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To increase height is a prime concern in many people's minds today. A good height makes one look great, be confident and have greater self-esteem. After the completion of puberty the human body typically stops getting taller. This happens around the age of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. The age of 18 is the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. During adolescent period, several hormonal changes take place within the human body. It indeed is good news that an individual can grow 2 to 6 inches taller even after turning 18. Scientists have discovered that the human body is capable to further grow and develop.
Human growth hormone is one of the solutions to the problem of how to increase height. Human growth hormone is produced in the anterior portion of the pituitary gland deep inside the brain. Production peaks at adolescence when accelerated growth occurs. But growth hormone levels fall steadily on reaching adulthood, and the body stops to increase height. Therefore, there is a possibility to increase height with some external help. Here are some helpful tips to increase your (only for age 13 to 21) height naturally. These natural home remedies are created by mixing natural herbs and do not cause any adverse reactions.


1. Banyan tree fruits, Sugar candy, Cumin seeds

  • Make a fine powder of 50 gm dried Banyan tree fruits / Cluster Fig (Gular) with peels, 50 gm Sugar candy and 25 gm Cumin seeds (Safed Zeera) and store in a container. 
  • The dosage per day is ½ tbs for children and 1 tbs for adults along with a glass of lukewarm milk. Children grow taller, weak children become stronger and their complexion improves. The memory of children improves dramatically. 
  • A better behavioral change is seen in extremely stubborn children. It is the most effective and natural way to increase height without any side effects.

2. Wild Parsnip, Water Chest Nut, Mastich, Sugar candy

  • Make a fine powder of 50 gm Wild Parsnip (Shaqaq-ul-Misri), 50 gm dried Water Chest Nut/Water caltrops (Singhara) 50 gm Sugar candy (Misri), 10 gm Mastic/Mastich (Mastagi ki Lakri/Rumi Mastagi) and store in a container. 
  • Mix 1 tsp in a glass of lukewarm milk and drink once on an empty stomach and once in evening do it for 2 months regularly.  
  • This is a highly beneficial and trial prescription to increase height naturally.

3. Almond, Sesame seeds, Water caltrops, Lemon juice, Milk

  • Pour one glass of milk to the nonstick saucepan. Bring the milk to the boil and then add 1 tbs Almond powder, 1 tsp Sesame seeds powder, 1tsp Water Chest Nut powder and one lemon juice in the boiling milk and cook for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Strain the mixture and let it cool take 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp in the evening do it for 2 months regularly. This natural remedy is guaranteed to work.

4. Indian Ginseng, Sugar candy, Cow’s milk

5. Habb-ul-Rashaad, Water Chest Nut, Mastich, Sugar candy

  • Make a fine powder of 100 gm Garden cress (Habb-ul-Rashaad / Haloon), 100 gm dried Water Chest Nut/Water caltrops (Singhara) 100 gm Sugar candy (Misri), 25 gm Mastic/Mastich (Mastagi ki Lakri/Rumi Mastagi) and store in a container. 
  • Take 1 tsp along with a glass of water and drink once in morning and once in evening do it for 2 months regularly. This is a 99% trial and natural treatment to increase height.

6. Cotton seeds Kernels, Water Chest Nut, Sugar candy

  • Make a fine powder each of Cotton seeds Kernels (Maghaz Banola) 20 gm, dried Water Chest Nut/Water caltrops (Singhara) 50 gm, Sugar candy (Misri) 100 gm and store in a container. 
  • Take 1 tsp along with a glass of water or milk once in morning and once in evening do it for 40 days regularly. This natural remedy is highly effective to increase 1-2 inches height.

7. Country mallow, Fish bones

  • Make a fine powder each of 100 gm Country mallow/Indian mallow (Kangi booti) and 100 gm any Fish bones or Trout fish bones and store in a container. 
  • Take 2-4 grains once in morning and once in evening do it for 30 days regularly. This effective natural remedy will help to increase 1 inch height in a one month.

8. Indian Ginseng, Black Sesame seeds, Dates, Cow’s Butter

  • Make a fine powder of Indian Ginseng / Winter cherry (Asgandanagaori /Ashwagandha) and Black Sesame seeds as required and store in a container. 
  • Now mix 1 tbs of this powder in 5 dates palm paste and 10 gm Cow’s butter and consume it. Do it regularly for 40 days. This is a highly beneficial and trial treatise to increase height naturally.

9. Turmeric, Warm milk

  • Add one pinch of pure turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk which can be sweetened with Honey or Sugar candy and drink at bedtime daily. 
  • This remedy is highly effective to increase height naturally.

10. Pumpkin, Honey, Sugar candy

  • Boil 500 gm peeled Pumpkin in a cup of water until fully cooked. After mashing adds 2 tsp of pure Honey and Sugar candy powder to taste. 
  • Eat as breakfast daily. It is a most effective & magical remedy to increase height naturally.

11. Bamboo Shoots, Indian Ginseng, Sugar candy

  • Take same quantity and make a fine and smooth powder of dried Bamboo (Baans) Shoots, Indian Ginseng / Winter cherry (Asgandanagaori /Ashwagandha) and Sugar candy (Misri) thereafter, keep this mixture in a glass vessel or pot.
  • Consume one tablespoon along with a glass of hot milk at night for 40 days.
  • Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with reported growth rates of 250 cm (98 in) in 24 hours. Bamboo shoots enhance the digestive action of the stomach and also beneficial in various types of stomach disorders.
  • Bamboo shoots are rich in nutrients and low in calorie and fats. The shoots are also an excellent source of fiber. There are also seventeen types of amino acids in bamboo shoots and over ten types of minerals. It is also a good source of the element selenium. The element germaclinium is also present in bamboo shoots. This element activates the human cell.
  • Ashwagandha increases your body strength, body mass, body weight and height. Its best ayurvedic herb about how to increase height. Ashwagandha helps to create new blood and also makes your nervous system stronger. Its world’s best herb to gain power and strength.
  • Take ahwagandha only in winter season because the nature of ashwagandha is hot. Ashwagandha is very beneficial in joint pain, back pain, body pain, body weakness, headache, strengthen a weak uterus, urine problems treatment and night discharge treatment.

12. Royal Jelly/ Propolis

  • Take one capsule of Royal Jelly/ Propolis 500 mg on an empty stomach. 
  • Royal jelly from honey bees is one of the most commonly-used supplements used in America. It makes a lot of sense to supplement with Royal Jelly along with your calcium and vitamin D if you are suffering from a generic disorder called low height or puniness. 
  • According to this study, Royal Jelly will enhance your body's ability to absorb the calcium and in turn deposit it in your bone structure.
  • Royal jelly carries a rich kind of nutrients inclusive of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, phosphorous, silicon, sulfur, and potassium, in addition to a wealth of B-family vitamins, biotin, inositol, folate, nucleic acids, gamma globulin, and 17 different amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce, and have to consequently get from their diet.
  • B-family Vitamins and Minerals like calcium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc helps in building bone tissues, improves blood circulation and boosts height growth naturally.
  • A number of people are allergic to honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly. The allergic reaction can also be quite severe, even causing rapid anaphylaxis. Before adding royal jelly to your diet, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor or allergist.


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  2. Can we use two method at same month ??
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  4. Can i take ashwagandha casule isntead of powder?