Frequent urination

Frequent urination simply means urinating more often than usual. It’s a symptom rather than a condition. Urinating four to eight times in a day and once at night is said to be normal, if a person urinate more, it is said to be frequent urination.


Frequent urination can be a symptom of a more serious disease or condition.  A few possible causes of frequent urination are: Urinary Tract Infection, Diabetes, Pregnancy, enlarged Prostate, Interstitial Cystitis, Diuretics, Strokes, Cystocele, Kidney Infection and Bladder stones or bladder cancer.

Alternative Names

There are several different conditions which are closely associated with frequent urination:

Urgent Urination, Urinary Urgency

A sudden, compelling need to urinate linked to a burning sensation or pain, often a sign of an underlying urinary tract infection.

Urinary Incontinence, Overactive Bladder Syndrome

A sudden, irresistible need to urinate due to bladder spasms. Symptoms include urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and sometimes leaking urine before you can get to a toilet.

Stress Incontinence

Involuntary urination that occurs during an activity such as coughing, sneezing or laughing, generally caused by an underlying anatomic weakness to the bladder.


Frequent urination at night involving waking up several times to use the toilet.


The production of excessive volumes of urine for an adult, over 2.5 liters in 24 hours.
In case the problem is caused by a medical health condition, you need to go through the right treatment. However, after going through the required tests, if you have confirmed that the frequent urination is not a result of an underlying medical problem, you could try a natural approach instead, you might find a remedy that works for you. Frequent urination can often be treated at home, using natural remedies. There are certain natural home remedies for frequent urination apart from medical treatment which could be followed:


1-Sesame, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Water melon, Melon seeds

  • Make a fine powder of Black Sesame seeds, White Sesame seeds, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Water melon, Melon seeds kernels (Char Maghaz) in equal quantity as required and save in a vessel. 
  • Consume ½ tsp daily along with a cup of hot milk any time in a whole day. This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription for frequent urination.

2-Water Chest Nut/ Water caltrops, Jaggery

  • Make a fine powder of 50 gm dried Water Chest Nut/ Water caltrops and 50 gm Jaggery and take 1-1 gm twice a day along with water. 
  • Water Chest Nut is reliable in the condition of frequent urination and Jaggery has a heating effect on the body. 
  • When the body remains warm from inside, the problem of frequent urination will vanish soon.

3-Emblica gooseberry, Caraway seeds, Honey

  • Make a paste of 10 gm Emblica gooseberry (Amla) powder 10 gm Caraway seeds (Seyah Zeera) powder and 60 gm Honey. 
  • Take 6 gm before go to bed along with water.  Indian gooseberry is used in the treatment of frequent urination. 
  • Honey is a wonderful source of natural sugar that can be used to treat frequent urination.

4-Celery seeds, Black Sesame seeds Jaggery

  • Mix well half pounded 25 gm roasted Carom or Celery seeds, 25 gm roasted Black Sesame seeds and 25 gm Jaggery. Taking ½ tsp before go to bed along with water will be quite beneficial. 
  • Continue this for 1-2 months. This should preferably be consuming in the winter or cold weather as it has a heating effect on the body.

5-Mace, Jaggery

  • Make a fine powder of 25 gm Mace (Javitry) and 25 gm Jaggery and take 1-1 gm twice a day. 
  • This is very beneficial in frequent urination treatment; the problem will be taken care in few days.

6-Red clay / Bale rubra, Frankincense/Olibanum 

  • Make a fine powder of 25 gm Red clay / Bale rubra (Geeru) and 25 gm Frankincense/Olibanum (kundur/ lobana) and save in a vessel. 
  • Have 2 gm along with water before going to sleep. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise to stop frequent urination.

7-Nigella seeds, Honey

  • Make a fine powder of 25 gm Nigella seeds (Kalonji) then add 40 gm Honey to store in glass jar. 
  • Consume ½ tsp once in morning and once before going to bed along with a cup of hot Milk. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatment of frequent urination.

8-Emblica gooseberries, Honey, Turmeric powder

  • Make a paste of 2 Emblica gooseberries (Amla) pulp by adding1 tsp of Honey and a pinch of Turmeric powder. 
  • Have one teaspoon of this mixture every morning. It will very beneficial in treatment of frequent urination and it provides immediate relief.

9-Roasted Grams, Sesame seeds, Jaggery

  • Make a fine powder of 50 gm roasted Grams (kala chana), 50 roasted Sesame seeds (Til) and 50 Jaggery (gurr) and save in a vessel. 
  • If consumed 1 tsp regularly for ten days or until required results frequent urination will cease.

10-Roasted Fenugreek seeds

  • Heat a skillet over a medium flame and dry roast the Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) until they change color and you get an aroma. 
  • They should be hot when you touch them. Cool them, and grind in a food processor or spice grinder. 
  • Have ½ tsp Fenugreek seed powder every day .It helps to stop bladder leakage.

11-Jambul seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Honey

  • Make a fine powder of dried Jambul (Jamun) seeds and Pumpkin (Kaddu) seeds add Honey in same quantity and save in a vessel. 
  • Pumpkin seeds are wealthy in fatty acids which have an effective impact on the well being of the bladder. 
  • Pumpkin seeds have been used for centuries to improve bladder and prostate health.

