Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria that grows and multiples quickly in moist, warm areas of the body such as the cervix, urethra, mouth or rectum. Gonorrhoea is an inflammatory disease affecting, especially the mucus membrane of the urethra in males and the vagina in females. It is directly contagious, especially through sexual intercourse. Gonorrhea in males is characteristic of thick, creamy, greenish yellow, purulent discharge. Severe, scalding pain is felt when passing urine. In females, symptoms begin with a yellow vaginal discharge, painful urination and often inflammation of the glands close to the vulva.
Unprotected and sex with many is the main cause of gonorrhoea infection. Mostly people hesitate to share there sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or problems. In both men and women if gonorrhea is left untreated, it may spread throughout the body, affecting joints and even heart valves.In men, inflammation of the epididymis; prostate gland and urethral structure can result from untreated gonorrhea. In women, the most common result of untreated gonorrhea is pelvic inflammatory disease, a serious infection of the uterus that can lead to infertility. Gonorrhea is curable. Since there are many serious complications arising from gonorrhea, it is best to seek medical consult once this disease is suspected. However, there are some home remedies and natural cures used for relieving symptoms of this bacterial infection gonorrhea.


1-Turmeric root, Raw Goat milk

Rub 5 gram Turmeric root in 250 ml goat’s raw milk and drink it immediately on an empty stomach for 1 week. Or Take 5 gram pure Turmeric powder along with goat’s buttermilk (Lassi) or goat’s raw milk twice a day.  It is a most effective & magical remedy to cure gonorrhea completely.

2-Almonds, Cardamoms, Coriander , Sandal Wood sawdust

Rub 7 peeled Almonds, 7 Green Cardamoms in 500 ml water and add Sugar Candy (Mishri) to taste and have it thrice a day. You can add 2 ½ gram Coriander seeds powder and 2 ½ gram Sandal Wood sawdust. It is the most effective and natural way to cure gonorrhea without any side effects.

3-Bananas flowers, Potassium Nitrate, Milk

Take 10 gram powder of under shade dried Bananas flowers, 10 gram Crystallized salt petre (Kalmi Shora) and 2 litres water. Put this mixture in a new clay pitcher over night next morning mix 2 litre milk in it. Patient is to be given only this milk (1-1 glass) for whole day. If possible do not take meal on first day and oily, sour food during the treatment. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for gonorrhea.

4-Coriander seeds, Goat milk, Sugar candy

Rub 5 gram Coriander seeds in 250 ml water after filtering it add 250 ml goat’ milk and sugar candy according to taste and consume it twice a day for 3 days. This natural remedy is highly effective for treating gonorrhea.

5-Gooseberry, Sugar Cane juice, Honey

Soak 10 gram Emblica gooseberry in a glass of water overnight next morning strain it and add 30 gram honey and 250 ml fresh Sugar Cane juice and consume it for 4-5 days. Or mix fresh extracted juices of Emblica gooseberry and Sugar Cane in equal amount and drinks in Gonorrhea cure treatment. This is a 99% trial and natural treatment of gonorrhea.

6-Water Lily, Dried Prune, Coriander, Tamarind

Soak 50-50 gm Dried Prune, Coriander seeds, Water Lily flowers and Tamarind pulp in 4 litre water in a clay pot overnight next morning squeeze and filter it and mix Sugar Candy (Mishri) according to taste drink 1-2 glasses on an empty stomach and rest of water in whole day at suitable intervals. This natural remedy is highly effective for treating gonorrhea.

7-Water melon, Potassium Nitrate, Sugar candy

Take a big Water melon (Tarbooz) peel and cut into pieces and put into an air thight glass container. Now add 100 gram Crystallized salt petre  (Kalmi Shora) and 50 gram Sugar candy powder in it.  Place it in moonlight night next morning filters all pulp through a muslin piece and daily drink this mixture in a nonmetallic glass for 7 days. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise for gonorrhea.

8-Boiled Rice Water

The water left after rice is cooked, is effective for gonorrhea treatment. Drink one glass thrice a day.

9-Aloe Vera juice, Milk

Aloe Vera can be used to cure many health ailments. It consists of high portion of natural nutrients and vital substances. Aloe vera's juice mixed with milk and water will cure gonorrhea. Mix well 100% Pure 4 tsp/2 oz Aloe Vera Gel or ½ cup of unprocessed Aloe Vera juice in ½ cup of milk and ½ cup of water. You may add sugar candy powder to get the bitterness out.

