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Indigestion also known as dyspepsia happens when the digestive juices in the stomach are not secreted properly. Common causes of indigestion are overeating, eating too quickly, eating fatty, greasy or spicy foods, or, consuming too much caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, or carbonated beverages. Some of the symptoms of indigestion are bloating, formation of gas, burning sensation in the abdomen area, bloody stools or black tarry stools, change in appetite heartburn, peptic ulcers, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss .when you suffering from indigestion there is no need to start looking for a doctor. You can easily get rid of indigestion symptoms from natural ingredients. These natural remedies are safe and have no side effects. Here are some best natural tips for digestion.


  1. Boil ½ cup water add 3 teaspoons Black Salt (Kala Namak) and take it twice a day .Best natural remedy for indigestion.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon Clove (Long) powder and 1 teaspoon Baking powder in 200 ml boiled water. Best tip for an upset stomach.
  3. Make powder after roasting slightly equal quantity of Aniseed/Fennel (Sounf), Cumin seeds (Zeera), Green Cardamom seeds (Elaichi) eat 1 teaspoon after every meal. Best natural treatment for dyspepsia.
  4. Grind properly 1 gram Aniseed/Fennel (Sounf),1 gram Green Cardamom seeds (Elaichi),1 gram White Turmeric (Nar Kachoor)in 250 ml water after straining take it twice a day .Best natural cure for indigestion.
  5. Soak 20 gram Carom seeds (Ajwain) 20 gram Black Salt (Kala Namak) in Vinegar/Lemon juice for 24 hours then make paste and make pills like grams size. Taking 2 pills after meal twice a day is very useful for digestive disorders
  6. Make warm 4 Lemons and squeeze their juices add 1 teaspoon salt in a glass bottle and stir it properly .Having 1 teaspoon after meal very effective for an upset stomach.
  7. Make powder of Black Peppers, Black Salt, Mint, Dried Ginger, Papaya, Salt, and Calotropis (Akh phool). Mix a little Lemon juice and make a paste then make pills like grams size then make dry in Sunlight and take 1 pill. Best natural treatment for symptoms of indigestion.
  8. Keep5 k.g Grewia asiatica (Phalsa or Falsa) 50 gram salt and 250 ml water in a clay/glass pot and cover it with a cotton piece.After 5 days mash it with a masher and remove the seeds then add 1 & a half kg sugar and cook it for 10 minutes.When it become cold fill in air tight bottles.This is the most effective Syrup for all digestive problems.
  9. Make jam (Chutney) of Garlic (Lehson) adding some sugar and Lemon juice according to taste. It is very useful for indigestion. 


  1. Make  fine powder of 125 gram  Aniseed/Fennel (Sounf) ,125 gram Carom seeds, (Ajwain) , 40 gram Black Peppers (Kali Mirch),40 gram Black Salt (Kala Namak),40 gram Crystallised (Qalmi Shora) 40 gram Ammonium Chloride(Noshadar) 125 gram Salt preserve in an air tight glass vessel. Take ½ teaspoon after dinner along with lukewarm water. This is the best and most effective remedy for all indigestion disorders.
  2. Make fine powder of 100 gram Aniseed/Fennel (Sounf), 100 gram Chebulic Myrobolan (Hareer) 50 gram dried Ginger (Sonth) 50 gram Cumin seeds (Zeera) 100 gram Black Salt preserve it in an air tight glass vessel and have it 1/2 teaspoon.
  3. Soak 5o gram Carom seeds (Ajwain), 50 gram dried Ginger (Sonth) in extracted juice of Ginger (Adrak) and salt according to taste let it stand to dry under shade. Make fine powder and take ½ teaspoon along with water twice a day.
  4. Grind separately 10 gram Clove (Long), 10 gram dried Ginger (Sonth), 10 gram Green Cardamom seeds (Elaichi), and salt according to taste mix and preserve it in an air tight glass vessel. Have it 1 teaspoon after every meal.
  5. Make fine powder of Lemon essence 10 gram, Carom seeds (Ajwain) essence 2 tea spoons, Peppermint crystals(Menthol) 3 teaspoons, Black Salt 20 gram and store it in a glass vessel. Have 1/2 teas after meal .
  6. Make a fine powder of  50 gm Nigella seeds (Kalonji) 25 gm Black Salt (Kala Namak) 50 Aniseeds / Fennel (Sounf0 50 gm dried Mint (Podina) leaves and 50 gm dried seeds of sour Pomegranate (Anar dana) and store it in a glass vessel. Have 3 gm after every meal.


  1. Eat 2 teaspoons Clove (long) powder twice a day.
  2. Eat 3 teaspoons Green Cardamom seeds (Elaichi) twice a day.
  3. Eat 5 teaspoons Dried Ginger (Sonth) twice a day.
  4. Eat 7 teaspoons Cinnamons (Dar Cheeni) powder twice a day.
  5. Eat 3 teaspoons Black & White peppers (Kali, Sufaid Mirch) powder twice a day.
  6. Eat 4 teaspoons Betel root (Paan ki jar) twice a day.
  7. Eat 3 teaspoons Saffron (Zafran) twice a day.
  8. Eat 1 piece of Chebulic Myrobolan (Hareer) murabba.
  9. Eat 3 pinch Lemon essence (Sat).
  10. Take 70 gram Lemon extracted juice 3 times a day.
  11. Take 1 gram sour Pomegranate essence (Anar Sat).
  12. Eat 2o Grapes (Angoor)4 times a day.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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