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It seems counter intuitive, get rid of fat with fat but it works. Good fats help you to reduce belly fat and shed pounds. Avoiding fat will cause your body to pile on pounds and weaken your myelin sheath. In the past, people who avoided all fats also developed Lupus. So be sure to get a healthy amount of good fat every day which includes a serving of these foods with each meal. Doing this will naturally cause your metabolism to balance.
Monounsaturated fats are omega-9 fatty acids that stimulate the body to burn belly fat and are recommended by the American Heart Association. The association recommends people replace Trans and saturated fats with MUFAs. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for both heart and brain health and aid in regulating blood sugar, a major factor in waist thickening. Omega-3 fatty acids mitigate the damage and pro-inflammatory effects of Omega-6 fatty acids
If you were using oil to grease the skids for losing belly fat, your top picks would be omega-3 oils. Add monounsaturated fatty acids to your diet. According to the Diabetes Care Journal, diets including these healthy fats can prevent belly weight gain. Olive oil, flaxseed, nuts, seeds, olives, sunflower, safflower and canola oils are all rich.
Vitamin F consists of a group of polyunsaturated fats called Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), they are also referred to as polyunsaturates. Essentially, there are two main types of EFAs: omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids.
The human body cannot produce its own EFAs, they must be obtained through the diet means regularly to ensure good health. To ensure that you’re getting enough omega-3 and omega-6, take daily supplements in the form of fish oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, primrose oil, blackcurrant oil, or borage oil.
Omega 3 fatty acids are nature’s miracle aid for weight loss.  Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation has been shown to be effective for promoting not only weight loss but also fat loss and belly fat loss in various trials.
Oil supplementation as a way of fighting fat may seem absurd, but it is in the essential fatty acids that lie their awesome potential. Taking oil supplements for weight loss is an excellent way to lose your extra pounds. These oils will not only acts as weight loss supplement but also helps to gain overall health benefits like improving your brain, heart and joints. These contain the following benefits that particularly aid for weight loss.

6 Best Supplement Oils That Burn Belly Fat

1-Evening primrose Oil

Much like Apple Cider Vinegar, evening Primrose Oil can aid stimulate our metabolism and intent our physique to burn extra calories. As a consequence, an easy remedy to promote weight reduction is to take a capsule of evening Primrose Oil once per day followed through a daily 20-minute cardiovascular undertaking activities.
Evening primrose oil contains a high amount of the active ingredient GLA, or gamma linolenic acid. GLA helps your body hold directly to protein, slows the absorption of carbohydrates to stability blood sugar ranges and consists of fat soluble vitamins through the bloodstream. Good fats are fulfilling, save you overeating and assist convey a cease to fat cravings as nicely. GLA is also found generously in borage seed oil and black currant seed oil, which contains GLA (omega-6s) as well as omega-3s, supplying a completely unique combination.
Stress lack of sleep and poor eating habits trigger cortisol production bringing on the body to store more fat than required more often than not in the abdominal area. It can be a vicious cycle if not brought under control. If you believe you are prone to stomach fat, assess your lifestyle and think about healthy habit changes in addition to GLA supplementation.
Women, specifically, feel advantages of utilizing GLA oils in light of the fact that they help ease premenstrual and menopause symptoms. GLA prevents weight gain in individuals who've lost weight plus GLA is also an appetite suppressant since it raises the levels of serotonin (serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel full and eat less).
GLA increases your metabolism by using making the "Brown fat" on your body burn calories to hold your body warm. Brown fat (or Brown Adipose tissue or BAT) is not the same as the ugly "white fat" that accumulates to your arms, abdomen, thighs and other problem areas. While regulating fat metabolism, It also regulates water retention and sodium balance.
Brown fat's main function is to burn fat calories for energy to hold your body warm but generally brown fat is not as active in overweight people and that's why you need GLA so you can "activate" Brown fat so it will let you burn off  the ugly "white fat". People lost between 9-11 pounds in 6 weeks even as taking GLA.
Activating brown fat, which are specialized fat cells, is the feature of Evening Primrose oil. Brown fat cells make up 10 percent of the body's fat and are responsible for burning calories. The highly GLA-concentrated oil of the plant seed speeds up brown fat, which already has the functionality to burn 25 percent of the calories people consume.

