How to get six pack abs? That's probably the single biggest question many of us have when it comes to losing body fat. Many of us have probably done countless ab exercises in order to get flat abs but see very little success.
That’s because, when it comes to building strong—dare we say, sexy—cores, the amount of time you spend in the gym isn’t the determining factor—following the right strategies is.
So whether you’re a gym newbie, or just have never had success scoring a six-pack with your past gym attempts, here’s everything you need to know to get the abs every guy wants.
With that in mind, what's the real answer to getting flat abs? It helps to know just what your body is capable of and how much control you really have over losing body fat.
I love doing abdominal exercises because it gives my stomach a nice and toned shape and it helps me keep my abs chiseled and tight!
While this is a big challenge, I've summarized the most important abs-sculpting tips here, that might get you there faster — four things you should do and four things you shouldn’t do for your abs workout.


1. Stress Where It’s Needed

Instead of stressing on the abdominal muscles, people usually put the stress on their neck and heads. Put your hands behind your head, but with the fingertips lightly touching the head, not clasping the head or neck. Be careful to use your abdominal muscles rather than your back, leg or neck muscles.

2. Don’t Expect The Unexpected

As much as you hate to believe it, you won’t lose belly fat simply by abs workouts. Doing crunches will help develop that six pack abs look, but not without losing the fat surrounding the muscle. The fat surrounding the muscle will only completely disappear if you mix it up with cardio and proper nutritional plan.

3. Don’t Go All The Way

You don’t need to go all the way up when doing crunches as it might strain your back. Go slow and go only half way up. Abdominal exercises should be done in a steady, gradual manner with slow and controlled movements that are never jerky.

4. Don’t Hold Your Breath

You need the oxygen to circulate through the blood and go to the muscle, breathing out when going up and belly in. Exhale as you sit up. Inhale as you lie down. Your breathing technique while doing crunches is vital. If you are holding your breath, you could get cramps or get tired very easily which is a huge “no-no” if you ask me.


1. Watch What You Eat

As I said, if you want results, just crunches and other abs exercises won’t help, you need to watch what you eat as well. But don’t go on an extreme all-protein or no-carbohydrates diet plans. Find a way to eat healthily and to stay satisfied that you’re comfortable with – listen to your body. This could mean lowering your intake of processed foods and sugars and increasing your proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Find a balance that works.

2. Mix It Up

If you find your crunches aren’t challenging enough lately, change it up. Add a yoga ball behind your lower back, and try doing crunches that way. Work on your core strength by doing planks. This way, your muscles get used to and adapt to the same workouts and can strengthen more efficiently.

3. Consistency Is Key

Going to the gym or a fitness class once a week isn’t likely to get you the results you want. Instead, hit the gym at least three to four times a week. And remember that including both cardio and strength training each week will be the most efficient for weight loss and ab training.

4. Leave It For Last

Because your abs support core strength, which helps prevent injury during workouts, leave this portion of your workout for the end. If you ab-train at the beginning or middle of your workout routine, chances are your ab muscles will be too fatigued to protect your back from injury while training your other muscle groups.
Saying all that, getting flat and chiseled abs isn’t impossible at all. Infact, if you know the right formula, the proper exercises, stretch routines, nutrition and supplement plans, then, you can get your desired results in no time! So let’s get to it!

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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