Natural Home Remedies To Remove Freckles

Freckles are round, flat, dark brown or black spots caused by the presence of more melanin than in surrounding areas. Freckles can appear all over the body but mostly they are found in areas exposed to UV rays of sunlight. Freckles are sensitive to the UV rays of sunlight and hence appear more prominent during or after exposure to sunlight. Both men and women can have freckles but fair or light skinned people are more prone to get freckles on their areas exposed to sunlight. 
Nose and cheeks, and forehead are most affected areas of the face where you will find lots of freckles but Freckles also occur in other parts of the body, especially those exposed to sun such as the arms and shoulders. Prolonged exposure to UV sunlight, hormonal imbalance, heredity and disorder like xeroderma pigmentosum are some common causes of freckles. However here we have some best natural remedies to remove Freckles.

How To Get Rid of Freckles Naturally?

1. Lemon, Sugar

Lemon is a natural skin bleaching agent and has been shown excellent results in lightening dark spots. Sugar acts as natural scrub and gently remove the dark pigmented cells and promote the growth of new cells. Mix some sugar in the juice of one lemon and then apply this mixture on to the affected area with the help of a brush. Gently scrub for 3-5 minutes, leave this on at least for 15 minutes and then wash the skin with fresh water. For best results repeat this 2-3 times per week. (While applying this mixture don't go out in sun because lemon increase the skin sensitivity to UV rays.)

2. Lemon, Yogurt

Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and mix with equal amount of yogurt. Apply this mixture on affected areas at least for 20 minutes. Daily application will give you an amazing result within few days.

3. Lemon, Honey

Take equal amounts of lemon juice and little warm honey and apply this mixture on your freckles at least for 20 minutes. Finally wash off with lukewarm water.

4. Buttermilk, Oatmeal

Buttermilk and Oatmeal both the natural ingredients are very helpful in getting rid of ugly freckles. You can make a thick paste of powdered oatmeal and buttermilk. Apply this paste on the affected area, massage for few few minutes and then leave for 20-30 minutes and then finally wash it off with cool and fresh water.

5. Papaya

Papaya juice is considered very effective to get rid of freckles. Papain is a kind of enzyme present in papaya that can help to lighten freckles. Take fresh papaya juice and apply it directly on the freckles with the help of a clean cotton ball and gently massage the area at least for 3-5 minutes. Leave this on for 15 minutes and finally wash off with fresh water.

6. Strawberry

Rub freshly crushed strawberry on your face. Leave the juice and the fruit pulp on your face to dry. Then rinse with cold water. Regular application will help a lot in getting rid of freckles.

7. Radish, Lime juice

Just like lime radish is also a good natural bleaching agents and helps a lot to lighten dark spots. Take equal amounts of radish and lime juice and apply this mixture all over your face and massage in circular motions. Leave this for about 20 minutes and finally wash off. This mixture not only help in getting rid of freckles but also helps a lot in removing blackheads.

8. Mint Leaves, Banana

A mixture of mint leaves and banana is considered very effective to cure freckles. Take a few mint leaves and grind them to a paste. Add to this one mashed banana and blend in a blender. Apply this paste all over the face but be careful and don't let it go into eyes. Leave the mixture on your face at least for 20 minutes and then wash off with fresh water.

9. Sour Cream

Sour cream is also considered very effective to fade the freckles. Lactic acid in the sour cream peels the skin without any irritation. Apply a small amount of sour cream to your freckles and leave at least for 20 minutes and then rinse off simply with fresh water but don't use any soap. For best results repeat this application daily before going to bed.

10. Red Onion

Take a fresh slice of red onion and massage of the affected areas at least for 15 minutes. Alternatively mix 1 teaspoon of red onion juice with 1 teaspoon of apple cider or white vinegar. Massage this mixture on affected areas at least for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture for about 15 minutes and then wash off. Regular application will give your spotless skin even within few days.

Some Precautions to Prevent Freckles

  1. Before going out in sun, always use sun block or sunscreen containing SPF 30.
  2. Avoid going out during peak sun hours, between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun is most intense wherever you live.
  3. Whenever you go out, wear a hat to keep the sun from directly hitting your face.
  4. Sometimes side effects of some medications also increase sensitivity to UV rays. Check out your medications since some things you apply to your skin or take internally may cause skin sensitivity such as antibiotics, birth control pills and some topical products that cause sun sensitivity including alpha hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide.
  5. If you don't get the desired results by following above remedies then you must consult your problem with dermatologist.

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Natural Fitness Tips

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