An occasional loss of appetite is normal and usually temporary and reversible. There are many causes of poor appetite like emotional upset, nervousness, tension, anxiety, or depression and stressful events. Many common symptoms of appetite loss are fatigue, vomiting, decrease in hunger, upset stomach, infections and digestive disorders. A poor appetite can also be one symptom of serious diseases like Heart disease, chronic liver disease, hepatitis, kidney failure and Cancer. But for minor cases of poor appetite natural home remedies are best to get back appetite. Here are some highly beneficial natural home remedies to stimulate a poor appetite.


1-Prunes / Plums, Tamarind, Fennel Distilled Essence

Soak 7 dried Prunes / Plums (Aloocha / Alobukhara) and 3 gm Tamarind (Immli) in 2 glasses of plane water or Distilled Essence of Fennel (Arq e Sounf) overnight next morning squeeze and remove seeds and filter it mix salt to taste and take it and do this only 3 days. It is a highly beneficial and trial treatment to enhance appetite.

2-Apple juice, Cumin seeds, Black pepper

Mix 1 pinch Roasted Cumin seeds (Zeera) powder and 1-1 pinches Rock Salt and Black pepper powder in a glass of fresh Apple juice and drinks it. After consuming it you will get back your appetite quickly.

3-Beetle leaves, Ginger juice, Honey

Taking extracted juice of Beetle leaves (Paan Ptta) 2 teaspoons Ginger (Adrak) juice 1 teaspoon mixed with 2 teaspoons Honey early in the morning on an empty stomach is the best remedy to get back your appetite.

4-Water melon Cumin, Black pepper, Salt

Sprinkle Black Peppers, Cumin seeds, and Salt powder according to taste on a plate of Water melon and have it. This tip is good for health and also boosts your appetite.

5-Dried Ginger, Mango juice

Mix 1 teaspoons dried Ginger (Sonth) in a glass of fresh Mango (Aam) pulpy juice and drink it on an empty stomach. Most effective natural remedy to promote hunger and this will also helps in easy digestion of food.

6-Pomegranate,Cumin, Black pepper, Black Salt

Mix 1 pinch roasted Cumin seeds (Zeera) powder and 1pinches Rock Salt or Black Salt and 1 pinch Black pepper powder in a glass of fresh sweet Pomegranate juice and . Sip this mixture slowly after consuming it your appetite will soon kick in.

7-Black Peppers, Salt, Lemon juice

Soak 200 gram Black Peppers, 50 gram Salt in 200 gram extracted Lemon juice in a glass/ clay pot covered it with a lid let Peppers dry completely then save in another air tight glass vessel and eat 5 to7 peppers after each meal. Best natural remedy to increase appetite.

8-Fennel, Carom, Cumin

Boil 1tsp Fennel/Aniseed (Saunf) 1tsp Carom seeds (Ajwain) 1tsp Cumin Seeds(Safed  Zeera) in 8 glasses of water, let it cool to normal temp, use this water whenever you feel thirsty you can also add Rock salt / Black salt or Honey to enhance the taste. You will start feeling the hunger.

9-Asafoetida, Dried Ginger, Cumin, Mustard, Black salt

Make a fine powder of dried ginger, cumin, mustard seeds, asafoetida (Heeng)in same quantity and black salt powder to taste. Add this powder to a glass of Buttermilk (Lassi) and consume one hour before each meal. This will definitely help stimulate appetite.

10-Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel, Coriander

Soak cardamom, cinnamon bark, fennel and coriander seeds all four ½ tsp in 3 glasses of fresh water overnight next morning, strain and drink 1 glass on an empty stomach and remaining two glasses before lunch and dinner. This can aid in returning your appetite to normal.

11-Fenugreek seeds, Yogurt

Heat a skillet over a medium flame and dry roast the Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) until they change color and you get an aroma. They should be hot when you touch them. Cool them, and grind in a food processor or spice grinder. Mix 1-2 tsp of this powder in a cup of Yogurt, and eat it after dinner. This will help with digestion and help to increase appetite. You can also use powder just mixing a tsp in plain water or fresh juice. Drink this concoction three times daily.

12-Butter Milk, Mint or Basil leaves

Butter milk (Lassi) is a fantastic drink to promote hunger. Blend 1 cup fresh plain Yoghurt and 5-7 Mint or Basil leaves in a glass of water until smooth. Transfer to glass then add a pinch of Salt, Black pepper and roasted Cumin powders and stir to enhance the taste drink thrice a day after every meal. 

13-Rock Salt, Brown Sugar

Make powder 2 tablespoons Rock Salt (Namak) and 6 tablespoons Brown Sugar (Desi Khand) have it before meal 3 teaspoons 3 times a day along with lukewarm water in winter and fresh water in summer .Very effective to enhance the appetite.

14-Coriander Leaves Juice

Taking 25 gram extracted juice of fresh Coriander leaves for 3 days is very beneficial to increase appetite. You can also add a little Lemon juice and a pinch of Salt to enhance the taste.

