition, can help you lose weight and stay fit. Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy weight usually means more consistent performances and better scores, which are what all golfers are after. The numbers are simple: To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. Golf can burn up to 1,500 calories per round, so eating the right diet will speed up the weight-loss process. A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains while avoiding foods high in saturated fat. Limit sugar intake as well as salt intake. The total calorie intake for an average male should not exceed more than 2,500 calories and for the average female should not exceed more than 2,000. Regular golf and a proper diet will lead to weight loss.


Surfing is an energy consuming sport, which in conjunction with a healthy diet should contribute to weight loss. You can burn a great deal of calories while surfing. Surfing is amazing sport that requires endurance, upper and lower body strength and also good flexibility. What’s great about surfing, is that it’s really a total body sport and get’s you toned and in shape. Most surfers are in amazing shape from head to toe! So most definitely if you are embarking on a weight loss program, surfing can do wonders for the entire body. Surfing requires you to have good balance, fast reactions, and to recruit so many more muscles. It is an explosive movement to hop to your feet and then stabilize and react to the wave or other surfers that may be near you. Also, as mentioned earlier, surfing requires total body endurance which equals more calories burned! Surfing has so many wonderful health benefits to keep you fit and keep the weight off. Besides being super fun and probably the most challenging sport you’ll ever try, the long-term results are your reward.
Dancing and other types of dance can be good exercises for weight loss. Most people don't need a gym to lose weight. They can dance the weight away. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers Ballroom and Belly- dancing a moderate-intensity physical activity which can help you stays healthy and lose weight. More active styles of dance, such as salsa, can burn upwards of 400 calories in an hour. In fact, you can burn as many calories dancing as you can walking, swimming or riding a bike. As with any physical activity, however, the weight-loss benefits of dancing depend on several factors — including the frequency and length of your workouts and your exertion level. You can lose 10 pounds just by adding dancing to your life. It will require careful food monitoring, picking your moves carefully, music selection, managing your time, and planning a dance routine. It's important to remember that everyone's body is different, so you might lose weight slightly faster or slightly slower than someone else. Your weight loss will also depend on how much weight you have to lose.


Gardening is the perfect physical activity to enhance your physical and mental health to keep you motivated and on track with your weight loss goals. This simple and aerobic activity can do wonders for your fitness. Gardening can burn around100 to 200 calories per hour.  When digging and raking we activate our arm and core muscles, which we usually don’t use as often as we should. Digging in the dirt has been known to relieve stress, improve your nutritional habits and help you burn excess calories. The National Institute of Health lists gardening for 30 - 45 minutes in its recommended activities for moderate levels of exercise to combat obesity, along with biking 5 miles in 30 minutes and walking 2 miles in the same time.
Here are some gardening activities and how many calories they can help you burn!
  • Weeding - Men: 157 calories, Women: 156 calories
  • Digging Holes - Men: 197 calories, Women: 150 calories
  • Planting - Men: 177 calories, Women: 135 calories

7-Jogging/ Walking

Jogging or Walking is a fantastic form of physical activity that can help with weight loss. Slowly builds up your workout and consistent exercise like jogging will help you build endurance and lose weight. When you have not plan to doing activity far from your home, walking or jogging around in your complex could be the right choice. In addition to burning more calories, walks around the house can also increase your social relationships with neighbors. Or if you spend 30 or even 10 minutes walking with your dog that could be an extra 100 calorie burned with your furry best friend.