12-Vine leaves Tea

  • Boil 20 gm Vine leaves (Angoor Bale Ptta) in a cup of water for 5 -10 minutes after filtering you can add Honey to enhance the taste and drink it twice a day. 
  • Similarly Grapes juice or extract of leaves of grape vine helps in retaining urine.

13-Apple cider vinegar, Distilled water

  • Apple cider vinegar helps reduce the acid levels in the stomach and will reduce the urge to urinate frequently. It also breaks down calcium deposits in the body. 
  • Simply stir one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of distilled water and drink it with each meal.

14-Organic apple cider vinegar, Baking soda

  • Dissolve 2 tablespoons of organic Apple cider vinegar and ½ teaspoon of Baking soda to 16 ounces of distilled water. 
  • It is most effective & magical remedy to cure incontinence or urgency completely.

15-Baking soda, Distilled water

  • Your urine is acid and your body is trying to save them and therefore you need to buffer your urine to lower its acidity, 
  • So to help get a good night's sleep, drink a glass of distilled water with a teaspoon of baking soda in it prior to bed time, 
  • As the presence of baking soda in your system raises the acid-base balance of the acidic urine. This works very quickly in the treatment of frequent urination.

16-Pomegranate Bark, Pomegranate Rind

  • Make a fine powder of Pomegranate tree bark and take 1 tsp along with water before sleep. 
  • OR take some skin of the Pomegranate fruit and grind it to a fine paste. Then take a pinch of this paste along with about 5 grams of water two times a day, preferably in the morning and evening. 
  • This has to be done for a period of 10 days. This is said to reduce the excessive heat in the bladder and the urinary tract and cure the problem of frequent urination.

17-Beet Root Juice or Soup

  • For those who have to get up number if times in the night to pass urine, due to enlarged prostate gland. 
  • It has been observed that if one Eats or drinks the juice or soup of one medium size Beet Root with dinner, the frequency of getting up is reduced substantially.

18-Cayenne pepper, Grey salt /Celtic sea salt

  • A lick of the real Grey salt /Celtic sea salt with each glass of water also helps for frequent urination. This condition if not diabetic, could be an enlarged prostate. 
  • Start taking Cayenne about 350 mg daily, if after a week the need to urinate hasn't gone you might need a procedure to reduce the prostate.

19-Marshmallow root

  • Marshmallow root Herbal teas can relieve symptoms related to frequent urination. Marshmallow root helps cure urethritis (inflammation of uretha or difficulty urinating) and helps to reduce the frequency of urination. 
  • To make your own marshmallow root tea, place 25 g /1 oz of the root into a liter of water keep boiling the mixture and letting it simmer for seven to 10 minutes. 
  • Drink marshmallow tea throughout the day, up to about a quart (4 cups) for maximum benefit. Continue to drink the marshmallow tea for several days straight until you notice an improvement of your symptoms. 
  • Once you get your bladder back under control, you do not have to drink it every day but more so when you notice symptoms returning.

Helpful Diet

  • Consume food that is high in fiber and stay clear of food that is diuretic. This prevents problems like constipation and consequently urinary incontinence as well as frequent urination. 
  • Apart from fiber, you should also add more foods that are high in antioxidants. Foods that help block or treat urinary tract infections are also usually very helpful. 
  • Given below are some of the foods that can help prevent frequent urination. Squash, Potatoes, Ripe Bananas, Brown rice, Barley, Raw Chinese Apple/Indian plum, Cherries, Blueberries, Cranberries.

Harmful Diet

There are many different food items that aggravate the bladder and may accentuate urinary problems, which include excess urination. Given below are some of the foods that should be avoided in case you are trying to treat frequent urination. If you can’t cut them out entirely, skip them in the hours before bedtime to help prevent nocturia. That includes:
  • Caffeine, which is a diuretic, which increases urine output, sources of caffeine like soda, coffee, tea and aerated drinks
  • Cranberry juice -- though it is touted as great for bladder health, it is actually an irritant if you have OAB
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus juices
  • Spicy foods, like curries
  • Acidic foods, such as tomatoes and tomato sauces
  • Chocolate
  • Artificial sweeteners

Preventive Life style Adjustments

This condition can be cured by creating handful of life style adjustments by utilizing all-natural remedies.
  • Limit your fluid intake before bedtime. Try not to drink any liquids after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.
  • Encourage double voiding before bed. Double voiding is urinating at the beginning of the bedtime routine and then again just before falling asleep.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Timing when you take any diuretic medications so that they do not impact your nighttime urine production.
  • Doing Kegel exercises (also called pelvic floor exercises) for five minutes, two to three times a day, can markedly decrease incontinence in both women and men. Kegels workout routines aid to strengthen the pelvic muscles for improved bladder manages and minimizes the urgency to urinate.
  • Practice behavioral techniques, called bladder training can teach you to resist the urge to urinate, gradually increasing the interval between trips to the toilet.
  • If, after preventive lifestyle changes, you still cannot control your nocturia, you may need to see your doctor. Having this record will help your doctor make a diagnosis and create a prevention or treatment plan.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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