15-Black salt, Dried Ginger, Orange

Sprinkle 1 pinch Black salt and 1 pinch dried Ginger (Sonth) on slices of 1 Orange and eat it for 1 week .Most effective to boost hunger.

16-Cardamom, Fennel, Cumin

Heat a skillet over a medium flame and dry roast the Fennel and Cumin seeds until they change color and you get an aroma let them cool. Now make a fine powder of Cardamom (Sabaz Ilaichi), Fennel (Saunf) and Cumin seeds (Safed Zeera) in same quantity and take ¼ tsp after each meal. This helps in increasing the digestion and thus helps in increasing the appetite as well.

17-Onion, Vinegar, Salt, Black Peppers

After peeling an Onion (Piyaz) cut in slices then add pure Vinegar, salt, Black Peppers according to taste. This Onion pickle is very useful to boost the appetite.

18-Asafoetida, Rectified Spirit

Mix 40 gm Asafoetida (Heera Heeng) in 200 gm Rectified Spirit in an air tight glass bottle and seal it for 15 days meanwhile shake it daily 1-2 times after 15 days filter it and store in another glass bottle. Mix 1 pinch salt 1/2 teas Lemon juice and 1 teas of this Tincture and have it. It is natural & magical tip to increase appetite. 

19-Red Chili powder, Rectified Spirit

Mix Red Chili (Lal Mirch)powder without seeds 10 gram and 300 milliliter Rectified Spirit in an air tight glass bottle let it stand for 15 days and stir it daily after 15 days strain and preserve in another air tight dropper bottle. Best natural remedy is ready mix 5 drops in ¼ cup lukewarm water take 10 minutes before meal. This is a 99% trial treatment to get back appetite.

20-Coriander seeds, Black pepper, Rock salt

Mix Coriander seeds powder 5 tablespoons, Black pepper powder 2 tablespoons and Rock salt 2 teaspoons. Store it in a glass jar and give it 3 to 4 pinches after every meal with water. This natural remedy is highly effective for boosting appetite.

21-Long pepper, Celery seeds, Cumin, Dried Ginger, Black pepper, Rock salt

Make a powder of dried ginger, black pepper, long pepper, celery seeds, cumin seeds, and rock salt in equal quantities. Store it in an airtight vessel. Take 1 teaspoon with the first bite of food at a meal, twice a day. This natural remedy is highly beneficial in dealing with appetite or hunger.

22-Mint, Basil, Cardamom, Asafetida

Make a decoction by boiling mint leaves, basil leaves, cardamom and asafetida (Hing). Take 50 ml of it with some honey or sugar candy, three times a day. This is an excellent remedy to enhance appetite.

23-Appetite Promoter Food

Eating cucumber and radish salad, Jambul (Jamun), Bor Zizyphus (Ber), Mushrooms (Khumbiyan) Red Currants, Peaches, Apricots, Pears, Cantaloupe, Muskmelon,  Soybean, Spanish, Tomatoes, Grapes, Black berries Papaya, Pineapple and Apples all these act as appetite promoters

24-Herbal Teas

Alfalfa is a very nutritious appetite stimulant and it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals Drink Alfalfa tea, prepared by steeping one teaspoon of dried alfalfa leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.
Dandelion root is known to promote digestion and regulate appetite. Prepare Dandelion root tea by boiling 1 heaped tsp of powdered dandelion root in a cup of water for about five minutes. You can also add honey to taste.
Chamomile tea can also stimulate the appetite, especially if the decrease of appetite is from stress or anxiety.  Chamomile settles the stomach, aids in digestion, expels gas and also calms the nerves.
Ginger is excellent for relieving indigestion and stimulating appetite. Make Ginger tea by chopping an inch of fresh Ginger root into small pieces (or ½ tsp of powdered Ginger) and boiling them in a cup of water for 5 to 10 minutes after straining add a dash of Lemon juice and Honey to enhance the taste. Consume it half an hour prior to meals every day for eight to 10 days.
Consuming Green Tea 3 times a day (once before or after each meal) is highly beneficial to stimulate the appetite.
Peppermint provides excellent relief from indigestion and can be had raw or even in the form of tea is said to help stimulate appetite.

Change Eating Habits to improve Hunger

  1. One should fill his or her stomach full and leave the meal when he or she is still a little hungry. That will help him feel full appetite for the next meal.
  2. One should drink water in the beginning and if necessary in the middle, but never at the end. That will help digest the food and feel appetite next time.
  3. Do not drink water or liquids during meals. It gives a feeling of fullness of stomach.
  4. The dinner should be taken well before sleeping and walk after dinner and nap after lunch is also useful for the appetite in the next meal.
  5. One should not take any snacks an hour or two before the meal.
  6.  Avoid drinking tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages before meals.
  7. Do not take meals at consistent times. Eat when you feel like.
  8. A variety of hormonal changes occur after eating huge meals. Eat small meals 5 times a day.
  9. Eat a variety of food include vegetables and fruits. Do not restrict eating any kind of food. Include all the tastes like Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty etc.

Natural Fitness Tips
Natural Fitness Tips

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