Controlling your weight may be a case of mind over matter. If you are trying to lose weight, though, then keep in mind that just taking supplements and medications to treat obesity in the market will not help. They are partially effective in addressing the issue and have unavoidable side effects. This further complicates the health status of obese people. Taking supplements and diets can decrease the metabolic prowess of the body and can result in weight gain on discontinuation of the said diet or supplements. It is for these reasons we should opt for natural ways to deal with obesity. You will need to know more about the entire stage and the things you have to put into consideration to be able to know which ones are affecting your weight problems and those that are not.
Taking home remedies can address obesity related issues without causing any side effects. They are effective in their job because the ingredients of these remedies do not contain any artificial chemicals. Home remedies for weight loss are cost effective and easily available in the kitchen. They do not pose any threat to the natural functioning of the body. They do not require medical supervision while they are taken. The benefits of these simple home remedies are time tested too. If you are one amongst facing problems due to obesity, need not to worry, here are some natural home remedies to lose weight fast.


1-Roasted Gram, Wheat husk, Dried Rose Petals, Psyllium husk

Make a fine powder of 2 cups Roasted Gram (Bhuney Chaney), 1 cup Chaff of Wheat (Gandum Bhusy), 1 cup Dried Rose Petals (Gulab Patti) 1 cup Husk of Fleawort Seeds / Psyllium husk (Ispaghol Bhusy) and take 1 tbls thrice a day along with plain and fresh water. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for weight loss / Obesity.

2-Bengal gram, Bitter gourd juice, Fennel, Fenugreek

Soak 250 gm Bengal gram (Kala Chana) overnight next day strain and add 1 litre Bitter gourd juice now boil until water evaporates. Now make a fine powder of 250 gm Fennel, 250 gm Fenugreek seeds and already cooked and dried Bengal gram. Save this powder in vessel and take 1 tsp along with water after each meal. It is another natural and ideal treatment to control Obesity / weight loss.

4-Green gram, , Sorghum, Rice, Wheat, Horse gram, Barley 

Take Sorghum, old rice, barley, old wheat, green gram, horse gram, in equal proportion. Soak them overnight, dry them in the morning. Roast in nonstick pan let them cool and make a fine and smooth powder the contents and store. Prepare a Roti (Bread, especially a flat round bread cooked on a griddle) and take as dinner as food. It will be quite beneficial for controlling Obesity / weight loss.

4-Unslaked Lime, Pure Honey

Grind in a mortar finely 12 gm Unslaked Lime (Unbujha Choona) and 300 gm Pure Honey (shehad) now sieve through a muslin piece and store in a dry and clean glass bottle and lick 5gm in morning and 5 gm in evening. Honey is an excellent cure for obesity. Honey targets the extra fat deposited in the body and converts it into energy for the bodily functions. This is a highly beneficial and magical prescription for weight loss / Obesity.

5-Mineral pitch/Shilajit, Milk, Honey

Mineral pitch / Shilajit also have fat burning properties.  It removes excess fat accumulations in the body, also raises metabolism and promotes healthy weight loss.
Shilajit regulates the metabolism of the body, is an excellent stress reliever and helps in weight loss. So all these things combined; boosting of the metabolism, removal of excess accumulation and burning fat, makes it a very effective and powerful natural weight loss supplements. Shilajit is taken as part of a formulation or by itself usually in a capsule or tablet form. Shilajit should be purchased from a reliable source and should continue regular intake for atleast 2-3 months to see optimal benefits. Dissolve Mineral pitch / Mineral wax (Salajeet / Shilajit resin) in Green gram/ Golden gram (Moong dal) size in a cup of hot boiling milk with raw, unpasteurized Honey to taste and drink it lukewarm. Start with the minimum dose with a rice to pea sized portion, one to three times a day. Dosage can be increased gradually up to a maximum of 0.5 gram.


Take daily Asafoetida (Heeng) in Gram lentil (Chana Dal) size along with lukewarm water after every meal. This is very useful in burning fat. It cleanses the system and helps correct the metabolism to speedup weight loss.

