Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms are parasites that can affect both adults and children, though they are more prevalent in children. Stomach worms or Intestinal worms are very common in children as worms enter through their hands when they play outdoors. Children put toys into mud and put back into their mouths. This makes them vulnerable to stomach worms. Intestinal worms enter the body through the skin, nose, and also through the ingestion of contaminated food or water. They then breed in the digestive tract and cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. There are several types of stomach or intestinal worms.

The most common types are:

  • roundworms,
  • pinworms,
  • threadworms,
  • tapeworms, 
  • hookworms,
  • giardia.

Stomach worm symptoms in children

  • Diarrhea can appear as a symptom in certain children
  • Stomach pain may come as a symptom in certain children
  • Loss of appetite
  • Itching in anal area (sometimes in vaginal area for female children) can be a symptom
  • Soft, greasy stools
  • Children may grind teeth during sleep
  • Passing a worm in your stool
  • Some affected children are restless at night. They may get up every now and then crying.
  • Children wake up with an irritable mood after sleep
  • Weight loss
In addition to conventional medical treatments, there are a number of natural home remedies that may help get rid of intestinal worms. Below are the home remedies for the intestinal worms find the suitable.

1.Carrots Juice

Carrots are well known for treating stomach/intestinal worms. Give your child 125 gm Carrots juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing this for few days will not only help get rid of parasites but also prevent parasite attack in the future.

2.Pomegranate Bark, Castor oil

The bark of Pomegranate tree contains punicine, which is highly toxic to intestinal worms. Boil 24 gm fresh bark of pomegranate tree in ½ kg water until reduced by half then mix Sugar candy to taste and divide this into 3 doses. Give your child 3 days continually and give 12 gm Castor oil mixed in a glass of milk on 4th day.  Stomach/ intestinal worms will be washed out completely.

3.Pumpkin seeds, Honey

Give 3 gm mixture of ground shelled Pumpkin seeds and Honey. This should be followed after 3 hours by a glass of warm milk, to which 1 teaspoon of Castor oil has been added. Or an infusion of ground pumpkin seeds and water can also help to expel tapeworms.

4.Mango Nut Powder

Roast Mango nut and powder it now add Sugar candy powder in same quantity. Two grains powder should be given thrice a day to children suffering from worm infestation.

5.Dried Coconut, Castor oil, Milk

The use of Old dried coconut to treat intestinal worms is another useful remedy. Consume a tablespoon of grated old dried coconut in the morning with breakfast followed by 30ml or 60ml of castor oil after two and half hours. After three hours, drink approximately 375ml of warm milk. You can repeat this process every day until the infestation disappears.

6.Pomegranate Rind, Sugar candy

Take the fresh bark or rind of the pomegranate. Make it dry under shade and powder it now add Sugar candy powder in same quantity. Give 3 gm along with water before going to sleep.

7.Peach or Pineapple leaves, Sugar candy

Rub and strain fresh Peach tree leaves or Pineapple tree leaves then add Jaggery or Sugar candy powder to taste in this extracted juice. It is given to the children for many times a day until the worms are gone.


Give to the child a small piece of jaggery to eat after each meal. Intestinal worms would be eliminated quickly.


The children suffering from worm infestation should be given 2 walnuts at bed time for few days. This would destroy intestinal worms in the body.

10.Peach Nut Oil

One of the best home remedies to deal with intense itching around the rectum caused by intestinal worms is Peach nut oil. Apply this around the anal region to kill the eggs and lessen the itchiness.

11.Potato Juice

Consuming a raw potato every day for three days helps eliminate worm infection.

12.Sour Pomegranate Juice

Drinking Sour pomegranate juice at bed time for 3 nights help get rid of intestinal worms completely.

13.Ripe Melon, Ripe Papaya, Honey

Consuming ½ bowl of ripe Melon ripe Papaya with Honey to taste helps to get rid of intestinal worms quickly. Repeat this treatment at bed time for 3 nights.