2-Black Seed Oil

Nigella seeds are a well known remedy for weight loss. Kalonji or Nigella Sativa is known to have a number of health benefits and one of them is weight loss. Nigella seeds have been in the news lately due to being advertised as weight-loss miracle oil.
Black seed oil is the oil obtained from black seeds. These are tiny, incredibly black colored seeds which are commonly called "black cumin". That is why; black seed oil is also called black cumin seed oil.  In terms of nutrition, black seed oil is different from other common oils, like coconut oil, olive oil and even from essential oils. That may be the reason behind its astounding versatility as medicinal oil.

The health benefits of Kalonji oil are unlimited. Kalonji oil has been used as miracle cure for a number of diseases and disorders. The black seeds oil is unparallel in its efficiency to cure health ailments. Nigella sativa oil is unique and has the ability to cure many health ailments.

The main active ingredient in black seed oil is crystalline nigellone. The seed oil also contains beta sitosterol, thymoquinone, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. That black cumin is nothing short of a miracle all-healing remedy.
When taken internally, black seed oil has been known to aid digestion and reduce internal gas. It has also been used as a stimulant. It does have anti-inflammation properties and will increase your metabolism and even has some anorexia properties.  While the seed does help diabetes and people with high cholesterol levels.

What Makes it Great for Losing Belly Fat?

According to a study published in the Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine[1], nigella seeds help reduce central fat (or fat around the belly). The study also showed that the men who were given these seeds as a type of weight loss treatment, lost belly fat within a week, showed a significant drop in total weight, blood pressure (systolic) and their waist circumference. And all of this without any side effects. They believe that the reason the seeds worked wonders is due to its high fibre content and presence of nigellone.
Black seed's purported weight loss benefits are derived from its possible blood-sugar lowering effects. The theory behind keeping your blood sugar balanced is that it can help you lose weight and improve your health, note the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Substances that help keep your blood-sugar levels steady also help you control your appetite because they reduce your carbohydrate cravings, says Shawn Talbott, author of "The Cortisol Connection Diet." Controlling your cravings can translate to weight loss of two to four pounds per month without you making conscious alterations to your diet, Talbott notes.

Many people ask the question, “What is more effective – seed or oil”? The answer to this question is: “Both are effective, but oil is more concentrated“. But still, many people prefer to take black seed (due to the high cost of oil, etc.). When buying black cumin seed oil, make sure that the label is marked as 100%, cold-pressed, solvent free, and that it has the factory packaging.
You'll find black seed for weight loss available in extract, pill or tea form. However, some proponents believe its most effective form is the oil extract. A typical dose of the oil extract is ½ teaspoon daily.

How To Use Nigella seeds Oil

Kalonji seeds Oil Side Effects

Kalonji oil contains Glucoside, which is toxic in nature. Therefore, the use of Kalonji oil in large quantity should be avoided. It is also undesirable to use black seeds oil for a longer period of time.

3-Fish Oil

If you are prone to excess belly fat, you may need to increase your fish oil consumption. Fish oils contain a fatty acid known as omega-3 which cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be taken in through food.
Omega-3 also helps increase overall fat loss, even though no supplement specifically targets the belly. Omega 3 acids help in breaking down fats at the same time as diminishing fat stockpiling around your waistline. This oil doesn’t develop into any fat in the body alternatively this fat from fish might be utilized by the body to build the outside lipid (fats) layer that protects your cells.
Fish oil dietary supplements increases insulin sensitivity and continues the cells of the body sensitive to insulin that acts as a key to shed pounds and stay healthful. This process makes the cells greater sensitivity to insulin and much less probable to eat the food that saved as fat. This allows limiting the threat that the food which you consume is not saved as fats within the body.
Using this fish oil along with perfect balanced healthy diet and regular exercises will accelerate the procedure of weight loss or reduces belly obesity in few days.
Those who take 1.5 gms of this fish oil per day will experience a superb reduction within the belly fats and improves the insulin health that indicates the supplementation should be based on individual needs to pad omega – 3 intake from the diet.
It reduces the stomach fat that’s a prime contributor to metabolic diseases and in the end ends in weight reduction. This omega – three fatty acids are taken into consideration as low calorie diet to reduce the weight and revel/enjoy in many other health and fitness benefits.
Keep in mind that consuming excessive amount of fish oil or its supplement will lead to potential increase of your calorie intake and finally result in unwanted weight gain. So take the correct amount of fish oil and hence a teaspoon of fish oil is much more likely to satisfy the each day omega – 3 fatty acid requirements.
Or Take a fish oil pills or capsules which can be in soft gels and take this directly to get relief from the overweight problem. Taking this regular within the proper dosage will definitely helps you to lose weight and look smart and slim.
Make sure to consult your medical doctor previous the usage of this fish oil supplement as a weight loss aid. You can additionally get lots of health benefits beyond weight reduction from this supplement.

