There are dozens upon dozens of herbs used as spices that can help you cut belly fat. These natural herbs help to target belly fat by boosting metabolic rate, increasing fatty-acid release from body-fat stores and helping to suppress hunger for cutting calories. Spices and seasonings contribute flavor and flare that make your diet tasty, visually appealing and add aroma to food. These flavor-enhancing herbs also contribute significant nutritional benefits. Best of all, they do this without adding calories, which makes spices and seasonings a great component of a safe and healthy weight-loss program.


1-Basil leaves

Basil is a very effective anti-inflammatory herb with extraordinary healing benefits. Basil optimizing digestion and help you burn more calories. In addition, basil helps kill harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. This herb helps relax and reduce a stress level which in return helps reduce weight. Basil leaves taken with home-made fresh curd help in reducing excess weight and fight laziness by renewing your energy levels and facilitating new blood cells formation. Use both fresh basil and dried basil generously in your foods to maximize its benefits.


Parsley is an herb that has almost no fats at all and if you’re overweight you can take parsley to lose weight. The parsley plant has many medicinal properties, among which are the cleansing properties that can help you lose weight naturally. Those green parsley sprigs that garnish your dinner plate contain fat-burning benefits so find fresh sources of this herb for more lasting benefits. These treats are exceptionally good as it cuts back the absorption of calorie, causing no additional craving and sacrificing no nutrition.


Oregano is one of the common herbs used in Italian food. It belongs to the Mint family, green in color when fresh. Its strong aromatic aroma is maintained even when it is dried. Dried oregano is used to add flavor to food. Oregano is very high on the ORAC scale of measured antioxidant value. Oregano is a phytoestrogen that actually helps control your body’s estrogen hormone (estrogen causes the fat to be stored primarily in buttocks) levels and prevents too much fat in your diet from making its way to the butt. Oil of oregano is a natural substance that is obtained from the leaves of the oregano plant that is a very potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent, rosmarinic acid (also found in rosemary). Oil of oregano is purported to help with digestive health and increase metabolic rate which helps lead to weight loss.


Thyme is an herb with High in flavor, vitamin K, manganese, and iron thyme is delicious, and keeping your food tasty is a key to weight loss. Though it has numerous varieties, common thyme and lemon thyme are used for culinary purposes. The herb is very popular as a cooking ingredient. Water Thyme helps in weight loss by accelerating the burning of body fat and speed up metabolism. Water Thyme is very useful to melt the excess fat from the buttocks, hands and rumen. Thyme is also effective as a soothing stomach aid to relieve gastritis, indigestion and colic.


Rosemary has been used for centuries as a spice and medicinal plant; it has been approved in Germany to treat digestive orders. According to a Research study, rosemary extract was able to inhibit weight gain, possibly because of rosemary extract's ability to inhibit lipase activity. Lipase is an enzyme that the body uses to break down fats. Rosemary extract may make you feel fuller by delaying the digestion of fats. You are also allowed unlimited tea, coffee, water and diet drinks. Rosemary is a fragrant herb that adds plenty of flavor and disease-fighting antioxidants to foods, Using rosemary in cooking adds flavor and helps decrease the need for calorie- and sodium-containing ingredients like fat and salt. Foods with more flavors may even help you eat less because the food was more satisfying.


Coriander has been found to work wonders for obese and diabetic people. It helps in the reduction of fats and thus aids weight loss. When eaten fresh and raw, coriander tremendously reduces sugar level and Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL). However, they can easily be used with any kind of food. Chopped cilantro leaves give fresh flavor to any kind of salads, sandwiches and other hot and cold food.


Dill (Soa) herb may be added to food as a spice. Dill seeds work well as an appetizer and is therefore commonly used in cooking. Dill does not contain any cholesterol and is low in calories. It is a good addition to weight loss diets because it contains vitamins and dietary fibers which further help to bring down the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Add dill to your favorite egg salad recipe and use as a garnish for sandwiches. Add this herb to veggies (especially cabbage), fish, soups and stews. 

8-Peppermint / Mint

Peppermint tea aids digestion. A study found that even smell of peppermint (Podina) can help to decrease appetite. This delicious herb is a natural appetite suppressant. Eating raw mint leaves or adding them to your diet helps you losing belly fat as it helps you be fuller for longer. Take mint at least twice a day to get better results. There are diverse ways of taking mint you can take peppermint as salad mix or add it to your favorite dessert to keep from eating too much of it or it works great with tea.


Tarragon herb or Dragon wort is a very popular culinary herb used as flavoring agent. This aromatic perennial growing plant is rich in phytonutrients that function as antioxidant as well as co-factors in metabolism that help promote weight loss and prevent diseases. Scientific studies suggest that poly-phenolic compounds in this herb help lower blood-glucose levels. Today, the medicinal benefits of tarragon can easily become a part of any diet whether it is in the form of pills, powders, teas, used as a seasoning especially good with seafood and poultry or consumed raw.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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