7-Radish seeds

Take ½ tsp Radish (Muli) seeds along with lukewarm water twice a day daily. You will never tend to gain weight.

8-Lemon pickle

Lemon pickle (Lemoon Achar) is very effective for weight loss/ obesity. This will dissolve the fats.

9-Fleawort Seeds / Psyllium

Soak 1 tsp Husk of Fleawort Seeds / Psyllium husk (Ispaghol Bhusy) or whole Psyllium seeds in cup of water and consume it after meal. Repeat this remedy after each meal. Psyllium has very little flavor, but it's big on insoluble fiber. A fiber rich herb keeps the cholesterol in controlled limits particularly the low density lipid cholesterol. The seeds also doesn’t have any visible side effects. The seeds expand in your stomach, increasing the feeling of fullness and slowing down the absorption of simple carbs. The result would be a slow process of gaining weight instead a decline in weight.

10-Garlic, Milk

Take 4 or 5 Garlic (Lehsan) cloves and roast them without them getting burned. Just pop them into your mouth to chew. Or, boil them in a cup of milk and swallow the whole content. Have this every morning on an empty stomach until you see the transformation in your body. This will reduce the unwanted flab of entire body.  It may even take a month or so. This is also an effective natural tip to lose weight / obesity.

11-Triphala powder, Warm water, Honey

Mix ¼ tsp Triphala powder and 1 tsp Honey in a glass of warm water and take for one week. During second week increase Triphala powder to ½ spoons and third week to ¾ spoons and fourth week to 1 spoon powder. Take the above composition two times a day for at least 40 days.

12-Red lentil

Boil 1tbls Red lentil (Masoor daal) in 4 glass water until reduced by one glass. Then pour the water in a glass and keep it in such a place where it can get fresh air overnight. Decant /disfil the water in the morning and throw away the lentil. Drink this water and do the same continuously for 40 days. This is a successful treatment for weight loss / Obesity.

13-Horse gram

Horse gram (Kulthi Daal) is also very effective in controlling obesity. It has excellent fat burning properties and helps to shed your pounds rapidly. It is an excellent food to reduce bad cholesterol. Horse gram best for tackling obesity as it actually works by tackling the fatty tissue. It helps to break down such tissue and forces the body to use fats in the best possible manner. It is also very good in controlling and reducing cholesterol. Add its  powder to your daily diet  and add it to soups to get all the nutritional benefits and burn fat.
Soak 2 tablespoon of Horse gram in a glass of water overnight next morning boil until soft and consume solution on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to lose weight naturally. Excessive consumption may increase the body heat. If you are planning to start this diet, Please consult with your physician for your medical condition before starting this diet. I would suggest two times a week. You can increase gradually as you get yourself comfortable with this diet.

14-Rain water, Turmeric powder

Collect and store rain water in a glass container. Add ¼ tsp turmeric powder to half glass rain water and take early in the morning. Do not take food for one hour later. It is highly beneficial to get relief from excess weight within 3 to 6 months.

15-Dandelion root tea

Dandelion is a very nutritious herb. It contains substantial levels of vitamins A, C, D, and B complex and iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, chlorine, calcium, boron and silicon, all in one place. The bitter principle of dandelion stimulates digestion, including the secretion of salivary and gastric juices. Have a cup of dandelion root tea thrice daily.

16-Ripe Tomatoes

One of the effective home remedies to reduce weight naturally is eating one or two ripe and raw tomatoes on an empty stomach first thing in the morning help in weight reduction. OR blend 1 big or 2 medium red Tomatoes in blender after filtering add Honey to taste and drink.  This remedy is also beneficial for controlling cholesterol levels in the body. Raw tomatoes are rich in fibre, water & phytonutrients like Lycopenes. Fibre is good for dissolving the fat in the body while Lycopene is an excellent anti oxidant which reduces the oxidative stress in the body.