Expectations While Using Fish Oil for Weight Loss:

Research says that taking 2 – 3 grams of this fish oil ordinary will assist to lose approximately 2 pounds per month, gradually it provides up overtime to lose more weight while taken often.
Understand that it doesn’t require any more efforts and it is cost effective to shed pounds. This also helps you to keep away from the processed and junk foods, sugar & its substitutes and acting a demonstrated and effective for weight loss workout, 3 – 5 days per week will enables to shed pounds even quicker.

4-Flaxseed Oil

Flax seeds top the list of foods that target belly fat. These shiny, nutty-tasting seeds pack secret weight loss weapons: compounds called omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid---almost eight grams per tablespoon.  Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 acids which target tummy fat effectively.
Flaxseed oil is a common vegetarian alternative to fish oil, and those omega-3s are crucial to brain and tissue health. Similarly the omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil can help make digestion more efficient, preventing insulin spikes that cause fat storage in abdomen area.
Both flaxseed oil and ground flaxseed can assist with weight reduction in ways that a great many people wouldn't expect and it has nothing to do with dieting. Flaxseed oil can assist suppress appetite, improve metabolism, adjust blood sugar and insulin, enhance digestion and increase thermogenic fat burning.
Taking flaxseed oil frequently is thought to improve metabolism and increase thermogenesis (fat-burning). Thermogenesis is an extremely useful process for weight loss in which specialized brown fat cells increase their fat-burning capacities. Incidentally, one of the best ways to stimulate thermogenesis is by consuming more essential fat, like those observed in flax.
Consuming ground flaxseed in a meal or taking flax oil when you eat generally increases satiety – that feeling of satisfied fullness after eating. But its benefits for weight loss don’t stop there.  Flaxseed oil and mainly the ground meal sluggish down the digestion of a meal leading to a gentler rise in blood sugar and consequently insulin.
Insulin is the hormone responsible for, among many other things, fat stockpiling. When we've a high carb meal without a fiber or essential fatty acids to sluggish down its digestion, our blood sugar can spike dramatically drastically.
This stimulates fat-storing insulin to correct the blood sugar rise. Now not most effective do you feel tired and lethargic as insulin is going to work, it's also changing the extra carbohydrates in a heavy meal to triglycerides and shuttling them away to the fatty adipose tissue around your hips, waist and belly.
The benefits of flaxseed oil are such that they put it in the Super Food category.   It has been called “sunshine in a bottle” because biochemically it provides energy for the body much as the sun does.
You should know that flaxseed oil comes in two forms: bottled oil or capsules - you can find them both at any health food store.
Forget about the flaxseed oil capsules - the oil content is much more processed, plus they are more expensive as well. Flaxseed oil capsules are not practical either: you'd have to swallow about 12 large capsules to equal just one tablespoon of oil. It's totally insane. The recommended dosage of flaxseed oil for weight loss or maintenance is 1-2 tsp per day divided between each meal.
Flaxseed oil turns rancid within six weeks of purchase, so opt for buying smaller containers that have been properly sealed and refrigerated. Never use flaxseed oil for cooking because this delicate healing natural oil gets oxidized and completely destroyed as soon as you heat it, becoming harmful for your health. This is a heart-friendly and smart choice in salads, dressings, vinaigrettes and other cold dishes. Drizzle it on top of salads or use it instead of olive oil or mayo when whipping up pestos, tuna salads and sauces.