Bicycling is ideal for weight loss because it burns a lot of calories. Regular cycling can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness. It's a low-impact type of exercise, so it's easier on your joints than running or other high-impact aerobic activities. But it still helps you get into shape. For example, someone who weighs 80kg (12st 9lb) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour’s riding, and tone their legs and bottom. Riding at a moderate speed (12 – 14 mph) you will burn approximately 235 calories per half hour.
One of the most common places for unwanted fat to reside is at the waist line; cycling help you beat that belly back into shape. Since burning the most calories is the primary objective that means that higher intensities are preferred for weight loss. That does not mean that every time you get on a bike you should determine low and medium intensity workout sessions. Much cycling community appears is a proofed. You can join the community and following any activity schedule. If joining community does not get you interested, cycling by self it the best choice. In addition to increase burning of calories, cycling closely related with increase cardiovascular health of the hearth and blood vessels, as well as a reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

9-Shopping/ Mall Walking

Malls were created to make shopping more convenient, but there's no reason you can't use those long passage ways to get fit and to lose weight, too. Take advantage of this time and walk the whole mall or go to a mall that’s outside with more stores and take in the fresh air. Shopping centers are a friendly, social place to get the exercise you need to lose weight and feel great. You can lose weight with any form of exercise, as long as you exercise away more calories than you take in. The distinction is where you walk, so mall walking is the perfect exercise. Walking in a mall allows you to walk anytime day or night (as long as it's open) without having to worry about safety issues or climate.
According to a study, the average female shopper will walk 2.02 miles while choosing their purchases. If she makes five trips a month, then she will have walked 10.1 miles, or rather 121.2 miles a year. As walking a mile burns off an average of 100 calories, women will work off more than 200 calories on every shopping trip - or 12,120 every year. According to the study, 39 per cent of women believe a serious shopping excursion demands the same sort of physical energy required for a gym workout. "Not only is shopping fun but there is now proof that it really is good for you.”Most women love shopping and you can now get fit and shed the pounds while doing something you really enjoy."


Swimming is great to help you lose weight, burn about 500 calories per hour when you swim, and puts little stress on your body. Swimming works all the major muscles, and will tone you up and slim you down! Swimming is known to be one of the best all round aerobic exercises because it works all the major muscle groups so targets every area of your body. You can lose weight by including swimming as part of the exercise component in a weight loss plan and to achieve your ideal weight. A relaxing form of exercise means weight lost by swimming is fun too!

11-Parkour/Free Running

The art of parkour is a full-body discipline that can help you stay in shape and regulate your body weight. This exercise requires a mastery of technique and enough practice to avoid injury. A parkour workout involves nearly every muscle in your body and covers several problem areas, like your mid-section, arms and thighs. Practice parkour moves in a systematic fashion, starting with beginner versions and then slowly graduating to more advanced techniques. While you build strength and muscle tone, you'll also shed pounds of unwanted fat. Although quite extreme, this exercise is worth trying to lose weight, improve coordination and body flexibility. Try this complete body weight workout three days a week and you'll quickly notice the results.

12-Horse riding

Horseback riding is excellent exercise and along with a sensible diet, it can certainly help with weight loss. Horse riding will surely make you burn 200-600 cal/hour. An hour of horse riding, from grooming to galloping, can burn 216 – 518 calories for a 190lb person (176 – 563 for a 155lb person). Even just a 15 minute ride can burn around 75 calories. Horseback riding a week will definitely make you stay fit. It's great for all over toning and muscle use (legs, arms, shoulders, stomach, back, seat etc) and it also helps you build muscle strength, especially in your inner thighs and legs, arms and stomach – it’s a great ab workout! As you ride, you’ll also find your posture and balance improving along with increased flexibility. If you combine riding with other cardio exercise and a sensible diet you will lose weight. Other than losing weight, horse riding has other benefits as well. Because it’s aerobic exercise, it has cardiovascular, or heart health, benefits. It is great exercise and fun too!

13-Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is great for weight loss and to keep your body in shape. The initial stages of this form of exercise helps to burn the fat from different parts of the body. When most of the fat has been burned and a lot of weight has been lost, it then starts to develop the muscles in the body and shape them. Kickboxing training can help you lose weight in two ways. Kickboxing burns calories like any other exercise. Since weight loss is a matter of burning more calories than you take in, this will help you establish the calorie deficit you need in order to lose weight. Second, kickboxing training builds your muscle mass, it boosts your metabolism and pushes your body to lose weight even faster, making the activity ideal for weight loss.

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