Eat ½ a Grapefruit (Chakotra) or ½ cup of Grapefruit / Citron juice with each meal.  This fruit is also an excellent appetite suppressant. Research has shown that eating grapefruit regularly may help you reduce weight faster than otherwise.
Before sleeping, you can drink a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. This will burn your body fats while you are asleep. Apple Cider Vinegar is known to enhance fat metabolism and reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol and is, therefore, used in treating obesity.
Green Tea is an expert when it comes to weight loss. It has to be used continuously for visible results without dieting or weight loss pills. Studies have confirmed that a combination of green tea with caffeine improved weight loss amongst overweight and moderately obese people. Therefore, an effective remedy for weight loss is to take Green Tea with 50mg of Caffeine three times per day (once before each meal) along with 25 to 30 minutes of exercise each day. It helps boost both digestion and metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight faster.

20-Curry powder

Make a fine powder of 10 tsp coriander seeds, 2 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2 large bay leaves, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 three inches cinnamon stick and 10 cloves then add 4 tsp turmeric powder and sore in a vessel. Add this curry powder to your meals for your seasoning. Curry powder improves digestion and removes the toxins and then your metabolism increases and the fat melt off.

21-Ash gourd, Honey

Peel a ripe Ash gourd, cut into pieces and put the pieces in a blender. Reduce it to a pulp. Add just a little Honey or salt and Black pepper to taste and take it. It helps prevent the conversion of unused energy into fat.

22-Jujube (Anab) tree leaves

If you want to continue eating while you are losing weight, one of the best natural weight loss remedies is through the use of jujube leaves. Soak a handful of Jujube (Anab) tree leaves in glass water overnight. Drain the water and drink on an empty stomach. You will see good results from this remedy after following it for a month. The jujube leaves' toning qualities should take effect and you should start to notice a more toned figure. This toned figure represents an increase in muscle and a reduction in body fat. Reduction of body fat is a key component in eliminating obesity.

23-Curry Leaves

It is believed that chewing or eating 10 to 12 fully grown Curry leaves (Curry Ptta) on an empty stomach every morning will help you lose weight. You should do this for three months to see results. The leaves are an herbal remedy to improve digestion and cleanse the system. This automatically aids weight loss as there are no chances for fats to deposit in the body. You can either mix it with buttermilk or add as a flavoring herb in a curry.
Bottle gourd (Lauki) and Apple gourd (Tinda) are widely used for their weight losing properties. Consuming cooked or juices on an empty stomach helps to reduce the weight. Low in calorie and fat it is also great for weight loss and high cholesterol levels. If you are drinking their juices for weight loss, then you should not strain the juice as the weight loss properties are mainly because of its fiber content which gets filtered in the straining process this too will reduce the unwanted flab of your entire body.
To prepare a healthy juice, take 50 gm fresh Bottle gourd and 50 gm Apple gourd, and taste a slice of Bottle gourd to ensure it is not bitter. Then peel both vegetables and chop into small pieces and put them into the juicer blender along with a cup of water. Optionally you can also add a pinch of Salt and Black pepper or Honey to enhance the taste. OR you can also make a broth simmer in 2-3 glasses of water both vegetables ½ an hour then add Salt to taste, ½ tsp Black pepper powder and ½ tsp roasted Cumin powders and again simmer for 10 minutes. The broth will hold more nutrients and is very beneficial to reduce the extra flab of your entire body.
Cabbage is considered to be an excellent natural remedy for obesity. Adding cabbage in a meal would be the simplest way to fight with obesity. Raw or cooked cabbage inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Cabbage has a great food value and can control obesity. Simmer in 2-3 glasses of water ½ cup of chopped Cabbage, ½ cup of Onion and ¼ cup of chopped Carrots, ½ teaspoon chopped ginger for ½ an hour then add Salt to taste, ½ tsp Black pepper powder and ½ tsp roasted Cumin powders and again simmer for 10 minutes. Take at least twice a day this delicious hot detox drink. The broth will hold more nutrients and is very beneficial for the body.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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