5-Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can really help lose belly fat naturally! Coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides. MCTs will increase your metabolism, your body is more likely to use MCTs for energy instead of storing it as fat and MCTs help curb your appetite. Medium-chain triglycerides, such as those found in coconut oil, may be even better for weight loss than long-chain triglycerides, including those found in olive oil.
Coconut oil is also a thermogenic and blazes fats. This enhances your energy, increases your body temperature, and stimulates your thyroid gland -- the gland that controls your body’s metabolism. Coconut oil increases nutrient absorption, which in turn leads to increased energy and less fat storage.
You can try coconut oil to help with sugar cravings as it fast converts to heat energy, so it substitutes for sugars as a brief source of energy without stimulating the release of insulin (Insulin is the hormone that signals the cells to store fat). Insulin prevents the cells from releasing fat for energy.  Insulin continues you from burning fats.
The diet rich in mono-unsaturated fats prevented the buildup of both types of belly fat – the deep visceral type as well as the jiggely type, without additional exercise to lose belly fat. On a weight loss diet you frequently lose muscular mass without burning fat. Getting more energy without stimulating insulin is excellent for better belly fat weight loss! 
A study has demonstrated positive happens coconut oil in diminishing stomach fat. In this study, some ladies got two tablespoons of coconut oil and some other ladies got two tablespoons of soybean oil for 28 days. During this time, the volunteers were instructed to follow their regular diet and walk for 50 minutes per day. Both the gatherings lost around 2 pounds, yet the gathering taking coconut oil also diminished their waist perimeter at the same time as those in soybean oil had a mellow increase in belly fats. 
The coconut oil bunch moreover increased HDL (good) cholesterol levels.Nevertheless; carelessly having coconut oil would possibly simply expand your weight, in spite of everything it's far a fat.  Along these lines, keep in mind the accompanying suggestions while making use of coconut oil to lose belly fats obviously. when using, after all it is a fat.
But, a peer-reviewed Brazilian study has also discovered that having just 30 milliliters (1 ounce) of coconut oil a day can assist treat belly obesity - providing yet extra evidence that healthy saturated fat are essential for long-term weight loss.
"It appears that dietetic supplementation with coconut oil does not cause dyslipidemia (an abnormal amount of lipids (e.g. cholesterol and/or fat) in the blood) and seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity," the researchers concluded.
The best sort of coconut oil to buy is organic, raw coconut oil. Refined coconut oil, which has been bleached and deodorized, has a compromised nutritional profile and, relying on the manner wherein it changed into processed, might even incorporate dangerous trans fats.  Therefore, make sure that you always choose raw coconut oil that was extracted from fresh coconut meat. This sort of oil will have the unmistakable fragrance of coconut, meaning insignificant preparing.

6-Olive oil

If oil is going to be used in the fight against fat, the best choice would almost certainly be olive oil. Numerous large, long-term studies have demonstrated a powerful association between relatively high dietary intake of MUFAs, and reduced risk of abdominal obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat (MUFA), which may help reduce abdominal fat and promotes heart health by decreasing "bad" LDL cholesterol without reducing the "good" HDL cholesterol. In addition, olive oil loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals called polyphenols that help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, brain deterioration and reduce inflammation in the body. 
Olive oil is a healthy fat, which actually "turns on" your metabolism and helps you burn more body fat, and may even play a helpful role in diabetes and weight loss. Extra virgin olive oil may increase blood levels of serotonin, a hormone associated with satiety. that signal to your brain that your stomach’s full, causing you to eat less and feel satiated longer.
Although it sounds counterintuitive due to the high fat content of olive oil, there may be some weight-loss benefits to including it in your diet. However, simply adding a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to your diet each day isn't likely to significantly increase your weight loss. For this, you'll also need to cut calories and increase the amount of physical activity you participate in.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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