10-Jambul tree bark powder

Make dry under shade bark of Jambul tree and make fine powder then sieve through a muslin piece and store in a cotainer and take 1 tsp/5 gram twice a day along with water. OR rub 10 gram fresh peels of Jambul (Jamun) in 250 ml water after filtering have it twice a day. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of (Irritation or injury to the vagina or urethra) gonorrhea.

11-Lady Finger, Sugar candy

Boil 250 gram Lady Finger (Bhindi) in ½ litre water for 5-10 minutes after straining mix 20 gram Sugar candy and have it daily for 10 days. It is highly beneficial in dealing with gonorrhea.

12-Turmeric, Gooseberry, Sugar, Milk

Boil ¼ teaspoon pure Turmeric powder and 3 fresh Emblica gooseberries (Amla) in a glass of milk then add 2 teaspoons Clarified unsalted butter (Desi Ghee) and sugar according to taste and have it. You will get rid of gonorrhea permanently.

13-Melon, Chicory, American cucumber Kernels

Rub 5 gram Melon kernels, 5gram Blue Sailor / Chicory (Kasni) seeds kernels and 5 gram American cucumber (Kakri) kernels in 250 ml water and consume it. After consuming it you will get relief from gonorrhea quickly.

14-Gum berry Tree Young Shoots

Soak Gum berry / Common Sebestens (Lasura) tree buds / young shoots in water as required next morning squeeze and strain it and drink on an empty stomach. This is another instant and effective natural remedy to get rid of gonorrhea.

15-Nigella seeds oil, Honey, Milk

Mix 8 drops of Nigella (Kalonji) seeds oil and 1 teaspoon pure Honey in a glass of hot milk and drink in morning. It will be quite beneficial for controlling gonorrhea.

16-Mango tree leaves Decoction

Taking decoction of Mango (Aam) tree leaves for 40 days is a successful natural treatment of gonorrhea.  OR soak 10 gram bark of Mango tree in a cup of water overnight and have it next morning it will cure very gonorrhea rapidly.

17-Tailed pepper, Baking soda

Make a fine powder of 100 gm Cubeb/Tailed pepper (kabab chini) and mix it with 100 gm Baking soda. Take 1 teaspoon powder along with milk and water mixture (same quantity). This works very quickly in the treatment of gonorrhea and it will also treat all types of gonorrhea.

18-Gulancha tinospora stems, Honey

Soak 12 gm frsh Heart Leaved Moon Seed (Gilo/Guluncha/Gurach) stems overnight. In morning extract juice from soaked Gulancha tinospora stems mix 60 ml honey. Drink this mixture for few days. This will boost your body immunity to treat gonorrhea infection.

19-Babool, Mistletoe Leaves, Curd

Take soft leaves of Babool (Kiker) and Mistletoe (amar/akas beil). Dry these leaves in shade and then make powder. Eat 6 gm powder along with 250 gm Curd in morning on an empty stomach for 15 days. It will be quiet beneficial in gonorrhea treatment and it provides immediate relief.

20-Sisso tree leaves

Extract juice from 25 gm fresh Sisso tree (Shesham Tali) leaves by adding water. Drink it regularly for some time. This will treat for gonorrhea sure.

21-Sacred fig tree leaves, Goat milk

Boil a handful of Sacred fig (peepal) tree leaves in ½ litre water for 10-15 minutes. Filter water and mix some same quantity of goat milk and drink it for 7-10 days. This effective natural remedy will offer a relief from gonorrhea quickly.

22-Dhub /Bermuda grass, Black pepper

Dhub Grass is a wonder grass. Juice of fresh Bermuda grass is an effective natural cure for gonorrhea. It should be picked fresh and prepare juice. Grind doob grass 12 gm with 5 black pepper corns. Add some water and filter it. Drink this for some time this will cure.

23-Guyabano Fruit

Guyabano fruit or sour sop is one of the best known herbal home remedies for gonorrhea. The sour sop or guyabano fruit which belongs to the family of Annonaceae, can be juiced and taken in orally as a natural cure for urethritis. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, B1 and B12 all of which help to curtail the spread of Gonorrhea.


One of the best herbs for gonorrhea cure is mangosteen. Garcinia mangostana or mangosteen is a rare tropical fruit which is found in some Southeast Asian countries. Mangosteen has antibacterial properties such that a decoction of its rind (skin) can be used to treat gonorrhea and to get rid of its symptoms. The recommended way to administer this is to extract the juice and consume it orally as a medicine.

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