14.Pineapple juice

One cup of Pineapple juice given early in the morning on an empty stomach for 10 days would save your child from intestinal worms.

15.Raw Papaya juice, Honey, Castor oil

Extract the 1 tsp of juice from the unripe papaya fruit. Add this juice with the 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of boiling water. Two hours later, drink 30ml of castor oil mixed with 125ml warm milk. Repeat this treatment for two days. Unripe papaya contains an enzyme called papain that helps destroy roundworms.

16.Lemon seeds, Honey

Make fine and smooth paste of ½ tsp lemon seeds with a little honey and have your child eat the mixture to expel intestinal worms. Repeat this treatment every day for five days.

17.Papaya seeds, Milk

Make a fine powder of dried papaya seeds and mix one teaspoon of the powder with one cup of milk or water. Give this mixture to the children first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to destroy the worms. Carpaine another enzyme found in papaya seeds, helps destroy intestinal worms.

18.Basil leaves, Basil seeds

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and it is a rich source of antioxidants. Basil leaves or basil seeds are helpful to clean the worms. A decoction of the Basil leaves or Basil seeds powder can be given on daily bases. This decoction fights with the intestinal worms.

19.Buds of Mountain Ebony tree

Dry under shade buds and flowers of Mountain Ebony tree (Kachnal/Kachnar) as required and make a fine powder then preserve in a vessel. Give 1 tsp with little Sugar/Rock candy (or unrefined sugar) or Honey along with fresh water in a frequent interval of 2 hours. Cooking as vegetable and eating Buds and flowers of Mountain Ebony tree is most effective in treating all types of intestinal worms.

20.Raw Betel nut, Lemon juice

Make fine and smooth paste of unripe betel nut. Mix 1 gram betel nut and 1 table spoon of lemon juice give this medicine internally expels the intestinal worms.


Asafoetida (heeng) is the best natural home remedy for intestinal worms in children. Take a small bit (in the amount of a mustard seed) and dissolve it in warm water. This can be given to children. Asafoetida can be given once in a fortnight. Along with giving asafoetida internally, you can make a paste of asafoetida and rub in the navel area of the child. This can be easily done in infants below 1 year old.

22.Raw garlic, Vaseline

Raw garlic has strong anti-fungal and antiseptic properties is also said to help get rid of all types of intestinal worms. Simply make a paste with raw ground garlic and a little of Vaseline. Apply this around the child's anus region to kill the eggs and lessen the itchiness. Garlic would make the environment difficult for worms, and would slowly eliminate them.

23.Onion juice

Onion juice helps to clear the thread worms in the children. Extract juice from chopped Onions and add Rock Salt powder to taste. Take it in the morning on an empty stomach.


A decoction of fresh leaves and water should be given thrice a day to adults and children suffering from worms.  Custard apple tree leaves or seeds, Mulberry tree leaves, Black night shade and White goose foot/Pig weed. These decoctions are drunk as a tea the infusions can be sweetened with sugar or honey and should be used as a medicine for treating this condition.

Simple precautions to avoid intestinal worms in children

There are simple things that parents can do, like;
  • Maintaining proper hygiene in the house.
  • Trim your child’s nails this prevents dirt from collecting under the nails and reduces the risk of contamination
  • De-worm your pets regularly
  • Keeping an eye on what the child is touching or putting in his/her mouth.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables carefully before eating
  • Cook your food well, before eating as this kills of any parasites and worms
  • Making sure that they wash the child’s hands with soap and water as often as possible (at least ten times) in a day.
  • Make sure your child only relieves herself in a clean toilet.
  • Ensuring that the child always wears shoes when he/she is outside the house, especially in muddy areas.
  • Only let your child play away from lakes, dams and puddles.
  • And most importantly they should ensure that if they have house help who handle the child, he/she should maintain hygienic living standards in order to avoid passing on the infection to the child.
  • Lastly, a parent is the best judge of their child’s health, so keep an eye on your child, make sure their surroundings are as sanitary as possible and your baby should be well on his/her way to good health.

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