Long and thick eyelashes are a symbol of natural and universal beauty. They can also enhance the beauty of your eyes and make you look more attractive and alluring. The thicker eyelashes are, the bigger eyes look and protect the eyes from dust particles. Most women try hard to get lush eyelashes, but can be annoyed when they notice them falling out. There are many reasons why eyelashes fall out, including normal hair loss, over using waterproof and expired mascara, not removing your eye makeup religiously, eyelashes dandruff and having vitamins deficiency. Eyelash loss, also called Madarodis, can be caused by several factors, like cosmetics, medications, and medical and psychological reasons. Understanding how they can grow back can minimize eyelash loss. With proper eye care, eyelashes are always growing back. But if want your eyelashes to grow naturally, you can try these natural remedies to help make your eyelashes thicker and long.


1-Natural Lubricants

Apply anyone of these natural lubricants such as Castor oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Rose oil, Burdock oil, Vitamin E oil and Jojoba oil to your eyelashes with an eye brush before sleep at night and wash it off in morning daily. Your eyelashes will grow naturally.

2-Castor oil, Honey

Mix 1 teaspoon Castor oil and 1 teaspoon pure & fresh Honey in glass container and apply to your eye lashes. Your eyelashes will grow faster and thicker.

3-Pomegranate Juice

Cook 1 cup extracted juice of Pomegranate in a copper pot when it become dense let it stand to cool then save in a glass bottle and apply to eyelashes with an eye brush. This remedy will stop eyelashes fall out and itch.

4-Sun dried pigeon poop, Honey

If your eyelashes falling out frequently not to be confuse try this best natural tip. Grind fine and smooth a sun dried poop / guano of pigeon and mix it in 1 teaspoon Honey and apply to your eyelashes until stop eyelash loss.

5-Boiled Milk, Flannel Piece

Boil milk and dip a flannel piece in it and apply it your eyelids and eyelashes until its heat stop. Repeat this method 3-4 times a day .This way you will stimulate their growth and just like the hair on your head, it will promote growth in width and length.

6-Collyrium / Antimony

Blown into your eyes with a little pipe pure Collyrium / Antimony (Ithmid) it not only clears vision but also make the eyelashes sprout.

7-Egg white, Castor oil

You may have the complaint that you lose your eyelashes frequently. If you are intending to make them stronger, then just mix finely 2 drops Castor oil and 2 drops Egg white and apply with the lashes brush and leave it overnight.

8-Natural Lash Serum

Lash serums are great for not only the growth of lashes, but the thickening and strengthening of lashes. Mix finely 1 table spoon Aloe Vera gel, 1 tablespoon Vaseline, ½ teaspoon Almond oil, ½ teaspoon Castor oil, then put it into the old mascara tube and the put the stopper back on. Every night use this as a lash conditioner instead of mascara and You will see in a couple of weeks with this natural serum your lashes were all grown back, and new lashes coming in as well.

9-Vaseline, Petroleum jelly

Regular application of Vaseline or Petroleum jelly to eyelashes may boost hair growth and improve texture. Apply it with an eyelash brush just before going to bed.

10-Castor oil, Glycerin

Mix equal parts of castor oil and glycerin in a re-sealable container. Apply this mixture onto your eyelashes before you go to bed and rinse it off in the morning this will certainly stunt natural growth.

11-Calendula flower, Corn flower extracts

Make an eye lotion by mixing together 1-1 teaspoons of calendula flower and corn flower extracts. Apply the mixture to your eyelashes that keep your lashes healthy and strong.

12-Silk Amino Acids

Silk amino acids are natural ingredients that are very effective in increasing the length of your lashes. These substances are actually found on various hair solutions. Use an applicator brush to apply the amino acids on your eyelashes and then leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning when you wake-up.

13-Antioxidant-rich Serum

Antioxidants have a protective effect on the hair and eyelashes. Dabbing a bit of serum made from antioxidant-rich products such as pomegranate seed oil, Moroccan Argan and walnut, as well as vitamin-E oil, can help eyelashes grow longer.

14-Green Tea Warm Water

Add some Green tea leaves to warm water. Let it stand to cool then rinse the eyelashes with it for 10minutes. This helps to accelerate growing back of your eyelashes.

15-Unflavored Gelatin

Take a supplement daily. The body needs amino acids to grow any type of hair. Unflavored gelatin taken daily supplies 18 amino acids to promote the growth of eyelashes and strengthen the ones you have to keep them from falling out.

16-Include More Silicon

Include more silicon sources in your diet. Silicon is a trace element that promotes hair growth and it can't hurt you to improve your nutrient intake! Sources of silicon include asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, olives, green beans, beer, rice, and oats.

17-Boost Nutrient Intake

B vitamins, and especially biotin, can help long eyelashes and the hair on your head grows.  Additionally, a biotin deficiency can actually cause eyelashes to fall out. Boost your biotin intake with foods like nutritional yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, legumes, and mushrooms all rich in biotin.

18-Take Extra Vitamins

Take extra vitamin A, B, C, E, B5 and B complex to promote the growth of eyelashes and strengthen the ones you have to keep them from falling out.

19-Eyelids Massaging

Massage your eyelids and lash line gently with your clean finger pads it can increase blood circulation and stimulate growth of lashes.

20-Cosmetics Free Eye Lashes   

Your eyelashes would always need fresh air, so try to avoid leaving mascara or eyeliner on overnight. Also, keep your eye lashes free from cosmetics most of the time, as this will certainly stunt natural growth.

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